How To Unlock a Miter Saw

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If you intend to operate a miter saw, you must understand how to lock or unlock it. It helps you handle the saw with all the safety concerns! Some of the applications due to which a miter saw is highly demanding are cutting the picture frames, door frames, crown molds, and others.

Also, for every cut that requires smooth and precision angles, a miter saw is necessary. Therefore, you should know how to lock and unlock it to carry out the application smoothly. 

How To Unlock a Miter Saw

Even before you go ahead and look for suitable models as per your budget, you need to note how it is operated. The trouble that people face with a miter saw is unlocking it properly.

Therefore, if you are a beginner, who wants to get a miter saw to take care of the household cutting applications without hiring professionals, you must know how to unlock a miter saw. And, this guide will help you obtain that basic knowledge about the same.

Person using a miter saw to cut wood

Method 1: Unlocking the Miter Saw

The miter saw locks itself in a certain position to allow you the feasibility of setting the angles for precision cuts. Therefore, when you intend to use the miter saw, you need to unlock it before going ahead and using it. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Arrange All The Safety Equipment

  1. Goggles for protection to eyes.
  2. Wear earplugs for suppressing the impact of noise on the ears.
  3. Wear gloves to avoid accidental cuts by saw blades.
  4. Ensure that you have plugged out the machine before unlocking or making any adjustments.

Step 2: Unlocking Head Of Miter Saw

  1. Put some pressure on the head of a miter saw.
  2. Look for a pin, lever, or anything that is a movable part, which holds certain parts of the saw together.
  3. The modern units of miter saw consist of a pin or knob for blocking the mechanical ankle. These pins or knobs are usually located near the center point of the main base and behind the saw blade.
  4. Now, pull the pin out, and the miter saw head would be unlocked.
  5. If you have a sliding miter saw, there will be another lock on the slide that you need to loosen. Again, it is to ensure that the machine moves back & forth.

Step 3: Unlocking The Table Or Base

  1. There should be a visible knob for unlocking the base or table.
  2. Unlocking the base will allow you to move the miter saw to get an angle for a precision cut.
  3. The Modern bases or tables of miter saws come with pre-set angles of 45 and 90 degrees. So it is because most of the cuts use this common setting.
  4. Turn the visible knob to unlock the base, and then decide upon the right angle of operation.
  5. When you have set the right angle, tighten the knob to hold the machine at that angle.
  6. For pre-set angles, you have to align the rotating element of the table or base, with the static part, for obtaining the pre-set angle or position.

Your machine is now ready for cutting applications!

Method 2: Locking the Miter Saw

You were looking for the steps to unlock your miter saw. But, this guide intends to elaborate on the complete knowledge of how to use a miter saw. Therefore, locking the saw after use is also an important job to perform. Here are the steps for it:

Miter Saw
  1. To begin with, unplug the miter saw from the power outlet to ensure that it is disconnected from power.
  2. Loosen the base knob, and bring the machine back to the default angle, and tighten the knob.
  3. Unlock the saw using the handle knob, and make the handle facing front by turning the transom.
  4. Now, turn the handle knob towards the right side to lock the table.
  5. Use the motorized head-manage (a tool) for putting the motorized head on the table.
  6. Now, insert the locking pin between the switchboard and engine block to lock the head.
  7. Then release the hands from the head handle gently.
  8. Now, it is locked and ready to transport or to be stored.

To better understand how you can unlock the miter saw for carrying out an application, here is the video you need to turn up to! So check this YouTube VIDEO right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Choose The Right Miter Saw For My Cutting Applications?

There are usually three types of miter saws available in the market for you to choose a suitable one. You get to choose between standard saws, sliding saws, and compound saws. All of them have different specifications to ensure that the desired purposes are met.

If you want to know more about these different types of miter saws, refer to this article that elaborates on selecting the right one.

What Things Should I Keep In Mind While Using Miter Saws?

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind on priority while using miter saws. To begin with, you should let the saw blade reach its full speed before you can use it for cutting purposes. Few tips that can help you in carrying out the cutting process smoothly are mentioned in this informative content!


You need to understand that miter saw is a very powerful tool. And, it would be best if you were very careful while you are operating it. Though it does not demand any form of expertise for using it, on the other hand, people need to be alert and take the necessary precautions.

Learning the right ways of unlocking the miter saw is all you need to get started with your cutting job. Hence, go through the guide again before commencing with the task.

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