How To Change Blade On Dewalt Circular Saw

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Designed for highly professional and extensive constructional works, Dewalt saw blades have an exclusive patent-pending design that makes them quite resilient and long-lasting.

Although not frequently, you will have to change the blade once in a blue moon to maintain the saw’s efficiency. Therefore, you must learn how to change blade on Dewalt circular saw.

How To Change Blade On Dewalt Circular Saw

Changing the blade of a Dewalt circular saw may seem like a hefty chore; however, you can easily replace them by following these hassle-free steps.

Step #1: Cut Off the Power Supply

Usually, circular saw blades are powered by electricity, but they are battery-operated in some cases.

In both situations, the first step to ensure safe and sound removal is to switch off the electricity supply and remove all the cells of the high-power battery to prevent any mishaps.

Pieces of wood stacked on top of each other

Furthermore, gather a hammer, two pieces of wood, and a hex wrench or simple wrench before proceeding to the next step.


As you’re dealing with a high range of charged construction equipment here, it is crucial to follow all safety guidelines regarding the power supply.

Step #2: Place the Saw on a Secure Platform

After cutting off the power from the saw blade, put it over a safe and even surface before removing the blade guard.

Once the saw is lying undisturbed, you can easily pull back the blade guard leaving the blade exposed.

Bear in mind that even if the blade has become old, rusty, and blunt, it may still be hazardous when handled hastily. Take good care of the whole of the edge, removing the guard.

Step #3: Press and Enable the Arbor Lock

After exposing the edge of the blade, press the arbor lock situated at the top of the housing. This will enable you to lock the blade in place when you complete the next step.

Step #4: Rotate the Blade

Keep the blade rotating until the arbor lock is installed correctly and it stops turning further. If your blade lacks the arbor lock, you need not worry about this step since the next one will ensure your safety.

Step #5: Press the Blade On A Wooden Platform

Lastly, press this blade to a hard wooded surface so that the removal becomes easy.

The pressing adds the extra pressure and support needed for the hassle-free loosening of nuts and bolts.

Man holding a circular saw

Step #6: Loosen the Nuts

Put your wrench onto the arbor nut. If your saw is channeled using a batter, the loosening slot can only be accessed using a hex wrench as the arbor contains a space for this particular wrench.

Once situated, keep on rotating the wrench up until the bolts come undone. The direction followed here must be counterclockwise.

The best-suited wrench for your saw comes along with the Dewalt circular blade saw in the package.

Step #7: Depress the Arbor Button

Keeping the arbor button depressed is quite essential while unscrewing the nut. Press it, and the entire blade comes off its shaft.

If the switch is absent in any models, simply pressing the saw downwards would fix it.

Step #8: Slide the New Blade into the Arbor

Once the old blade is down and unscrewed, take a new and sharp blade. Slide this new blade over the arbor, ensuring that you’ve installed it according to the instructions on the packaging.


You have to pick the center of the blade out to fix it over the arbor. For doing so, carefully make a hole using a hammer by punching over and over.

Step #9: Screw the Nut Back

Situate the nut where you tightened it earlier. Use the same wrench used while unscrewing and finally plug in the battery or power supply.

Do not tighten the nut too much; it might get difficult to remove when replacing the new blade after its due course.

Step #10: Do A Check-Up Run

After plugging the blade into the power supply, it is vital to plug the cords into the sockets to check its functioning.

If the blade is running and making a wheezing metallic sound, it ensures that it is fixed appropriately.


As a high charge would be flowing back again into your saw blade, please follow all the electricity safety guidelines while running the check-up. Wear goggles, gloves, and other safety gear.

Hand holding a circular saw blade

While reading the aforementioned step-by-step procedure may guide your way through the entire process, it would also be helpful to go through a video to get more precise ideas.

Here is one of the many helpful videos that will help you learn how to change the blade on the Dewalt circular saw.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Dewalt Circular Blade Size Do I Need?

You need to use the proper size blade for your Dewalt circular saw, which should be provided to you on the saw. The most common Dewalt blade sizes are 6.5″ and 7.25″.

Another important thing affecting the size is the arbor, the middle hole of the blade’s diameter. The new blade will only fit in the saw’s shaft if it has the same diameter as the arbor.

What Types of Dewalt Circular Saw Blades are Available?

The three most common types of Dewalt circular saw blades are rip blades, crosscut blades, and combination blades. Dewalt also makes specialty blades for specific types of cuts or materials.

Do You Need to Clean a New Dewalt Circular Saw Blade?

When you get a brand new circular saw blade, you do not need to clean it prior to install. However, over time, your blade will need to be cleaned, as they develop a lot of grease and build up while cutting.

Circular blades may be super handy, but they are also the most incredible home to all bits, pieces, and wood chipped during the cutting work. These chips and cuts are the main reason behind the excessive, blunt edges, even in the new blades.

Here is a quick way to maintain your circular saw blade yourself and see the dirt and accumulation go away in a swiss and flick.


Dewalt circular saw blades are reputed in the field of construction jobs and cutting businesses. What makes them even more efficient and prominent is their easy replacement once they are blunt, dirty, and too old to work.

Moreover, a leading name like Dewalt comes with the security that a newly installed blade will work unbothered for a longer span, thereby adding value to your investment. These blades, once installed, can withstand all extreme usages and weather far longer than their local counterparts.

With this guide, you can replace all types of Dewalt circular saw blades.

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