Why Can’t I Cut Straight with a Circular Saw?

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If you are unable to cut straight using your circular saw, you first need to check the positioning of the workpiece. The problem could simply be that the workpiece in unstable and needs clamping.

You should also check the saw to see whether it is okay. You also need to check whether you are holding the blade properly and whether you have set the right cutting depth.

Why Can’t I Cut Straight with a Circular Saw?

Circular saws are a handheld tool and so it’s very difficult to cut straight without a guide. You need to use a circular saw with a rip fence or cutting guide to get accurate, straight cuts.

A few other situations that cause circular saws not to cut straight:

  • the workpiece could be sliding, in which case you need to clamp it
  • the wood is very thick and needs clamping down to hold in place
Man holding a circular saw

What Causes a Circular Saw to Not Cut Straight

A faulty circular saw is likely to have issues such as an unstable blade or a warped blade edge. The problem could also be the way you operate the saw. If you do not operate the circular saw properly, it will not cut straight. Let’s discuss several causes why your circular saw might not cut straight.

The Workpiece Keeps Sliding

If the workpiece keeps sliding, there could be two reasons. First is that you have not clamped the piece of wood properly and as a result, it keeps shifting as the blade moves.

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Second is that the workpiece may be so heavy or tough that it is difficult to clamp it down on the table. The upshot of a workpiece that keeps sliding is that your wood will be cut unevenly.

The Saw Blade Is Unstable

In order for the blade of your circular saw to work correctly, it must be properly fixed in its position so as not to wobble.

Therefore, after you have checked the position of your workpiece and found it to be fine, you should assess the saw to determine whether its blade is well aligned.

Man demonstrating why his circular saw cant cut straight

The Edge of the Blade Is Warped

Circular saw manufacturers usually provide the equipment with a cheap-quality blade. After some period of use cutting tough pieces of wood, the blade can lose its original form.

A blade that has lost its shape will not produce an impeccable straight cut. So, if the blade of your circular saw is warped or distorted, it could be the reason the saw does not produce straight cuts.

What to Do if Your Circular Saw Is Not Cutting Straight

Once you have identified the reason why your circular saw is not cutting straight, you should figure out a solution. For each of the problems that have been identified above, the solutions are provided below.

Add a Rip Fence or Clamp

A circular saw effectively mimics a table saw when you add a rip fence. The rip fence allows you to make a straight cut because you’re following a guide.

You can easily fix the problem by using a hold-down clamp to hold the workpiece in place.

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Fix an Unstable Saw Blade

The nuts and screws that hold the blade of a circular saw can become loose when the saw is used for a long time. The blade may also become misaligned.

  • Tip: If the blade is wobbling because of loose nuts and screws or improper alignment, you should fix it appropriately. A properly fixed blade will not wobble as you cut.

Replace a Warped Saw Blade

If your circular saw is not cutting straight because of a warped blade, you should check and fix the cause of the warping.

If the pre-installed blade of your saw has lost some of its cutting surfaces or has a warped edge, it could be the culprit.

Man holding a circular saw

A circular saw whose teeth are bent or misaligned will not give you the type of cut that you desire.

To fix the problem, you should change the blade.

How Can You Cut Straight Using a Circular Saw?

If your circular saw is in tiptop condition and it is not cutting straight, the problem could be something to do with how you operate the saw, including how you position the workpiece. Solutions include:

  • Clamping the wood properly so that it does not move as you cut.
  • Holding the blade properly: Ensure that you have positioned your hands correctly depending on whether the saw is a right-hand or left-hand one.
  • Setting the right depth of cutting.
  • Using the circular saw’s a guide if you are not an experienced circular saw operator.
  • Avoiding splinters
  • Allowing the saw to reach its full speed before you attempt to cut.


A circular saw is designed to make straight cuts. If you can’t cut straight with your circular saw, you need to check whether your workpiece is well-clamped, whether the saw is faulty, and whether you are operating the saw correctly.

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