Bosch vs Dewalt – Which Brand Makes the Best Saw?

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One of the toughest decisions you can make is deciding between a Bosch or Dewalt saw. The two power tool rivals are at the top of their game, offering top of the line saws for professional and home use.

It was a real challenge, putting Bosch vs Dewalt in a head-to-head competition against each other as the two brands are each stellar in their own regard. But, we managed to select the brand that we thought really kicks it up a notch when it comes to producing saws as well as all other power tools. ​

​Background of Bosch and Dewalt

Feel free to skip over the history if you like, but we found that each company has a vibrant past that has shaped who they are today. Here is a brief history of both Bosch and Dewalt. 

The History of Bosch

Taking a deep look at the history of the Bosch brand is a complex endeavor. It is a large company that is part of a bigger conglomerate – the Bosch Group.

It power tools are sold as part of the Bosch Power Tools Division including a very respectable line of saws.

The company gears its power tool family toward the professional user, but they have also found a home in the hands of very capable homeowners based on name recognition of the brand alone. The company has strong German heritage that is built on engineering capabilities that dates all the way back to 1887.

The Bosch brand really began to sing when it first launched the magneto ignition. This was the company’s first foray into the market, and it soon was on its way with a strong range of products that compete in several industries including automotive, home, professional trades, and aviation to name a few. 

With a 100-year history supporting the German company, Bosch opened its first manufacturing site the same year it launched its first ignition product. As they say, the rest was history for the company as it began launching more products with unrivaled success and soon got to the goal of introducing 100 power tools every year.

Thanks to the multiple divisions within Bosch, it is able to leverage its experience in several industries to develop, design, and create power tools that are a cut above. They utilize German craftsmanship and incorporate the latest technology enhancements.

Bosch is a force to be reckoned with as it has 350 subsidiaries that have helped pave the way for the company to be a true leader in the power tool market. It is known for the quality of its tools and provides productivity enhancements on a continual basis.

The company also offers a one-year warranty on its power tool lineup.

All Bosch power tools and saws available

The History of Dewalt

The Dewalt brand is also synonymous with quality as it offers durability and productivity in every power tool it produces. The company also manufactures all of its tools in the U.S.A., a fact it touts with great pride to the contractors and homeowners it markets its power tools toward.

The history of Dewalt isn’t as long as Bosch’s, but it still has plenty of depth as the company dates all the way back to 1922. Here, Raymond DeWalt came up with the idea of forming the company, but it wasn’t until two years later that he actually formed Dewalt Products Company in Leola, Penn.

DeWalt was an innovator from the start, launching the company’s first Dewalt tool with the Wonder-Worker – a nine-way configurable woodworking machine. From here, the company quickly expanded, moving into new digs in Lancaster, Penn.

In 1947, the company changed its name to Dewalt Inc. and is known by this same label today.

Yellow powerful dewalt jig saw

Over the years, Dewalt has continued to launch new power tools with a passion for quality and toughness that withstands the demands of the jobs that they are used in. By 2001, the company had more than 200 models and more than 80 accessories under its belt.

Today, that number is even higher as Dewalt continues to perfect its power tool lineup by integrating new tools with the latest and greatest technology available.

The Dewalt name is recognized the world over as is a leader in the power tool market. Its family of products includes a power tool or accessory for virtually every application.

It has placed great emphasis on producing products, like its saw line, that are rugged, productive, and above all worthy of the Dewalt name.

Dewalt is a brand that consumers trust and turn to for their power tool needs. This, combined with its extensive warranty offering give Dewalt an edge in the market over many of its power tool competitors.

All available dewalt power tools and saws

Bosch vs Dewalt

Comparing Bosch vs Dewalt takes you on an emotional rollercoaster as you’ll find reasons to make each brand your favorite at times. We like the German engineering and craftsmanship that Bosch provides with all its power tools, yet we can’t find any fault in Dewalt’s commitment to American-made products.

This really boils down to preference for where a product is made.

​R&D Technology

Both companies produce a quality product in all segments of it power tool line. Dewalt focuses on innovation and new technology offerings with some pretty aggressive power tool products that really break the boundaries of what is possible.

This includes Bluetooth in some products like its impact drivers that allows for complete customization of the tool from an app on your phone.

It is new developments such as that keep Dewalt at the forefront of the industry with products that deliver in every sense of the imagination.

But, bear in mind that Bosch is no stranger to development either. It excels in the engineering space with a bevy of divisions that support the design of new products.

Circular saw construction site

Battery Technology

With several of the sectors within Bosch specializing in the very technologies that go into its power tool line, the company is able to deliver very high-end technology with limited cost to market expense.

A prime example of this is its Lithium-Ion batteries that are used in its cordless products like its jigsaws and drills. These batteries are the cream of the crop as Bosch has a whole division dedicated to Lithium-Ion technology for use in hybrid cars.

The batteries used in hybrid vehicles and are scaled down significantly for use in the Bosch power tool line, but still, retain the advancements the company has engineered into them for automotive use. 

Because of this, Bosch excels in the battery field and produces some of the best cordless power tools on the market.

Now, this is not to say that Dewalt doesn’t put in the effort to produce high-quality components such as Lithium-Ion batteries for its products. It does.

Believer it or not, Dewalt makes an amazing cordless jigsaw that ranks at the top of our list. So, after all that hype for Bosch in battery technology, Dewalt has a great option. 

But, when looking at all of the battery powered tools, ​Dewalt doesn’t have the extensive resources that Bosch can turn to for development of its components.

Brand Name

Where Dewalt takes a step ahead is in the familiarity of the market. The company gets up close and personal with the very users of its power tools.

Using feedback from contractors and homeowners, Dewalt is able to specifically design its power tools directly for their needs.

This is the reason that it always hit a home run with its product introductions as the company is able to meet the exact demands of their customers based on the very feedback they receive from them.

Dewalt has managed to leap ahead of other competitors stateside because of this kind of focus and commitment.

  • ​Focus on innovation
  • ​Aggresive & strong tools
  • ​Powerful brand
  • ​Focus on engineering
  • ​Excels in battery technology

Saw Features and Benefits

​You’ll find that these two brands are so closely matched when it comes to their saw line that there are instances when Bosch surpasses Dewalt and Dewalt jumps ahead Bosch. The two companies compete on virtually every detail of their saws.

When we look at the saw lines of Bosch and Dewalt, we see some major differences that we wanted to mention here.

Anti Vibration

First off, Bosch really comes to market on the feature side of its saw line. It offers high-end features like anti-vibration which is a big gamechanger in its saws.

With many contractors using these saws for extended periods of time, this helps to reduce fatigue and helps to keep them fresh for more hours.


Weight is so close in its saws that it shouldn’t be a huge deciding factor in the purchase from these brands.

We are talking less than a ¼ of a pound in some instances, which is really too close to be noticeable by any user.

​Blade Speed

Saw speeds are virtually identical from the two brands, and cutting accuracy is good in all models we compared from Bosch and Dewalt.

In addition, the two brands stay competitive with the orbital action of their saws, which is always more than their other competitors.

Accuracy and Precision

Bosch also integrates a precision and exactness technology into its saws, so you get a precise cut every single time you use the saw. This cuts down on waste, re-cutting, and the need for additional materials on the job.

This exactness in cutting can provide that very intricate cut that is necessary for many applications for contractors.

For Dewalt, the technology innovation is high level and targeted to the savvy contractor that uses digital systems on a daily basis.

Close up best dewalt miter saw

Extra Features

The company integrates many of its tools with apps and is successful at persuading a younger demographic of contractors to invest in its products now and for the long term.

You’ll also see interesting technology enhancements from Dewalt such as its Flexvolt batteries that automatically switch voltage. Offering 60, 80 and 120 V, it gives more flexibility and choice with Dewalt, including its saws.

You can bet that whatever Dewalt comes out with new for its saws or any other product in its power tools lineup, that Bosch will follow with a similar rendition that is just a step above. The same holds true for Dewalt that also keeps a watchful eye on what Bosch has new to offer.


Dewalt also has a knack for predicting what consumers want next. It is able to deliver new products on a consistent basis that meets their needs without fail.

The company knows how much technology is right for the average contractor and pushes the boundary just enough to take them to the next step without overwhelming them.

Dewalt has made an investment into its customers for the long haul by enticing them with their product offering early and consistently.

This has made lifelong users out of Dewalt customers and brings them back time and time again whether its to buy a saw, drill or even a tape measure. They know they are getting quality and a long-lasting product when they buy the Dewalt brand.

Bosch has also developed a cult following of its power tool brand, which is even more universally accepted around the world. The company’s label is recognized overseas and seen as the brand of choice, maybe even more so than Dewalt here in the U.S.


Where Dewalt really rivals Bosch in its power tools. This is often the deciding factor in purchasing between the two brands for some contractors that know they can get a quality tool from Dewalt without the additional cost that Bosch asks for.

One factor that we feel is an important differentiating factor between the two brands that we’ve briefly mentioned early is the warranty coverage. Bosch has a pretty standard warranty of one year on its power tools.

Dewalt, on the other hand, comes out ahead here with extensive warranties on its power tools with many of them offered for three years and as long as seven years on defects. A limited lifetime warranty is also available on its power tools.

Other Factors to Consider

Another aspect that you may want to consider when purchase from Bosch or Dewalt is the accessibility the two manufacturers offer.

Dewalt has more of an open-door policy and is an approachable company that if you do have questions, you most likely will get the assistance that you need.

It is not as though Bosch is unapproachable but because it is a larger group of companies, finding and getting the help you need may prove to be a bit more challenging.

Bosch means well here, but we just find the Dewalt brand more accessible and easier to relate to which may explain why it leads in many of its product categories.

The best Bosch jigsaw on the market

Final Thoughts

Depending on whether you are a homeowner or a professional user of power tools can also dictate if you gravitate towards the Bosch or Dewalt brand. Bosch is seen as more of a professional tool manufacturer over other brands while Dewalt has taken over the homeowner market with ease.

You’ll see more Dewalt products in big box stores while Bosch products are more limited and sold through a distribution network that focuses aggressively on the professional trades that use its power tools.

Not to say that Dewalt doesn’t compete hard in the professional market, it’s just that Bosch leads here and depending on what type of user you are, you may be more exposed to one brand over another.

With Bosch, you also get that German heritage that holds strong values and a professional way about itself. Dewalt is more Americanized and blue collar, really relating to its customers. 

If you have ever been to a tradeshow where these companies display, you’ll immediately see the difference in the way they interact with their users and in the look of their displays. It’s subtle but noticeable.

Dewalt is a fun company with a serious side while Bosch is ready to do business at all times. Both companies promote their products with a genuine, earnest quality.

They both focus on what their power tools can do to make your projects easier whether it is in the home or on the jobsite.

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Dewalt vs Bosch Final Recommendations

​Bosch Saw Recommenda​​​​tions

Bosch is a recognizable brand that features many powerful and mighty power tools in its lineup. We particularly like its saw line and have chosen to honor the following saw models as some of the best that the company offers.

While there are also a lot of competitors it’s being compared to such as Milwaukee, the brand has still some amazing power tools up it’s sleeve. We recommend these saws as they are top contenders in their category and will not disappoint with their performance.

Top Picks from Bosch

BOSCH Power Tools Jig Saws
BOSCH JS470E 120V 7.0-Amp Corded Top-Handle Jig...
  • ERGONOMIC TOP-HANDLE: soft-grip areas supply a solid, comfortable grip
  • CONVENIENT: featuring a tool-less blade change system and fast insertion with a blade ejection lever...
  • 4-IN-1: 4 orbital action tool settings provide different blade strokes for smooth to aggressive cuts...
  • CONTROL: variable speed dial sets maximum speed and accelerator trigger controls operating speed;...
BOSCH 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw Bare Tool
BOSCH 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw Bare...
  • COMPACT: The Bosch JSH180B 18V jig saw is lightweight and compact. It is up to 30-percent lighter...
  • CONVENIENT: The jig saw’s t-shank blade change system allows for tool-less blade changes,...
  • VISIBILITY: With an always-on dust blower and an LED light, the JSH180B jig saw offers increased...
  • PROTECTION: With Electronic Motor Protection and Electronic Cell Protection, both the battery and...
BOSCH 10 In. Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand
Bosch 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw 4100-09 with...
  • PORTABLE: Innovative, gravity rise, collapsible table saw stand allows you to adjust height to meet...
  • EFFICIENT: Featuring SquareLock rip fence engineered to increase cutting trueness and allowing for...
  • PRECISION: Bosch 4100 09 worksite table saw provides high precision cutting as well as efficient...
  • CAPACITY: Bosch 4100 09 10 inch table saw features a larger cutting table surface area and ripping...

Dewalt Saw Recommendations

​Dewalt continues to outshine the others with several saw products that are top notch. We recommend the following saws models from Dewalt as they offer all the capabilities you are looking for in a saw.

They are functional, flexible, and high performers that deliver on the Dewalt promise of quality. You won’t be disappointed owning any of these saws from the company.

​Top Picks from Dewalt

DEWALT 20V MAX Jig Saw, Tool Only (DCS331B) ,...
  • All-metal, lever-action, keyless blade change allows for quick and easy blade changes
  • All-metal, keyless shoe bevel with detents at 0 degree, 15 degree, 30 degree, and 45 degree provides...
  • 4-position orbital action provides control of cut quality and speed for the jigsaw tool
  • Adjustable dust blower keeps line of cut clear of chips
DEWALT Bare-Tool
DEWALT Bare-Tool DC330B 18-Volt Cordless Jig Saw...
  • All-metal lever-action keyless blade change allows for quick and easy blade changes
  • All-metal keyless shoe bevel with detents at 0 degree, 15 degree, 30 degree and 45 degree provides...
  • 4-position orbital action provides control of cut quality and speed
  • Adjustable dust blower, anti-slip comfort grip, variable speed
DEWALT Table Saw
DEWALT DWE7480 10 in. Compact Job Site Table Saw...
  • Easy Adjustments: Rack and pinion telescoping fence rails make fence Adjustments fast, smooth and...
  • Variety Of Cuts : 24 1/2 inch of rip easily cuts a variety of Larger shelving and trim Materials
  • Easy Adjustments: Rack and pinion telescoping fence rails make fence Adjustments fast, smooth and...
  • Guaranteed Tough: metal roll cage ensures job site durability
DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw
DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw, 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity...
  • Your purchase includes one Dewalt table saw, 10inch 24-tooth carbide blade, rolling stand, push...
  • Other Specs: Max rip to left of blade – 22inch | Max rip to right of blade – 32-1/2inch | Max...
  • Rolling stand designed for easy set up and breakdown with excellent stability
  • Rack & Pinion Telescoping Fence System Make fence adjustments fast, smooth and accurate
DEWALT Scroll Saw
DEWALT Scroll Saw, Variable-Speed, 1.3 Amp,...
  • Double parallel link arm design dramatically reduces vibration and noise for extremely accurate cuts
  • Exclusive tool free blade clamps allow blade changes in seconds. Depth of Cut (inches): 2 inch
  • On off switch, electronic variable speed, flexible dust blower, and blade tensioning lever all...
  • Arm design pivots from back of the saw to front, shortening the arm movement for smoother, quieter...
DEWALT Wet Tile Saw
DEWALT Wet Tile Saw, Masonry, 4-3/8-Inch (DWC860W)
  • Power 10.8 amp motor delivers the cutting power to cut through granite, porcelain, concrete and...
  • Premium 4-3/8-inch diamond blade allows the user to cut ceramics and stone materials up to...
  • 13-Foot water line feeds water to the blade decreasing dust and increasing blade performance and...
  • Bevels to 45 Degrees for quick angled cuts

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