The Best Grout for Showers: A Comprehensive Review

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As you look to make over your bathroom, one of your bigger projects will be to grout the shower walls and floor. To make easy work out of this home improvement project, we have reviewed some of the best grout for shower​s. You’ll find some of the top grout available on the market in this review to help you narrow down which one is right for you.

​Important ​Shower Grout Considerations

As you get ready to tile your shower, there are some important factors to consider before you buy the grout. Keeping these things in mind can save you money as well as time. It can also help you find the ​right grout type and brand for the job.

Obviously, before beginning this project, you must make sure that you have a fresh clean base to start with and that all previous mortar or adhesive has been removed. Once this part's secured, you can now proceed with your application.

shower head taking a bath water

​Premixed vs Regular Grout

Depending on the grout you choose, you have the option of a premixed grout vs regular grout. Premixed grouts come ready to use. You won’t need to mix or add an active agent that often times you have to buy separately. This can save you time as you prep the area for grout. Keep in mind it does not always provide the appearance you can achieve with regular grout.

Premixed grout costs a little more. If you're new to using grout, we recommend buying the premixed kind.

​Mold Resistant Grout

Because you are placing your tile an area that ​will constantly have water, you want a grout that will resist mold and mildew. Finding a mold resistant grout is relatively easy - almost all products are designed for use in the shower come with this feature.

You want to check the label of the grout you select to ensure it has mold and mildew resistance before you make your purchase. Double-checking to verify will save you a lot of headache down the road, and you will need to ​re-do your tile-cutting and customization process with your heavy duty tile saw all over again ​should the grout be ruined.

​Tip: Did you know that not only does you tile saw cut tile, but it can also penetrate glass bottles without breaking them?

Waterproof Grout

​The best grout for shower floors, walls ​must be waterproof. Once again, this sounds obvious, but it is vital to double check. Follow this ​rule especially if you're thinking about tiling your bathtub.

​Waterproof epoxy grout is an ideal solution for the shower. It has such a high resistance to moisture and looks as pristine as the day you installed it over the life of your tile work.

​Grout Sealing

After applying your grout to your shower ​walls and ​floors, you will need to add a sealant to protect it. Some grout offers a sealant that eliminates this step, saving you time on your remodeling process. Choosing the best epoxy grout is one way to make sure you are sealing your grout without the need for an additional sealant.

​Grout Colors

Matching your grout to your tile work is essential to get the look you are going for in your shower. Most grout comes in a variety of color options or allows you to add pigment to get the color choice you are most interested in using. Keep in mind a light grout tends to get dirty and may not be the​ right grout for shower walls or floors, unless you want to paint your tile the same muddy color for a solid color all throughout.

​Grout Curing Time

Each grout product has its own curing time that you need to adhere to before you can begin using your shower. Some offer 12 hours curing times while others are as quick as four hours. Make sure you read the fine print, so you know exactly how long your tile grout needs to cure.

​Caring for Your Shower Grout

Typically, showers are high-use areas, getting used frequently. Shower grout needs to be able to withstand heavy use, and it also needs to withstand frequent cleaning. Subsequently, this means that the grout you select will have to stand up to the cleaning products that you use to clean the shower.

The best shower cleaner for mold and mildew might do harm to your grout. Check your go-to cleaner and make sure that it is safe to use on the grout you plan on using. Occasionally, the cleaner will contain a chemical that will eat away at the grout.

If this is the case, you have a choice: use the grout you selected and find a new cleaner. Or, stick with your cleaner, and find a grout that is made to resist the chemical. The first option is generally easier. 

We also recommend picking up the best mop for tile floors with grout. A mop that is specifically designed to clean your shower floor will take care of your grout. 

​Our Shower Grout Reviews

The following reviews will help you select a shower grout that will perform to your expectations. We’ve looked at some of the best tile grouts the market has to offer and provided you our overview. This is what we like best or least. You can get started on your shower remodel by choosing the best shower grout for your tile work, without having to deal with loose tile later on.

​Perma Waterproof Tile Grout

First on our list is the​ Perma Waterproof Tile Grout. This grout comes in a 5 lb. package and is a white grout that has a fine consistency to it. It is ideal for showers because it has waterproof and water sealing properties.

This is a traditional cement-based grout that you can add color to. It is easy to mix and doesn’t require the need to add a sealant after you are completed with the tile work. The 5 lb. package can grout approximately 40 square feet. It is also very easy to clean up by using only a damp cloth.

As much as this tile grout impresses with its simple to use and mix application, we found it to be on the high price side when compared with other grout. But, if you keep in mind you don’t have to buy a sealant to use with it, you may actually save money with this tile grout.

​Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Premium Tile Grout

Next, we have the ​Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Premium Tile Grout. This is an epoxy grout that is designed to resist staining in your shower. It is relatively easy to mix and can be used in ceramic, glass, and stone tile work. It comes in a variety of colors, too.

You can use this grout in interior and exterior shower floors as well as walls. It also works well for re-grouting when necessary. Because the grout uses epoxy, it is waterproof and has strong adhesion. It is also a very durable tile grout as it helps prevent mildew from forming.

As great as we found the Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Premium tile grout to be, it wasn’t without some downfalls. It is a more expensive grout and does require several steps to complete the mixing process. Unfortunately, this grout does not come with the Part C active agent which is required to mix it. This would require you to make an additional purchase. However, it has an appealing appearance and is a high-quality grout that many approve of.

Custom PMG165QT 1-Quart Simple Premium Grout

The ​Custom PMG165QT 1-Quart Simple Premium Grout is premixed, ready-to-apply tile grout that can be used the moment you purchase it. It offers plenty of advantages such as stain resistance and resistance to cracking and shrinking.

This grout is perfect for re-grouting and can be used with joint sizes that range from 1/16 to ½ inch. There is no need to mix this grout, and it is a mess-free product that is easy to use. It can be used to lay mosaic, quarry, porcelain, stone, marble, and granite tiles on shower walls, floors, and surrounds.

You’ll find this tile grout is water resistant and can easily be applied over existing grout for a finished look. Coverage of the package is 34 square feet.

We did find, however, that this grout can, unfortunately, stain porous stone. This may ruin the look of your tile if it is porous. It may not be the best tile grout for this type of application. Scratching can also occur on soft surfaces. But, we did find that this grout is simple to use if you have the right tile material for its application.

​Elmer's E873 Tile Grout

Last but not least, is ​Elmer's E873 Tile Grout. This tub applicator allows you to apply grout without the worry of shrinking or cracking. It is water, as well as mildew resistant, and is also non-toxic. This grout comes in a white color and is made of acrylic latex.

The tub size for Elmer's E873 tile grout is 6 oz. The perfect application for this grout is shower repairs as you only have to remove a portion of the existing grout for it to adhere. Just use the tub applicator to apply or use your finger as necessary. Clean up is a breeze with only a damp cloth needed. Dry time is 12 hours.

The Elmer's E873 tile grout offers a non-sanded finish and can enhance the look of your ​bathroom without the need to mix grout to apply it.

The main drawback of this grout is it only comes in one color – white. This limits your choices and would require you to ​do the entire shower surface in a single color in order to prevent mismatching. But, it is so simple to use that grouting ​your shower shouldn’t take long at all.

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Our decision was an easy one as we highly recommend the Perma Waterproof Tile Grout as the best grout for shower floors and walls. This grout has everything you need to get started right away. We like the fact you don’t need a sealant product to cure it. We know you won’t be disappointed using this tile grout.

After using a tile saw to cut your tiles​ it's ​time to learn about how to make your tiles shine.