5 Best Planer Jointer Combo [2022 Review]

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A two-in-one solution might just be what you need in your woodwork station if you’re looking to cut down on space.

To get the best out of both worlds, a planer jointer combo will be the perfect way to maximize your woodworking craftsmanship.

There’s an overwhelming number of planer jointer combos in the market. Finding the right one for you can be tasking.

That’s where we can step in and help you get the best option. Stick around to know more about the best planer joiner combos.

Best Planer Jointer Combos For Beginners

Finding the best planer jointer combo for beginners doesn’t have to be a tedious ordeal. There are numerous varieties available in the market to cater to every level of experience.

After searching through several options, we’ve included the top rated ones. Check out below the few options we believe could help you out the most in your woodworking projects.

1. Best Planer Jointer Combo Overall: Grizzly Industrial G0634X

Grizzly opened for business in 1983. Did you know that the Bellingham-based company was named after the grizzly bear? This is because the CEO wanted to capitalize on the fact that most other animals fear them.

Here are a few quick highlights as to why we like the Grizzly G0634X best:

  • Perfect choice for those looking to minimize space. You can easily mount this machine to a wall in your shop for greater stability.
  • If your blades get dull and need sharpening, you can just rotate the carbide inserts a three times to get a sharper blade.
  • Its spiral cutter head collects any straying dust as you work.
  • This planer jointer combo also has a magnetic on and off switch. Unlike other products, its switch is thermally sensitive, which means it turns off if anything overheats.

This Grizzly model offers a sturdy build with a cast iron body assembly and table. Its closed stand is composed of heavy gauge sheet metal.

Along with its heavy build, it also packs a lot of power. This woodworking machine is equipped with a 5 HP motor power, putting other planer jointers on this list to shame.

Specs and Additional Features

  • Weight: 610 lbs
  • Power Cord Length: 10 ft.
  • Motor Power (5 HP)
  • Cutterhead Speed: 3450 RPM
  • End-mounted fence
  • Anti-kickback fingers
  • Front depth cut scale

Since saving up on space is one of the main selling points of a planer jointer combo, the Grizzly doesn’t disappoint. The planer jointer combo saves up on space with its end-mounted fence that you can prop up next to any wall.

If you’re working in a small space, your woodworking tool is bound to scatter dust everywhere. That being so, the Grizzly’s high-performing dust collection is a notable feature we love about this product.

That being said, it can be on the heavier side since it weighs a hefty 706 lbs. You may also find it difficult to use the planer bed with a 12-inch piece of wood. It could potentially damage its edges when in use.


  • Magnetic switch that is thermal protected
  • Good for smaller spaces
  • Outfeed roller is rubber coated


  • Lack of portability (hard to move)
  • Finicky planer station

2. Best Planer Jointer Combo for Beginners: Vevor 8-inch Planer Jointer

Vevor works not only on woodworking tools but other multi-purpose equipment. The company prides itself in providing low costs with top-notch quality. This brand is popular, catering to almost ten million buyers worldwide.

This Vevor 8″ Planer Jointer is a suitable tool if you’re still a beginner looking to get into woodworking. The product features an eight-inch tabletop jointer. You can revive your old wood using the jointer to create a fresh smooth finish.

If you’re working in a small area, you’re likely to collect some dust. The Vevor has a dust exhaust interface. You can attach it to your dust collector for a tidier working space.

The Vevor’s workbench is all metal. It’ll make your woodworking easier with its fast and even layout.

We recommend this product for beginners since it also has a red cutter guard that’ll help you steer clear of any dangerous accidents. These accidents mostly happen due to a slippery surface. 

Specs and Additional Features

  • Cutterhead Speed: 9000 RPM
  • Blate Composition: High-Speed Steel
  • Motor Power (2 HP)
  • Weight: 77.5 lbs
  • Electromagnetic switch

The planer jointer combo’s crank handle is also beginner-friendly. You can adjust the height of your cutter head and the scale rule to get an accurate reading of your cutting depth. The handle’s knobs are large and easily detectable. You won’t struggle using this product.

The two-in-one functioning system is equipped with a lock whenever you switch from planer or jointer for added security measures.

The Vevor has an open and detachable stand making it ideal for portability. You can also keep your other tools and equipment stowed away under the machine. The stand is composed of non-flimsy, sturdy steel.

It’s also really lightweight at 78 lbs. Yes that is still very heavy, but a lot of planer jointer devices are immensely heavy and can be hard to move around.

Although the Vevor isn’t “heavy” (by jointer standards), that doesn’t mean it lacks in strength. The machine is impressively durable for its size.

Safety is a priority for the Vevor. It has an electromagnetic switch and a current protector. This will help keep you safe during jointer use especially.

Overall, the planer jointer combo is easy to assemble and won’t break the bank.


  • Portable
  • Wallet-friendly
  • Exceptionally user-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Highly safe


  • User manual may be outdated

3. Best Planer Jointer Combo for Pros: Inca 343.190

Inca is one of the oldest brands in the industry. They make a very expensive but incredible jointer planer, typically used by pros because of the quality.

Inca was the first to make planers in the 1970s, giving it a solid reputation in the woodworking business. The company is well-known for its innovative status in the field.

That being so, the Inca 343.190 comes with high-quality material that will stand the test of time. The motor will surprise you with its power, given that its only rated at 2 horsepower.

Specs and Additional Features

  • Cutterhead Speed: 6000 RPM
  • Thicknessing Depth: 6.3 inches
  • Planer Table Length: 41 inches
  • Thicknesser Table Length: 15.75 inches
  • Motor Power (2 HP)
  • Cutting Width: 10.25 inches
  • M42 blades

Most of its moving parts are made from brass, making it smoother in its movements. This keeps the machine from breaking, while also helping to avoid problematic situations like planer snipe.

One of the weaknesses of the Inca is the plastic cogs. They’re more susceptible to damage. Nonetheless, you can find a different motor to fuse into your feed system. That’ll give you more control over your feed’s speed.

If you’re a professional or sell your woodworking projects and are in search of a higher-quality planer jointer, we believe the Inca might be the right tool to use.


  • Exceeding reputation
  • Easily replaceable motor
  • Superior material
  • Durable


  • Costly
  • Lacks an efficient dust collection mechanism

4. Best Entry Level Planer Jointer Combo: Jet JJP-8BT

This is the perfect model if you’re searching for a good price along with ease of use. Jet is known in the industry for making high quality, entry level products, and the Jet JJP-8BT is no exception. You’ll see us recommend Jet products on our band saw and scroll saw reviews as well.

The lightest weight option on our list, the JJP-8BT only weighs 67 pounds. You’ll be able to move this planer jointer around your shop with relative ease.

Its 13 Amp motor-powered cutter head can achieve an astounding 18,000 cuts per minute. This will allow you to work on any type of wood.

This planer jointer model is accompanied by two knives that’ll give you very accurate cuts. The knives are around 8 inches long and 0.060 inches thick. They’re also composed of high-quality steel. 

Specs and Additional Features

  • Weight: 67 lbs
  • 2 Knives
  • Cutterhead Speed: 9000 RPM
  • Motor Power (1.7 HP)
  • Removable Key
  • Planer Table Length and Width: 17.5 inches x 8.5 inches
  • Jointer Table Length and Width: 29 inches x 8.25 inches

Its large and easily-detectable knobs offer simple access to the machine’s control system, which will make it much easier to adjust your settings. This Jet has a height adjustment feature which makes it easier to use.

This Jet model has a first rate dust collection system. It has one dust shroud assembly that you can use for both your planer and jointer stations. You can connect the dust shroud using the knobs provided.

The machine won’t operate unless the dust shroud assembly is installed in either station as an added safety measure. The planer jointer device also comes with a cord wrap to avoid any accidents in the workshop.

Although this Jet model has a fold-down stand you can also install an open stand based on your preference.


  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Height adjustment addition
  • An adjustable fence on the jointer
  • Planer has a pointer and scale
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Knife setting gauge available
  • Cut depth gauge available


  • Lack of leveling screws

5. Rikon 25-010

If you’re a woodwork enthusiast this planer jointer combo might just be the tool for you. As an alternate to the Vevor or Jet, the Rikon 25-010 is another high quality option that is relatively portable and easy to use.

The Rikon has a small footprint and weighs a feathery 147 pounds. This is still heavier than the Vevor at 78 pounds and Jet at 67 pounds, but much lighter than heavier, industrial models.

Apart from its ease of portability and small size, this product is highly affordable as well, making it the perfect choice if you’re a beginner and want to start on small projects.

It can deliver you 14,400 cuts per minute with its 1.5 HP motor-powered cutter head. This is less than Jet at 18,000 but still adequate.

The Rikon might give you smooth finishes and more detail with its three high-speed-steel knives.

You might want to lay off any hardwood while using this Rikon model due to its lower power motor. Instead, you can make thin passes.

You might think, if it’s lightweight it might be flimsy and fall easily, but its flat-ribbed belt decreases the vibration levels, giving it little reason to tip over.

Although the machine is lightweight, it doesn’t carry a wheel base to move around as easily. The quality may not be as up to par as other models such as the Hammer A3 31, but it’s cheaper in comparison.

The company has started to provide a helical cutter head upgrade, if you want a spiral shape instead for a better cutting edge.

Specs and Additional Features

  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Voltage: 121V
  • 3 Knives
  • Motor Power (1.5 HP)
  • Double-sided high speed steel knives 


  • Exceptional portability.
  • Lightweight.
  • Wallet-friendly.
  • Provides several adjustment features.


  • Manuel is hard to understand.
  • Challenging to switch from jointer to planer.

What to Consider Before Getting a Planer Jointer Combo

A lot of woodworkers feel the need to decide between a jointer and a planer for their shop. Instead a planer jointer combo solves both issues.

Before going to buy a planer jointer combo, there are a few factors you should consider. These specifications will ultimately help you decide what you need most out of the product. Here are a few of them to get you started.


When it comes to power, it’s usually best to stick to a horsepower range of 1-3. Going lower than 1 HP won’t be good enough to work on most of your projects. 1 HP is most fitting for enthusiasts and beginners working on small projects using softer woods.

Unless you’re working with hardwood, we wouldn’t recommend anything higher than 3 HP. It would only waste power and become more expensive in the long run. 

Weight and Size

One of the main purposes behind getting a planer jointer combo is to save space. You should consider a product that wouldn’t take as much space as a jointer and planer separately.

Other than that, if your workstation is temporary and you keep moving things around, a heavy planer jointer combo might not be the best option. On the other hand, if you plan on keeping the machine permanently stationed, then weight considerations might not matter as much.

Cutting Depth

The more cutting depth a planer jointer has, the faster you’ll likely finish your project. It’s worth considering that a shallow cutting depth might be better for you if you’re working on a more detailed piece.

You should also note that the price of a planer jointer rises exponentially along with its cutting depth.

Bed Width

This will ultimately decide the size of wood you’ll be working with. If you’re just starting new, an eight-inch bed width should be sufficient. You’ll be able to work on small projects easily.

As for professional use, a 10 to 12-inch bed width is more well-suited. 

Stand Type 

The stand can significantly affect your woodwork routine. There are three different types available in the market.

The closed stand is one of the more common ones due to its durability and strength. It’s likely the most expensive out of the three. Some closed stand models can even offer a bonus storage compartment inside.

Open stand types are table-like. They have exposed legs and are on a more affordable scale. They tend to collect dust, but they’re lighter and you can place your tools under them with no trouble.

Finally, the fold-down option doesn’t have a stand, which makes it much more portable-friendly and flexible in use.

Safety Additions

Blades, knives, and cutting tools aren’t exactly gadgets you want to take lightly. Understanding the safety precautions of every product is vital.

Some of the common safety features you might find in a planer jointer combo are automatic restart preventions, kickback protection, a secure cutter head build, and a magnetic switch.

Dust Collection

A 4-inch dust collection port should be your go-to if you’re working in small spaces like your garage or basement.

A well-built dust collector with easy installments will make your life much easier in your cleanup process.


This mostly entails the conversion between jointer and planer. Whenever you plan on getting a product, make sure it has an easy and convenient conversion system. It’ll save your time and patience.

Always make sure to read the user manual carefully before making any adjustments. Some planer jointers have a long and straining conversion process, while others try to make it as simple as possible.

Blade Number

Each model has its number of blades. You’re most likely to find devices carrying two or three blades. The more blades it has, the faster your work will be.

Budget and Pricing

Although buying a planer jointer combo is less costly than getting both machines separately, the upfront payment is higher.

You should expect to pay around a couple of hundred to five thousand dollars depending on each product’s quality and features.


Purchasing a planer jointer combo is no easy choice. You need to consider its necessity in your woodworking station. After reading our review of the top planer jointer combos, we hope you’ll be able to get a better idea of which one you’ll add to cart.

Our top pick would have to be the Grizzly Industrial G0634X. It could offer you many years of planing and jointing as well as some serious safety measures.

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