What Is a Countersink Drill Bit?

It won’t take you long to discover a need for countersinking a screw in one of your DIY projects. By countersinking, you are able to achieve several objectives. It hides the fastener while preventing tear-out, along with eliminating deburring hazards. Types of Countersink Bits There are two main types of countersink bits: combination and one-piece. …

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What Is a Miter Gauge?

Miter gauges are accessories used with large, bench-mounted power tools. A miter gauge guides material as it is introduced to the tool at a specified angle.  What is a Miter Gauge? A miter gauge is a device that is used on table saws and bands saws to hold the workpiece an a defined angle while …

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What Is a Compound Miter Saw?

Men preparing to use compound miter saw

A compound miter saw is a bench-mounted power tool with a tilting circular blade. They are most often used to cut wood, although metal, masonry, and plastic can also be cut with a compound miter saw. This article will explain further what is a compound miter saw. Furthermore, compound miter saws are used to change …

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How to Change a Miter Saw Blade

A miter saw is a versatile power tool that can cut through a variety of materials. Get comfortable changing the blade of your miter saw to increase the capabilities of this machine. Learn when and how to change a miter saw blade, how to perform the replacement, and what kind of blade is best for …

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How to Cut Crown Molding With a Miter Saw

Ceiling with an elegant crown molding

Crown molding instantly makes a room feel more elegant, and installation can be accomplished by any DIYer with the right tools. A miter saw is the perfect tool for making the angled cuts required to install crown molding in corners. After a primer on the words used to describe crown molding, we’ll explain how to …

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What Is a Drill Chuck?

A drill chuck is a type of clamp used to hold bits and other drilling implements. Chucks are used to hold tools that are roughly cylindrical in shape. On a drill, the chuck attaches to the mandrel. Different drill bits can be inserted into the chuck, allowing the same base tool to be used for …

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2 Cycle vs 4 Cycle Trimmer: Which Is Better?

A man using 2 cycle trimmer on grass

Choosing what kind of trimmer to add to your lawn care arsenal isn’t an easy decision to make. Learn about two and four-cycle trimmers, including their similarities, differences, and major differentiating factor. We’ll teach you when to use a two-cycle trimmer, when to use a four-cycle trimmer, and which is better overall. What Is a …

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Palm Sander vs Orbital Sander

A man using palm sander for woods

When it comes to smoothing wood, there are innumerable ways to accomplish the job. Two of the most popular sanding tools are the palm sander and the orbital sander. Find out how they compare, what each tool is best at, and which is better. What Is a Palm Sander? A palm sander is a generic …

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Belt Sander vs Orbital Sander

A man using orbital sander

Belt sander vs orbital sander, both have a place in the wood smoothing process. Learn about these two sanding tools, how they work, and what they do. We’ll take you through the specifications for belt sanders and explain the many variations of orbital sanders. Find out what the major differentiating factor is between these two …

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Sanding Sealer vs Polyurethane

Different types of polyurethane

Sanding sealer and polyurethane have some basic characteristics in common, but there are many differences as well. Find out when to use sanding sealer, when to use polyurethane, and which is better. We’ll compare and contrast these two products so you can choose the one that’s right for you. What Is Sanding Sealer? Sanding sealer …

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Drum Sander vs Planer

A yellow planer inside work room

Drum sanders and planers are two tools with a considerable amount of overlap. But they are not the same! Learn about the similarities and differences between these two tools, and when to use each one. We’ll also highlight the major differentiating factor and tell you which one is better. What Is a Drum Sander? A …

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How to Sand Cedar Wood

A guy sanding a cedar wood

Sanding cedar is a little different than sanding any other kind of wood because it is so soft. In this article, you’ll learn how to sand cedar wood without damaging it. We’ll also teach you how to sand cedar siding, how to refresh aromatic cedar and explain when sanding cedar could be dangerous. Cedar Wood …

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