How to Match Wood Stain

Whether you’re patching a deck or installing new trim, sometimes you need to match new stain with an existing color. This article gives you all the info you need to get the perfect match. It also covers the process for custom matching stain, and gives you a helpful explanation of the factors that make stain …

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How to Remove Dark Stain From Wood

When stain is too dark, it can detract from the beauty of the wood. Read on to learn several methods for removing dark stain from wood. This article covers the removal of commercial stain with oxalic acid, two-part wood bleach, and laundry bleach. It also addresses a removal technique for black water stains on wood.  …

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How to Get Wood Stain off Skin

This article covers the different formulations of stains and explains why they stick to your skin. It then details the methods and ingredients necessary to remove stain from skin, and ends with a few tips to keep your skin stain-free during your next wood stain project.  Getting Wood Stain off Skin Removing wood stain from …

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Water Based vs Oil Based Wood Stain

In this article, you’ll learn about the two varieties of wood stain (oil-based and water-based). We’ll teach you their qualities and uses, similarities and differences, and how to choose between them. Read on to discover the major differentiating factor between water-based and oil-based stains, as well which one is better overall.  What Is Wood Stain? …

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How To Bend Rebar

Pile of rebar for construction

This article explains why you might need to bend rebar, as well as teaching you five possible methods to complete this task. It also covers the definition of rebar, and how it is used.  What Is Rebar?  Rebar is short for ‘reinforcing bar’. This term usually refers to solid steel rods used to provide reinforcement …

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How To Age Wood

Aged wood

This article details multiple methods for giving new, ‘green’ wood an aged look. It will give you step by step instructions on how to make ‘rusty vinegar’, and the right techniques for using it to achieve an aged, weathered look. You’ll learn tips and tricks on weathering pine, and how to give wood an aged …

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How To Fix a Bad Stain Job

Wood with a bad stain job

A bad stain job can turn a beautiful piece of wood into an eyesore. Don’t despair – there are many ways to fix a bad stain job, whether the stain is too light, too dark, streaky, blotchy, or simply the wrong color. In this article, learn why stain jobs go bad, and how to fix …

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How To Make Colored Wood Stain

Minwax Water Based Wood Stain

In this article, we’ll teach you all about making colored wood stain. It includes step-by-step instructions on how to color stains of different bases, as well as some tips for success.  Any hardware store that sells stain can tint it for you, but the selection of colors to choose from is usually very limited. When …

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How Much Overspray With Airless Sprayer

Airless sprayers are an exciting option for anyone who wants to lay down thin, even coats of liquid on metal, wood, or certain types of plastic. However, they come with a significant drawback: overspray. In this article, learn about airless sprayers and overspray, including how much overspray you should expect and how much material you …

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How Long Does It Take For Stain To Dry?

Man with gloved hands applying stain on a piece of wood

Most water-based stains should be dry to the touch and ready for coating within six hours. Oil-based stains generally take 24 hours to dry. In this article, we’ll review the factors that alter the dry time of stain. By the end, you’ll be able to anticipate the total dry time for your next wood staining …

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How Much Stain Do I Need?

Person with gloved hands opening a can of gel stain

This article clearly describes the formula for calculating how much stain you need to complete a given project. After describing different factors that might alter the amount of stain you need, it gives examples of common projects and the average amount of stain needed for each.  Factors That Affect How Much Stain You Need There …

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How Much Stain Do I Need For Hardwood Floors?

Woman applying wood stain on her hardwood floors

This article teaches you how to calculate how much stain you need for your hardwood floors. It details the methods used to determine the square footage of the area to be stained, then takes you through how to interpret manufacturer’s estimates about how much their products cover. It also details some of the unique considerations …

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