How to Use an Angle Grinder to Cut Wood

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Angle grinders are versatile tools that can be used for a variety of jobs. Learning how to use an angle grinder to cut wood can come in handy when you’re working around the house or in your workshop.

Whether you have a workshop at home, want to fix some furniture pieces, or need to do some maintenance work, learning how to safely use an angle grinder can save you a lot of money and effort. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process so you know the best way to use this tool for cutting wood.

What Can An Angle Grinder Do?

Angle grinders are excellent tools that can be used to cut and grind various materials.

An angle grinder laid out on a wooden table

The best angle grinders on the market will allow you to safely and quickly make a variety of cuts, including wood. 

How to Use an Angle Grinder to Cut Wood

Angle grinders can be used for sanding, grinding, cleaning, and definitely cutting. Here is how you can use the machine to cut wood.

1. Pick the Right Attachment

Before using your grinder, make sure that you’ve set it up correctly. Because the angle grinder can cut so many different materials, you need to make sure you pick the correct blade for wood. 

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  1. Many accessories can go well with your angle grinder. To cut wood, tile, concrete, or any other similar materials, you need to attach the cutting wheel.
  2. Choose the blade for wood because it helps you get fine and clean cuts.
  3. Check out the instructions of the cutting wheel to make sure that it matches the exact type of wood you’re looking to cut.
  4. Take a good look at the wheel to detect any signs of damage. Using a damaged wheel can be quite dangerous because it can accidentally shatter. It also affects the quality of your work. To keep your wheel in the best shape, don’t use it on a surface that might damage it.

2. Know How to Use the Grinder Safely

Angle grinders can be really dangerous if not used properly. Take this part seriously, as even small mistake can end up harming you. 

Man using a bottle to weigh down and cut a piece of wood using an angle grinder
  • Get dressed for the job. Wide sleeves can easily get caught in the wheel.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry.
  • Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from the flying particles.
  • Put on noise-canceling earmuffs to protect your ears from the loud noise of the machine.
  • It’s a good idea to secure your angle grinder to the workbench using clamps, for example.
  • Check out that the angle grinder guard, attachments, and cords are correctly fitted. Make sure that the power socket is functional and safe before turning the machine one.
  • Never remove the guard while you’re working. It might get in the way when you’re working on some projects, but it’s essential for your safety. If the wheel accidentally shatters, the guard will protect you from the flying debris. Remember that your wheel is made of sharp metal and can cause serious injury if the pieces hit your body.

3. Make Your Wood Cuts

After getting ready, it’s time to put your machine to work.

  1. Angle grinders require two hands, so you need to secure the wood, as you won’t be able to hold it while you cut. Use a good set of clamps to fasten to a strong and sturdy table or surface. 
  2. Hold your angle grinder with both hands for maximum control. The dominant hand will be doing most of the work.
  3. Investigate your machine for the dead-man switch. This is a safety switch that switches the machine off in case it accidentally drops.
  4. After securing the angle grinder, hit the power button and let the machine reach its full speed. The high speed will guarantee smooth cuts and faster results.
  5. As you start to cut the wood, you need to apply some light pressure. Applying too much pressure can affect the quality of the cut as the wheel can yank a piece of the wood.
  6. Slowly move through the cut, paying attention to your guides for accuracy. Don’t force the cutting process if you hit a knot in the wood.
A pile of cut wood

4. Finish Your Project

Although the cutting is complete, you should still be careful while putting your angle grinder away.

  1. Switch the machine off once you’ve finished your job and cut wood the way it should be done. Don’t put the machine down until it has completely stopped spinning; otherwise, it might cut things that it wasn’t supposed to cut. It might even be dangerous.
  2. Activate the braking system to bring the machine to a complete stop.
  3. Always unplug the tool when you’re not using it. Just because you’ve hit the off button doesn’t mean that you’re 100% safe. You can accidentally push the trigger, so you must make sure that your angle grinder has no access to electricity.
  4. If you’re still using the machine, keep it on the workbench with the wheel facing up. Store the machine once your job is finished.

Note: you can use your angle grinder to sand the wood, now that you have it cut!


Learning how to use the angle grinder guarantees your safety and the quality of your job. You should get yourself acquainted with the machine and all its parts before using it in real-life applications. Safety always comes first, so check all the safety measures and the parts of your angle grinder before using it.

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