13 Simple DIY Christmas Wood Crafts to Make

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The holidays is a great inspiration for simple woodworking projects. Make your very own decorations and gifts using reclaimed wood and old lumber with these DIY Christmas wood crafts. In fact, all of these include free tutorials so you can transform your home into a winter wonderland.

Wooden Houses Advent Calendar

There’s nothing more fun that the countdown to Christmas. Show your Christmas devotion with these advent wooden houses made out of Balsa wood which is soft and easy to cut with scissors. This DIY Christmas wood craft by Sugar and Charm also includes a free printable template.

Wooden houses advent calendar decor

The houses are bottomless so you can just place treats underneath for your kids to lift. And since it’s made of balsa wood, you can opt to paint it with any color you want. Line them up by your fireplace or by the mantle.

Get the instructions here: www.sugarandcharm.com

Plywood Advent Calendar

This plywood advent calendar is easy enough to make in thirty minutes! It is very easy to saw out and is simply decorated with spray paint and bottle caps. It’s the perfect way to count down to the holidays. 

Plywood advent calendar decor

For this project, you are going to need ¾” plywood, jig saw, a sanding block, drill with 1.25” spade bit, spray paint, and a paint pen. Besides, this is a great way to showcase your bottle cap collection!

Get the tutorial here: www.charlestoncrafted.com 

Common Board Advent Calendar

Want to make an advent calendar you won’t have to throw out after Christmas? This DIY Christmas wood craft by My Sister’s Suitcase is simplicity at its best and suits those who like decorating with neutral tones.

Common board advent calendar decor

The classic look will fit right in with the rest of your Christmas decor, whatever theme you are going for this year. Moreover, the painted wood is also a good backdrop to a side table, or reuse for other woodworking projects.

Get the instructions here: www.sisterssuitcaseblog.com

Easy Pier Post Ornament

Get out in the yard and start gathering those twigs and dowel scraps. This handmade pier post Christmas ornament adds a fun nautical touch to any tree. These have such a wonderful rustic look and would be perfect for hanging on the tree. 

Easy pier post Christmas ornament

The dowel needs to be sliced in three sizes – 2”, 1”, and ½”. Also, you will need some wood glue, eye hook, and twine.

​Grab the tutorial here: www.charlestoncrafted.com

Outdoor Plywood Christmas Tree

Pure and simple color makes this tree so stylish and elegant. This outdoor Christmas tree decoration by The Handyman’s Daughter is made from a quarter sheet of ¾” plywood and brightens up your yard both day and night!

Outdoor plywood Christmas tree decor

Aside from the plywood, this project calls for the use of 7/32” drill bit, ½” conduit straps, staple gun, tent stakes, sandpaper, paint, carbon tracing paper, jigsaw, LED lights, and this Christmas tree pattern.

Check out the tutorial here: www.thehandymansdaughter.com

Easy Pallet Christmas Trees

No fireplace? No problem! Place these pallet Christmas trees in an empty living room spot, hook stockings over, and you’ll walk into cheer every time you come home. 

Easy pallet Christmas trees

You don’t have to be a master woodworker to create this DIY Christmas wood craft. Moreover, you can paint them any color and add some fun decor!

​See the ​instructions here: www.ourhomemadeeasy.com

Reclaimed Wood “Noel” Christmas Sign

Add a homemade touch to your home this holiday season with this easy DIY reclaimed wood “Noel” Christmas sign. This is a great project if you’re a beginner at DIY and are looking for some farmhouse Christmas fun.

Reclaimed wood Noel Christmas sign decor

For this project you are going to need a scrap fence or other wood, wooden letters, a wreath, and a little paint! Super simple!

​See how to build it here: www.ahundredaffections.com

Rudolph Wood Slice Ornament

Here’s a fun activity you can do with the kids: Grab a couple of wood slices and craft materials and have them design their own Rudolph! 

Rudolph wood slice Christmas ornaments

Wood slices with pre-drilled holes can be bought from craft stores, or you can prep it yourself with a drill with small drill bit. Gather your craft supplies and accessorize the wood slices with miniature clothespins, small red pom poms, wiggly eyes, craft glue, and ribbons.

Get the instructions here: www.thriftyjinxy.com

Stamped Wood Slice Ornament Gift Tags

Want to put your rubber stamps to good use? These Stamped wood slice ornament gift tags are an easy craft to adorn your gifts with and hang on the Christmas tree. Also, these are part ornament, part gift tag.

Stamped wood slice Christmas ornament gift tags

They can be personalized for each gift you give and then the recipient can hang on their tree. For this DIY Christmas wood craft, you are going to need 2-3” wood slices, rubber stamps, black stamp pad, craft paint or watercolor markers, and twine.

Check out the tutorial here: www.thefarmgirlgabs.com

Moulding Christmas Tree

This DIY moulding Christmas tree is a great addition to your holiday decor. The natural and rustic look of wood always adds a warm charm. Place it by the mantel or by your doorway – to make sure Santa’s elves know exactly where to leave the presents!

Moulding Christmas tree decor

The textured part of the decor is made of old picture frames (or decorative trims). And the pieces were cut with a chop saw, painted, and then sanded afterwards to make the details underneath pop.

Want to recreate this woodcraft? Get the tutorial here: www.girlinthegarage.net

Christmas Tree Card Holder

Don’t have enough space? Or you simply want to make each corner of your home Christmas-y?  This easy wood Christmas tree card holder does not consume much space (and stores flat!). You can make it any size to fit the open wall space you have too!

Christmas tree card holder

Spruce it up with colorful accents like bells and pom poms. Use mini clothespins to hang your holiday cards and turn them into festive wall decor.

Get ​all the details here: www.prettypurpledoor.com

Rustic Wood Snowflake Ornament

Start a new holiday tradition – make your own ornaments to brighten up your mantel. Swap store-bought ornaments for these handmade crafts that can be made in minutes. To recreate this wood craft project, you need 3-4” wood rounds, craft paint and sponge, glitters, string, and clear wood finish spray.

Rustic wood snowflake Christmas ornament

These gorgeous rustic wood snowflake ornaments are easy to make in bulk for everyone on your list – one log will make gifts for your entire extended family. 

Get the instructions here: www.pressprintparty.com

Frosted Pinecones

Frosted pine cones look very elegant but are very easy to make – literally in less than 10 minutes! All you need are some pine cones, white glue, glitter, burlap strips and a glue gun. Substitute glitters with Epsom Salt and you got an ornament that smells wonderful.

Frosted pine-cones Christmas ornaments

Hang them on your staircase banister or use them to decorate a branch, shelf, or windows. 

Get the instructions here: www.pressprintparty.com

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Handmade equals heartfelt – whether you are decorating your Christmas tree or upping your gift-wrapping game. Get into the workshop and build these holiday-inspired projects! Whether you want a simple gift-topper, or a doorway decor, these wood craft projects will surely keep you and the kids entertained as the winter season starts.

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