15 DIY Gift Card Holder Projects and Ideas

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Giving a gift card is an easy gift that everyone loves to receive. If you hate the simplicity of giving a gift card instead of a nice gift, then you can spend time creating a fun DIY gift card holder for the recipient. Check out some of our favorite tutorials to create a gift card holder. 

 card with an envelope and fairy lights

1. Teacher Gift Card Holder

This gift card holder is as simple to make. All you need to do is print the template for the gift card holder and then you can dress it up or personalize it with your own flair. Using contrasting or complementing cardstock on the back gives it a pop of color around the sides. You can also use washi tape like the original creator does to help secure the gift card. 

Take a look here for the directions and printable template: www.giftcards.com

2. Bookmark Template

Print, cut, glue and add some ribbon to make this really handy two for one card holder. This gift card holder also doubles as a useable bookmark which comes in handy in almost any household

When the two template printables are glued together, they create a nice and colorful pocket for slipping a gift card into. 

Green apple teacher thank you cards

See the project here: www.yellowblissroad.com

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3. For Foodies

If you have someone in your life who loves to go out and eat, then make sure that you are making a card that celebrates their love of good taste. Once you print out the design onto cardstock, then you will need to use an exacto knife to cut on the dotted line. 

Finish by gluing or double side taping the back. Fold the card in half once the glue is dry and add a fun note for the recipient. 

Christmas gift card

Check out the template here: www.printablecrush.com

4. Brown Paper Bag

This really creative idea allows you to breath new chic life into a boring old paper bag. All you will need for this task is a brown paper bag (any size), some scissors and decorative washi tape. Cut the paper bag into the right dimensions and then decorate it with strips of colorful washi tape. It may really be simple, but it’s a great addition to a gift for your special someone on their special day or their graduation day.

Folding card holder

Find the full tutorial here: www.diyinspired.com

5. Origami Holder

Try your hand at this fun and original gift card holder that you can make in under an hour, faster if you have a more practiced hand at origami. To create this holder you will need some decorative pape​r, scissors, twine and a bone knife or butter knife to help with the folds. 

Origami card holder

Follow the instructions here to get started: www.gatheringbeauty.com

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6. Curvy Fabric 

Put your sewing skills to the test with this easy to make gift card holder. You will need some fabric and a sewing machine to make this craft go faster. You could hand sew it, since this is a small project, but it will take a little longer to finish. Once completed, the rounded edges of this holder fold in to close and secure the card. 

A folded abric card holder

Take a look here for the pattern: www.craftystaci.com

7. Mason Jar Candy and Gift Card Holder

When giving a gift card seems like too little, you can easily add a little sweet treat to the overall gift. This DIY gift card holder is really easy to make, all you will need are two jars, some strong E6000 adhesive, foil or duck tape and any other decorative accents like twine and cardstock. 

Once attached, you will be able to screw each jar open and secure it closed again which creates a usable fun glass storage knick knack for the recipient to use at a later time. Heck, you can even fill it with lights and create your own mason jar light fixture afterwards.

Mason jar card holder

Check out the tutorial here: www.somethingturquoise.com

8. Starbucks Cup Holder

Great for teachers, friends and that coffee loving teenager in your life, or your girlfriend that is a caffeine addict, all you need to pick up are a few (hopefully free) Starbucks recyclable cups, some filling such as tissue or shredded paper, the gift card and maybe even an extra treat like a cookie, scones or a biscotti. 

While this is a coffee based gift card holder idea, you could also play off of this inspiration by using a plastic non-coffee cup to hold other types of gift cards. The cup base is a great way to present your gift card and add some filler treats. 

Coffee cup card holder

Take a look here for the instructions: www.hisugarplum.com

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9. Coolest Ever Gift Card

For that special person in your life that you give the title of “coolest ever” like your boyfriend or dad, treat them to an equally cool card that features a popsicle. This DIY gift card printable template gives you the base design for printing out and then personalizing yourself with a special message. 

The coolest ever design is also a great lead in for cool treat gift cards such as ice cream, frozen yogurt or to a winter based store. 

See the printable here: www.giftcards.com

10. DIY Ugly Sweater Holder

Keep their gift warm with this cute and customizable gift card holder idea. Once you print out the sweater template, you can get to work coloring, designing and customizing the sweater for your recipient.

You could make a cute sweater, channel your favorite design for an ugly sweater or cater to your favorite Harry Potter fan by creating their own version of Mrs. Weasley’s Christmas Monogrammed Sweaters. 

Sweater card holder

Take a look here for the template: www.kellimurray.com

11. Glitter Dipped Bags

We love this way of upgrading a simple brown paper bag into something that truly pops with excitement. These eye catching gift card sized little bags are super easy to make. All you need is some modge podge, a paintbrush and your choice of glitter. 

You can make it an even straight line around the bag, make waves for a more dipper look or even customize it with a monogram. Once the modge podge adhesive is applied, you will shake glitter over it and then allow it to dry before you carry it off to the party. 

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Glitter bag card holder

You’ve got to see this craft here: www.dreamalittlebigger.com

12. Fruity Bags

These fun paper gift bag templates are small enough to fit a gift card while also having a little extra wiggle room for an added sweet treat inside too. While summer fruit look may seem like it only has one good season, these DIY gift bags are just so cute that you could get away with using them all year long to brighten up the gift table. 

Paper fruits card holder

See the template and instructions here: www.makeandtell.com

13. Magic Gift Card Wallets

Who didn’t love those neat wallets that changed how it held cards and cash by opening and closing it to reveal that the criss-cross and straight lines had traded places. This DIY gift card holder is sure to be a favorite and is great for being a secondary gift that the owner will reuse to hold other small items that they need to keep with them on a day to day basis. 

To make this DIY magic gift card holder you will need some sheet metal, adhesive tile pieces or glue, duct tape, an exacto knife and some E6000 glue. It may take a little time to make as you will need to measure each piece before you cut it and you will need to allow time for the adhesive to dry between steps. 

Magic wallet card holder

Check out the video tutorial here: www.atcharlotteshouse.com

14. Cassette Tape Gift Card Holder

Make use of all those empty or ready to be tossed away cassette tape holders with this really fun upcycling craft. You will need a plastic cassette tape holder, some scrap fabric or felt paper, glitter paint, modge podge and any other embellishments that you would like to add. 

Once you’ve created the custom and durable gift card holder, you can present them with a fun gift that will trigger a few memory lane music moments while also giving the recipient a cute reusable small case to hold other small items. 

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Cassette tape card holder

Take a look here for your inspiration: www.modgepodgerocksblog.com

15. Gift Card Box

Skip the simple envelope or card and give them a box that you made yourself to house a gift card. There is also room for an additional little trinket such as a simple necklace, a few pieces of candy or a handwritten note. You can also use a wine cork to decorate the box, but you’re going to have to be creative just as you were with the diy wine cork projects.

scoring board comes in really handy for this DIY gift card holder, since you will need to create straight lines for folding. Once you have created the simple box, the next step is to embellish it with stickers, paint, additional cut outs or even buttons to create a 3D top. 

Boxes of card holders stacked in a pyramid

See the instructions and video here: www.thecraftyblogstalker.com


Creating your own DIY gift card holder allows you to make something fun and custom for the person that you are giving a gift card to. You can keep it simple with an easy card or add in a few extra bells and whistles by opting to use a bag or cup that holds extra sweet treats for them to enjoy. 

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