How To Tighten A Circular Saw Blade

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Bearings and washers are mainly responsible for holding a saw’s shaft in place. However, wobbles and misalignments may loosen the blade. This can cause problems while cutting. Moreover, the bolt of the circular saw may wear out after regular use.

How To Tighten A Circular Saw Blade

Follow the steps sequentially mentioned below to understand how to tighten a circular saw blade.

Step #1: Use the Arbor Lock Feature

Arbor is the shaft on which the circular saw blade mounts. The typical motor shaft design serves the purpose of blade mounting.

The arbor hole in the saw is crucial. It gives you a point of reference to where the rest of the saw is connected.

You can use a socket wrench which is quite helpful to tighten the arbor nut on the circular saw blade. In case your saw has a shaft lock, hold the blade in its place by locking it. If your saw lacks the shaft lock, then clamp the blade.

You can use vice grips to hold the blade in its position while you tighten the arbor nut.

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Step #2: Turn the Arbor Nut

There are certain common issues that people run into while handling the arbor nut. One of these issues is to be unsure of the direction in which you must rotate the arbor nut on the circular saw blade.

The rule is to tighten the arbor nut in the direction opposite to the circular saw blade’s rotation.

The result of not following this rule is detrimental to the cutting procedure. You may notice that whenever you try to use your circular saw, the rotation of the blade will cause the bolt to get unscrewed.

Eventually, the blade would loosen and fall off! But here’s what you can do.

On a Right-Handed Circular Saw

Turn the nut in a clockwise direction as the blades turn in the anticlockwise order. On turning it clockwise, you will be able to adjust the bolt tightly in a clockwise direction.

On a Left-Handed Circular Saw

The blades run in a clockwise direction. Adjust the bolt and tighten it by turning it in the clockwise direction.

Now, to prevent the nut from turning, use your hand to hold its rim with a wrench.

Take a spanner or similar engaging tool in your other hand, and tighten the nut in the opposite direction to which the blade spins.

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This short clip will show you how you should be holding your saw when tightening the blade.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Spindle Lock in a Circular Saw?

The spindle lock feature is activated when you press a button present on your saw. You can call it a safety lock feature that enables you to remove the blade safely from the circular saw by simply locking the blade.

If you want to change your blade or unscrew for cleaning and other purposes, you need to press the spindle lock. You can continue to unscrew and do your job once the blade is locked.

What is Exactly Meant by a Blade Wrench?

When you face problems related to tightening or loosening a blade in your circular saw, a blade wrench comes into the scenario.

You can use a metal blade wrench to tighten and loosen the adjusting bolts that support the blade in its position. Use a blade wrench when you want to change your blade and do certain cleaning or other activity in your saw.

How to Tighten the Circular Saw Blade Without Any Spindle Lock and Arbor Lock?

You can use a screwdriver if the saw doesn’t have a spindle or arbor lock. You can start by unplugging the saw. Set the screwdriver across the barrier after tightening the bolt with your finger.

The screwdriver will prevent the blade teeth from running. This will help pinch the arbor onto the blade.


You may look for various ways to fix problems related to your circular saw, but tightening your blade too much to fix wobble or other issues may worsen its condition.

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Avoid problems related to misalignment — loose blade adjustability or wobbling. Keep checking your circular saw periodically. Maintain your power tool by keeping it clean and your blade free from burrs.

Remember to consult a professional who can help fix your circular saw blade if you can’t tighten the circular saw blade yourself.  Saw blade injuries are a lot more common than you’d think.

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