What Wax to Use on Table Saw?

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A table saw is made of sharp blades bulging out of the top of a table. The blades are sharp and rigid enough to help you make a variety of wood cuts. However, only a lubricated table saw will make your wood cutting job a lot easier.

What Wax Should You Use on Table Saw?

Paste wax is known to be the best type of wax for lubricating a table saw. In fact, expert woodworkers recommend that users should frequently apply a fine coat of paste wax on the table saw blades. Stay away from any waxes that contain silicone oil, as this can linger and damage your wood.

The paste wax will not only make your table saw look as good as new but also enhance durability and reliability.

Close up of a table saw blade

What Is the Best Time to Wax Your Table Saw?

There is no rule of thumb on the exact time a table saw will need to be waxed. Waxing and cleaning your table saw is therefore a matter of judgement.

This entirely depends on how often you use it. If you are always cutting wood, clean and wax as frequently as you want to depending on how well the table saw blades work or how much debris has built up.

However, if you do not use it as much, cleaning and waxing once a month would be okay.

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In addition to this, you should also consider storing your tools in a clean and dry place when not in use. This will keep them looking good and functioning well for a long time.

Why Should Your Table Saw Stay Lubricated?

The table saw has a rotating saw blade pushing through a flat worktable. And because of its nature, the best way to keep the table saw looking its best and functioning well is to wax it.

However, there are more advantages of waxing a table saw other than making it look more presentable. Below are some of them:

Table saw blade with rust
  • Reduces oxidation – As we all know, metal tends to rust easily. And because the table saw is made of metal, it is important to ensure that all necessary precautions are observed.

The best way to keep the table looking good and free from rust is to evenly apply a coat of paste wax. The wax seals and protects the metal surfaces and also slows down the chances of corrosion.

  • Reduces friction – This tops the list of reasons why a table saw should be waxed often. This is because wood is known to contain resin or gum which can make it difficult to achieve a smooth cut.

Waxing the table saw ensures that the adhesiveness of the wood does not cover the table and fence of your table saw. This then gives you a smooth cut into the wood.

  • Makes it easy to clean – It is important to clean your working area after you are done with the work. Think about it this way; you will be cutting into wood, right? The process will leave tones of sawdust on the working surface.

The sawdust might be difficult to wipe off but because a waxed table saw will be smooth and slippery, cleaning will be easier.

How Can You Prevent Your Table Saw From Rusting?

All table saws are prone to rust, even the high-quality ones. To keep your table saw from rusting, apply a light layer of paste wax on the surface.

And where rusting has begun to show, use sandpaper or synthetic steel wool to scour the affected surface. Wipe off the rust with a soft cloth and then apply a good layer of paste wax. To ensure that the table saw stays in impeccable condition, confirm that all areas are fully covered with the wax.

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Table saw in need of wax application

What Wax Not To Use on Your Table Saw?

Avoid using silicone-based products to wax your table saw top, as they will leave a residue that will get on your workpiece. This will damage wood over the long run.

What Other Cutting Tools Should You Wax?

Any saw that is used to cut into wood that has a table top should be waxed frequently. Therefore, as you wax your table saw, you should also consider waxing your miter saw and band saw.


The table saw is an important tool in any woodworking shop. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the table saw stays in perfect condition. For top performance, you need to do what it takes to ensure that you keep your table saw clean and free from rust.

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