17 DIY Christmas Tree Stand Ideas for the Holiday Season

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The Christmas season is probably the most-awaited and busiest season of the year. It is also the time to showcase creativity through designing your home to have that Christmas Vibe. Christmas trees are set up as one of the symbols for Christmas and designing your Christmas tree can be fun and exciting. However, the simple design of the stand can make it look boring. Create your Christmas tree stand and give it a whole new look with these different DIY ideas. 

Wooden Christmas Tree Stand

Turn those scrap lumber, pine boards, wooden crates, and other wooden materials into Christmas woodcrafts. All you need is a saw to cut the wood. Wood glue, screws, and a drill bit put the pieces together.

Here are some of the Christmas tree stands made from wooden materials: 

​1. ​Boxy Wooden Base

This design idea by bobvila.com is good for hiding the base of your fake tree. It also adds height to your Christmas tree and provides room for Christmas presents.

​Boxy wooden base Christmas tree stand

Build the base with lumber and plywood using screws and wood glue to hold it together. You can also paint the base with the color you like and decorate it to match the theme of your Christmas tree.

You can find the instructions on how to create this base here: www.bobvila.com

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2. Pallet Crate Tree Stand

Using pallet boards, pine boards, a nail gun, and wood glue, The Turquoise Home was able to build a beautiful Christmas tree stand. The pallet boards were cut to match the dimensions of your base with a reciprocating saw

Pallet crate Christmas tree stand

The Christmas tree base was covered in a drop cloth and a Christmas themed stamp was also stenciled on the side to show a worn, rustic look.

Here’s the instructions on how to create your own Pallet crate tree stand: www.theturqoisehome.com

3. Tapered Wood​ Box

The tapered wood Christmas tree box is a different variation of Christmas tree stand boxes. It is bigger at the top and smaller at the bottom. The box is built with wood and on the inside is a concrete Christmas tree stand made with a bucket filled with cement. 

Tapered wood​ box Christmas tree stand

You can also choose to stain the wooden box for a more vintage look. Here’s how to make the box: www.ellaclaireinspired.com

4. ​Box Stand and Ornament Storage

Need a place to store your Christmas décors and ornaments after the Christmas season? This Christmas tree box stand also acts as an ornament storage. 

Christmas tree box stand and ornament storage

You don’t have to worry where to put your decorations. This idea from abottstahome.com is made using pine boards, plywood, wood glue, a miter saw, sander, and sandpaper. 

Follow the instructions here to build your own: www.abbottsathome.com

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5. Toy Block Tree Stand

Turn your pieces of wood into a toy block tree stand. After forming the pieces of wood into a box, you can paint the block and add glitter. A glitter foam sheet is used for the letter cutout and you have your toy block.

Toy block Christmas tree stand

Here’s the full instructions: www.hallmarkchannel.com

6. Wood​ Tree Box with Mosaic Pattern

Create a more unique design for your Christmas wooden box by incorporating a mosaic pattern for your box. Cut your plywood with a table saw and miter saw. Use a nailer and wood glue to put the pieces together and you have a modern design for your wooden box.

Wood​ Christmas tree box with mosaic pattern

Learn how to create your own here: www.buildandcreate.com

Mobile Tree Stands

These mobile Christmas tree stands are perfect if you want to move your Christmas tree anywhere.

Check out these DIY projects:

7. Tabletop ​Stand

Move your Christmas tree anywhere around the house with this mobile tabletop Christmas tree stand. All you need is a round pine tabletop, a nail gun, swivel casters, wood screws,  and a drill and you can easily place the tree anywhere in your house.

Christmas tree tabletop ​stand

Follow the instructions here to make your own:www.sandandsisal.com

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8. Baby Doll Buggy

Turn your baby doll buggy to a Christmas tree stand for that vintage look. You can add weight by using sand, pebbles, or bricks centered inside. 

Baby doll buggy Christmas tree stand

You can also cover the base of the tree with a blanket a tree skirt to match the vintage style of the buggy.

Here’s the detailed instructions for this stand: www.hgtv.com

​Bucket Tree Stands

Create a Christmas tree stand with your creativity and some spare galvanized buckets. Check out this different DIY Christmas tree stand made from galvanized bucket.

​9. ​Farmhouse Style Bucket Stand

If you are someone that enjoys a cozy, warm and timeless home décor style, then a galvanized bucket Christmas tree stand is perfect for you. All you need is a metal pail, drill, clothesline hooks, gravel to provide weight and support to the stand, and a plastic container for watering the tree. 

​Farmhouse style bucket Christmas tree stand

This stand can fit into a small tree if you have small space, but you can also adjust the size for bigger trees.

Check out the full tutorial here: www.ehow.com

10. Inverted Galvanized Bucket ​Stand

Add height to your Christmas tree by inverting the galvanized bucket. Put a hole in the center in order to insert the trunk of the tree. You can put a garland or ribbon for additional design.

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Inverted galvanized bucket ​Christmas tree stand

Clever DIY Designs

11. Wicker Basket 

If you have a lot of wicker baskets lying around, why not turn one into a tree stand. This DIY Christmas tree stand is so easy to construct. All you need is a wicker basket to cover the tree stand and give it a whole new look. No other equipment required. Just find a basket that is a bit bigger in diameter of your tree.

Wicker basket Christmas tree stand

Follow the instructions here: www.curbly.com

12. Faux Barn Wood

For those who do not have scrap wood but wanted to create that rustic wooden box style for a Christmas tree stand, you can try this DIY idea by thecraftpatchblog.com

Faux barn wood Christmas tree stand

Use only a cardboard box wrapped with wood-look paper and some hot glue. You can even dispose or store it easily after the holidays.

Create your own from the instructions here: www.thecraftpatchblog.com

13. ​Barre​l

This barrel stand is made up of a plastic planter from Home Depot. The paint was done using chalk, brush, and a paper towel to achieve that “white in the wood” finish. This DIY idea is inexpensive and easy to make.

Barre​l Christmas tree stand

Check out instructions here: www.adamsandelmhome.com

14. ​Plant​er Box

This $25 DIY idea from shanty-2-chic.com is not only good for the Christmas tree but can also be used for other plants as well. This is good for small trees with a small space. All you need are pieces of whitewood board. Cut them into your desired sizes. Put the pieces together with a nailer and wood glue.

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Plant​er box Christmas tree stand

Full instructions here: www.shanty-2-chic.com

15. Santa Bag​

This creative DIY idea from Living and Learning with Luisa is made with a cardboard box filled with plastic bags. The box was wrapped in a fleece throw then tied with a ribbon to hold everything in place.

Santa bag​ Christmas tree stand

Check this link for instructions: www.livingandlearningwithluisa.com

16. Rope ​Collar

Use your spare rope to create a stylish Christmas tree stand. Cut a cardboard box in a rectangular shape and glue the rope around the cardboard. The jute cord which was stitched added an extra pattern to the collar.

Rope ​collar Christmas tree stand

Check out the instructions here: www.abeautifulmess.com

17. Traditional Christmas Tree Stand

Looking for a simple stand for your Christmas tree. Howtospecialist.com gives detailed instructions on how to build the traditional Christmas tree stand. 

Traditional Christmas tree stand diagram

All you need are pieces of lumber, screws, drill bits, jigsaw, and measuring devices. Do not forget to take accurate measurements and cut the lumber accordingly.

Full instructions in this link: www.howtospecialist.com

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There are different ways to design your Christmas tree stand. Take your stand design to the next level with these DIY project ideas. You can use different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, cartons, rope, and other old materials. Creating a Christmas tree stand can be challenging but it is worth it in the end.

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