Bosch JS470E Jigsaw Review

Bosch JS470E Jigsaw Review

Every woodworker needs a jigsaw with a reduced girth and size. The Bosch JS470E Jigsaw can accept T-shank blades and has a powerful 7.0 amp motor. This allows the device to cut through the toughest and hardest materials.

Our main goal is to help you get a jigsaw that’s easy to use while still delivering exceptional performance. Luckily, the Bosch JS470E can do this with its rubberized black overmold which provides a comfortable grip for the user. Keep reading to see why this jigsaw is a great addition to anyone’s toolbox.

​Bosch Jigsaw Overview


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    7.0 Amp Motor
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    Durable footplate arm
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    Ambidextrous Lock On Feature
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    Variable Speed Control
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    4 Orbital Settings

The Bosch JS470E is a great asset for DIY hobbyists, cabinet installers, and carpenters. It is a corded jigsaw that features an insulated cover, and an aluminum gearbox which prevents the saw from overheating and is easy to store once finished.

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Bosch JS470E jigsaw side view.


One thing that sets this device apart is its ambidextrous lock-on button. This makes the device friendly to both left and right and users due to it’s accessibility. If you’re a left-handed carpenter needing a good jigsaw, the Bosch JS470E has you covered.

People like the Bosch JS470E because of its performance. The saw’s variable speed trigger is useful in starting a cut low and increasing the speed based on the required material. At top speed, the jigsaw can create accurate cuts without tool vibration.

The saw comes with a cast aluminum shoe and an anti-splinter insert. Users like the jigsaw’s shoe because it can be covered by the footplate shoe for more detailed and fine work. This is great for complex cuts where multiple cutting teeth and proficiency is required.

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What’s great about this device is that it eliminates the largest pet peeve amongst woodworkers: having to use two hands to remove a hot blade. With the Bosch JS570E, it’s ejection mechanism is more efficient, giving you more time to focusing on the next cutting line.

Also, the jigsaw features a dust line blowing mechanism for maximum visibility. When using the jigsaw, turn on the blower via the bottom of the saw. This allows you to continue cutting without dust and debris getting in the way of your cutting line.

Bosch JS470E jigsaw back view.


For first time buyers, the Bosch JS470E is definitely worth the investment. The jigsaw has 4 orbital settings which allow you to cut based on your style and pace. Get this product if you’re serious about improving the quality and efficiency of your cuts.

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We recommend this tool for any craftsman that has a tight budget but wants to maximize their cutting utility. It has an oscillating motion which allows you to make faster cuts and can be adjusted by the dial on the left side of the jigsaw. Thus, get this jigsaw if you want a to complete projects without wasting time switching blades.

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