How Tall Should a Table Saw Stand Be?

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Picking the right height for a table saw can be a nightmare, especially when you are new to woodworking. However, if you get the perfect height, you will not only get great results with your project, you’ll also enjoy working with the utmost comfort.

How Tall Should a Table Saw Stand Be?

A table saw stand should be level with the space between your first and second thumb joints when you hold your hand on the sides of your body. However, the commercially available tables come in heights ranging from 31 to 37 inches. This is the height that most manufacturers presume to be comfortable.

When you go to a brick and mortar store for a table saw you will get a variety of table saw heights. So you can test your ideal height and pick what is comfortable for you. Some of the best table saws also feature adjustable heights to accommodate both tall and short users.

Man standing beside a table saw

How to Know the Right Height of Table Saw for You

The height of a table saw will differ depending on the height of the person using it. Most manufacturers use the average adult male height in the United States, ranging between 69.1 inches or 5.9 feet tall.

Even with the industry leaning towards the average height, there are still substantial variations between these table saws. Different manufacturers also make their devices in various sizes.

Some brands like Dewalt have the tallest table. They can go up to 36.5 inches, while the Delta brand has some of the shortest tables saw, only 31 inches.

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Visit a Floor Shop

You can take advantage of the floor display that fits you best. When visiting a physical store, you can test the saw by how much you bend when you use it.

If the table saw makes you bend too low, it means that you are most likely to develop a sore back after long hours of work using it. The ultimate height of a table saw should conform to your personal preference and height.

Conduct an Online Search

You can look at some of the table saws available on online shops like Amazon and other big retailers. They have product descriptions that include table saw heights and whether they are adjustable or not.

Suppose you are not sure of the ideal height for you. You can always go for the adjustable one. Such tables saws are more flexible and will accommodate your and any other person that you share your workshop with

Man using a table saw to cut a piece of wood

If you are stuck on the right height to choose from, you can always ask an expert technician or a friend to help you pick the best height for you.  

Choosing the Right Height for a Portable Table Saw

Portable table saws do not come with stands. They only consist of the essential components like the tabletop, motor, and blade. These types of table saws are also less expensive than those with pre-installed frames.

After buying such table saws, you must find a stable working surface, a bench, or a homemade table to place it on every time you want to work on a project. Make sure the surface on which you’re using the portable table saw is at the right height described above. (between your first and second thumb joints when you hold your hand on the sides)

Granted, you can also use it on the floor. However, this could be so uncomfortable, especially for tall users, so we strongly discourage you to try it.

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Choosing a Workbench for Portable Saws

Before you decide on a working table, we recommend that you find the measurements we said above. Stand with your arm straight down your sides with palms flexed parallel to the floor. Then ask someone to measure the gap between your palm and the floor

The height you get will give you a good height bench for whatever woodwork project you want to do. You can add a couple of inches to boost your comfort with a range of activities. There are three levels of workbench that you can choose from. 

  • Low height working bench: The ideal lowest height should range between 29 to 30 inches or 74cm to 76cm. It makes a practical low bench height for doing woodwork. It is also ideal when you have to do some handwork.
  • Average working bench: Average working benches are the most common benches with woodworkers. They range between 34 to 36 inches or 86cm to 91cm.  Such benches are ideal if you want to work on a project that needs a range of activities like joinery and handworks.
  • Tall working bench: If you want a tall workbench, you can work on something between 38 to 39 inches or 97cm to 99cm.  Such heights are perfect for cutting joineries and using power tools.
Man showing how tall should a table saw stand be

Related Questions

Let’s answer a couple more questions before we wrap up this article.

How Much Lower Should My Outfeed Table Be?

The ideal height for an outfeed table should be 34 inches. That height matches the standard height of table saws. However, many woodworkers prefer working benches that are 1 or 2 inches lower than the outfeed table.

How Wide Should My Table Saw Be?

A good table saw should be around 10 inches wide. The industry assumption is that benchtop type tables saw should be smaller, yet we recommend getting something larger. The ten inches dimension is also ideal for mobile job sites that you can move around quickly.

What is the Perfect Depth for a Workbench?

The ideal depth for your workbench should measure relatively as your arms reach. The average measurement for this should be around 24 inches. You can, however, add a few inches if you intend to work with unusually wide pieces of wood.

Bottom Line

You can use several methods to get the right height and size for your table saw. Whatever method you use, try to get one to guarantee you maximum comfort and good results. We believe that you now know what to do when you want a good working table after reading the above guide.

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