26 DIY Budget Christmas Decor Ideas to Save You Money

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With all the joy and fun that Christmas brings, it can also be very expensive. While you can’t avoid splurging on some items, you can save some extra bucks by making your own decorations. Adorn your spaces without spending as much with these stunning DIY budget Christmas decor ideas. 

Mercury Glass

Have you seen the mercury collection of Pottery Barn? The antique charm of the pieces is stunning. But, the prices can be steep, ranging from $20 to as high as $120. This tutorial from Boxwood Avenue provides step-by-step instructions to make your own mercury glass ornaments and votives for under $5!

Mercury glass Christmas decor

And no, you won’t be handling liquid mercury in this project. You are going to need some looking glass spray, gold paint, a spray bottle filled with water, a hair dryer, and a damp paper towel. A little misting and swirling of your clear glass objects will result in this expensive-looking beaut. Also, don’t skip using a looking glass spray. Since it coats the glass, you can easily scratch off unwanted marks.

Get the instructions here: www.boxwoodavenue.com 

​Christmas Tree Skirt

Make a Christmas tree skirt from a tablecloth this holiday season with very basic sewing skills. The double-sided tree skirt has a slit so it can wrap around any size tree stand. If you already have a tablecloth at home, this project won’t cost you a cent!

Christmas tree skirt decor

This DIY tutorial from Cucicucicoo also includes the details on how to measure the cuts and the dimensions for your Christmas tree stand, even the pattern on sewing a circle skirt. Conceal the base of your tree beautifully with any fabric of your choice. Sew in and add fun designs to it to make it more personalized.

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Check out the tutorial here: www.cucicucicoo.com

Candy Cane Candle Holder

These simple and elegant candy cane candle holders will fit in a tight budget and looks so festive as well. Using real candy canes and a leftover ribbon, you can make this for less than $5.

Candy cane candle holder decor

Twelve inch taper candles work best for this DIY project. You are going to need 8 candy canes for each candle. Make around five, tie some ribbons around the canes, and make them a table centerpiece. You can add holly or pine boughs to your table.

Get the instructions here: www.myturnforus.com

Christmas Ornaments

These unique tree ornaments are made from chunky thrift store necklaces, a bit of craft wire, and spray paint. The best part? It costs less than 5 bucks!

Re-purposed necklace Christmas ornaments

Choose shiny colors for your spray paint and opt for a gold craft wire to make them glow in the lights. The idea is so simple yet so pleasing to the eyes. Find your old, chunky necklaces and make some too!

Get the tutorial here: www.diynetwork.com

Light Up Christmas Tree

This DIY Christmas tree will add festive fervor to your home without burning holes in your pocket. The best part? It’s made completely out of Dollar Tree materials! Your kids will love having their own light up tree in their bedroom.

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Light up Christmas tree decor

For this project, you are going to need a cone-shaped floral foam, a green mesh ribbon, some red garlands, a set of LED lights, AA batteries, and a hot glue gun.

Get the instructions here: www.becausemomsays.com

Dollar Tree Gumball Machine

This dollar tree gumball machine will give the necessary festive touches to your Christmas tree. The dollar tree ornament is $1 and the only other cost would be what you decided to put in it and the paint.

Dollar tree gumball machine Christmas ornaments

Take your gumball machine apart to decorate the inside parts. With a little creativity, the designs you could make from this craft project are endless! And the best part is that kids will love making these ornaments.

Get the tutorial here: www.repurposeandupcycle.com

Burlap Christmas Stocking

This DIY is perfect for sewing beginners! Each burlap Christmas stocking beginners could be made for about $5 (depending on the fabric you choose). Make it big to fit a lot of gift items. You can also customize them by ordering iron-on names.

Burlap Christmas stocking ornaments

You need two types of fabric for this project. Use one for the base and one to line the upper rim of the stocking. This DIY project by Blue & Hazel used burlap, although you can opt to use other types of fabric. You will also need ribbons for the hook, a glue gun, some pins and a sewing machine.

See the instructions here: www.blueandhazel.com

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Old Saint Nicholas Scrap Fabric Craft

This decoration is affordable and simply adorable. Using scrap fabric, here is a vintage looking St. Nicholas found on Salvage Sister & Mister. Using wool fabric scraps, wrap paper mache tree forms to create a human form. Use craft glue and pins to stick the eyes and beard.

Old Saint Nicholas scrap fabric craft decor

If you already have the scrap fabric, all you need to buy for this craft project are the paper mache tree forms which wouldn’t cost over $10 for a pack of three. Put them by the mantle, over wooden candle holders or by the doorway and make every corner of your home completely Christmasy.

Get the tutorial here: www.salvagesisterandmister.com

Rudolf Christmas DIY Craft

These super cute Rudolf ornaments are an easy Christmas decor idea and cost less than $4 for supplies. You can make these gorgeous Christmas ornaments super easy and they will look wonderful on the Christmas tree.

Rudolf Christmas DIY craft

This is perfect for the last-minute preparations and it is quite cheap too. For this project you will need some wooden slices, brown and red glitter paper, string, brown paint and paint brush, and a glue gun. Also, this project is easy enough and can be made with the kids.

Get the instructions here: www.theinspirationedit.com

​Christmas Card Display

What a creative and wonderful decoration idea using ribbons, clothespins, and cards. Use your Christmas cards to decorate your home by making a DIY line to display the cards with cutely decorated clothespins.

​Christmas card display decor

If you were to purchase the materials for this project, it will cost you around $10 to $20. You may reuse ribbons from last Christmas’ gifts or line them up on your stair banister along with a pine garland as seen on the photo.

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Check out the tutorial here: www.happymommyhacks.com

​Gingerbread Man Craft

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly Gingerbread Man decoration, these cardboard decorations are a real winner. All you need are a few basic supplies which will cost around $2. Why not give these cute gingerbread men a go?

​Gingerbread man craft Christmas ornaments

This craft project by The Inspiration Edit also includes a free gingerbread man template. Aside from cardboard, you are going to need white paint, other paint colors of your choice (this tutorial used green and pink), cotton buds, marker, scissors, glue, and glitter bow ties.

Check out this great craft idea here: www.theinspirationedit.com

​Cinnamon Stick Candle Holders

Get this budget friendly tutorial from Decor Hint to make festive cinnamon stick candle holders! You can buy cinnamon sticks in bulk and use old yogurt jars as the holder. Cost is less than $5 for each candle holder and they look beautiful for the holidays!

Tea light candle in a cinnamon stick candle holder

So rustic and beautiful, all you need for this craft DIY are some petite jars, cinnamon sticks, tealight candles (or fairy lights), jute twine, and a hot glue gun. And yes, it’s eco-friendly as well with the natural things used in it. This will leave your home smelling like Christmas!

Get the tutorial here: www.decorhint.com

Christmas in July Pepper Jam

Nothing beats personalized gifts for friends and family this Christmas.This pepper jam is a big hit year-round, but especially over the holidays. It combines bell peppers, jalapenos, and red pepper flakes with cider vinegar and sugar.

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Homemade pepper jam stored in small mason jars

Top it off with a brick of cream cheese and serve with crackers or toasted bagels. This also makes a great glaze for grilled meat, or to add flavor in your salad dressings. Store it in cute mason jars and wrap with a ribbon and voila – it’s the perfect hostess gift!

Learn how to make it here: www.bowl-me-over.com

Icy Winter Christmas Pinecone Wreath

Channel some Christmas cheer with 3 budget-friendly pinecone wreath ideas that will bring the festive spirit to your home! These Christmas wreaths are the perfect adornments to greet guests. They offer a warm, holiday welcome and cost around $5 to make.

Icy winter Christmas pine-cone wreath decor

Your front door Christmas decoration will look adorable and creative, not to mention it fits into the budget as well. Not fond of artificial snow? Granulated sugar or Epsom salt will do the trick! Fill the wreath with boxwood twigs, silver leaves, and bauble ornaments. Finish it off by covering any bare spots with mini pine cones and glitter stars.

Check out the tutorial here: www.countryhillcottage.com

Paper Pinecone Ornaments

Learn to create DIY paper pinecone ornaments you can use to decorate your Christmas tree or for packaging gifts. You can use a wide variety of papers for the scales. Try cardstock, scrapbook paper, glitter paper, or recycle some gift wrap.

Paper pinecone ornaments with bows and laid side by side

If you have some scrap paper lying around, then this craft project would cost only around $1 (for the polystyrene eggs). Make it festive with glitter paper and bows. A red and white combination would make this so Christmasy and adorable.

Get the instructions here: www.countryhillcottage.com

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No-sew Felt Poinsettia

Got an old, red sweater you haven’t worn in a long time? Turn it into this beautiful no-sew poinsettia to hang on the tree or in your home! Use the free template to cut out the petals, fold them, and put it all together with a glue gun. If you already have a sweater and glue gun, this project is totally free!

No-sew felt poinsettia decor

These poinsettia ornaments are one of the simplest and the most affordable decorations you can make. Aside from an old wool sweater, you will need fabric scissors, permanent marker, a glue gun, and ribbon or yarn for hanging.

Learn how to make them here: www.cucicucicoo.com

Wine Cork Christmas Wreath

This is another Christmas decoration idea using wine corks. Recycle used wine corks and make this Christmas wreath this weekend. It can be made for under $10, depending on your supplies on hand.

Wine cork Christmas wreath decor

For this craft project, you are going to need a hot glue gun, a styrofoam wreath, wine corks, plastic cranberries, and Christmas floral greenery. This only takes an hour to make and would look beautiful in a foyer or on an inside wall. 

Get the instructions here: www.myturnforus.com

Felt Holly Leaf Garland

Bring some old world charm to your mantle with this felt holly leaf garland. Ringing in at around $30 for all the supplies, it is easy on the wallet too! You can also use this as a table centerpiece or a liner to accent your dining room chairs.

Felt holly leaf garland decor

For this lovely craft project from Nourish and Nestle, you are going to need at least 2 yards of felt, 2 paddles of 22-gauge green florist wire, around 3 bottles of fabric glue, paper (to make your pattern), some pins, and a pair of scissors. Make the reds and greens pop in your home for that classic Christmas vibe!

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See the tutorial here: www.nourishandnestle.com

Yarn Pom-Pom Wreath 

This yarn pom-pom wreath is inspired by Anthropologie, but made from inexpensive yarn and a straw wreath. This tutorial by MomAdvice shows you a walk-through on how to make this yarn pom-pom wreath like a pro and replicate your favorite boutique for cheap!

Materials needed to make a DIY yarn pom pom wreath

For this project, you will need a large Clover Pom-Pom Maker, 1-18” straw wreath, 5-6 skeins of tan yarn, some pins, a pair of scissors, and a wreath door hanger. This will surely invite carolers and neighbors to warm up in your front door with the joyful sounds of the season.

Learn how to make it here: www.momadvice.com

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas and the holidays do not have to be expensive! There’s no need to overspend on gifts. After all, that’s not the real reason behind this season (it’s giving, not spending). You can totally craft your own gifts using candy and some gift cards.

Variety of Christmas gift ideas on a table

This DIY craft tutorial by Savvy Saving Couple comprises 7 tutorials. These include reindeer treat bags, candy gift bags, candy-filled ornaments, Christmas in a jar gift, filled tumbler gift, candy mason jar, and poinsettia candy wreath. Each gift tutorial cost no over $15 to make!

Learn how to make them here: www.savvysavingcouple.net

Learn how to drill into mason jars for other crafty projects!

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Burlap Angel Ornament

A few pieces of burlap ribbon, twine,a pipe cleaner halo, and a dab of hot glue is all you need for this pretty angel ornament. No sewing is required, and it takes less than 10 minutes to make!

Burlap angel Christmas ornament

Line them up on your mantle to instantly make your fireplace look cozier. These angels would also be an excellent gift-topper, adding a rustic touch to your gifts. Or, why not make some filled with candies too and make it the gift itself?

Get the instructions here: www.gymcraftlaundry.com

DIY Grinch Decoration

This DIY Grinch craft is a simple and affordable craft to set above your fireplace for the perfect holiday decor! Just some yarn, an embroidery hoop, and a pipe cleaner and you have all you need!

Green yarn woven into a grinch christmas ornament

Just weave the green yarn from the hoop, through the edge of the heart and back around the embroidery hoop until all of the space has been filled with the yarn. Make the true meaning of Christmas come through with this heart that has grown three sizes. 

Don’t stare into the abyss figuring out how to make this! The instructions are here: www.becausemomsays.com

Tea Light Ornament

Transform a pack of battery-powered tea lights into these set of ornaments that will brighten up your tree. These are super easy. If the kids are old enough to use a hot glue gun, they can join in the fun. Not only that, they cost under $2 each to make!

Tea light ornaments laid on a wood table

Aside from the tea lights, you will need some mini pom-poms, pipe cleaners, a thin ribbon, hot glue gun, and permanent markers. The designs here are endless!

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Get the instructions here: www.stayingclosetohome.com

​Burlap Advent Calendar

This easy DIY burlap advent calendar hangs from a tree branch filled with greenery and can hold treats for multiple kids in each bag! It requires yarn, burlap bags, and mini clothespins. These can be made for right around $20.

Burlap bags hanging on a wall

The bags are reusable too and you can use it to keep your headphones or other trinkets. You would want big enough bags that can hold enough pieces of candy for the kids. Tip: save some Halloween candies.

Check out the tutorial here: www.blueandhazel.com

Repurposed Christmas Bottles

Have some empty wine bottles stored? Recycle them into these wine bottle Christmas decorations. Paint, distress, and stencil empty wine bottles for easy Christmas decor, costing no more than $10.

Wine bottles painted bronze and wrapped with ribbons

This craft project is so simple and quick to put together. The longest time you’ll spend on them is waiting for the paint to dry. Or, you can also opt to use spray paint. Finish it up with some Christmas ribbon with wires, gold glitter tape, and some plastic berries.

Get the tutorial here: www.brownbrothers.com.au

Christmas Budget Template

Any idea how much is spent during the Holiday season? One. Trillion. Dollars.

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Have you ever blown your Christmas budget? This is your year to learn how to stay on budget during the holidays! Get simple ideas and a Christmas Budget template to stay on budget this year. Then, you can enjoy a festive and crafty holiday season.

Christmas budget template

This post by Moneybliss provides 8 simple tips to stay on budget with your holiday purchases. It will get you thinking about where you want to see your money and time spent.

Read on here: www.moneybliss.org


These decorating ideas will make every inch of your home look and feel festive. The people of Whoville would be very impressed. Enjoy, have a wonderful festive time, and move to decorating the exterior of your home for Christmas!

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