How To Cut Flagstone With A Circular Saw

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Flagstone is a robust exterior designing material that comes in different shapes and sizes. It is an ideal choice for landscape designing but cutting it into the desired shape is challenging. Here is a step-by-step guide that’ll teach you how to cut flagstone with a circular saw.

How To Cut Flagstone With A Circular Saw

You can do it in six steps:

Step #1: Wear Safety Gear

A circular saw is a very convenient but also very dangerous tool. Thus, it would be wise to ensure maximum possible safety before using it.

Always make sure to wear your working gloves, safety goggles or face shield, work pants, and earmuffs. This gear combination can provide complete protection to your hands, eyes, legs, and ears.

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Moreover, as cutting flagstone with a circular saw creates a hovering cloud of dust, make sure to wear a dust mask as well.

Step #2: Install Diamond Masonry Blade

The circular saw is the most versatile power tool. It can cut through any material from wood, flagstone, bricks, to even concrete. But to cut efficiently, it is essential to choose the right blade.

It would be best to replace the standard circular saw blade with a diamond-edged masonry blade for cutting a flagstone.

The process of replacement of saw blades is not the same for all models. But it usually requires you to remove a bolt and washer attached to the saw to unhook the original blade.

Then insert the diamond-edged masonry blade, and secure the bolt and washer to hold it firmly.

Step #3: Adjust the Saw Depth

The circular saw is usually set up with the help of the lever attached to one side of the saw. However, its position can vary from model to model.

Ideally, you should set the circular saw such that it can cut through a depth of ¼ of an inch.

Step #4: Mark the Measurements & Clamp the Flagstone

Measure the spot where you intend to place the flagstone which needs to be cut.

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Mark your measurements precisely using chalk on the flagstone by drawing lines along the flagstone area you wish to cut.

It is ideal to use chalk to do markings rather than pencil as they can be clearly seen on a flagstone. It also washes off quickly.

Then you must clamp the flagstone tightly so that it does not slide out while cutting it with the circular saw.

Step #5: Cut the Flagstone

To cut the flagstone with the circular saw, turn the saw on, lower it and start pushing the saw gradually along the chalk marking on one side.

Then flip the flagstone over and do the same on the other side. Try cutting as deep as you can but do not put a lot of pressure on the flagstone. Putting pressure can stimulate dangerous kickbacks.

You should always make sure that the portion of the flagstone you wish to use is resting on the work surface. The rest of the flagstone should be hanging off the edge.


Ensuring that the surface of the flagstone is relatively flat at all times can help make precise cuts.

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Step #6: Break the Overhanging Portion with a Hammer

It is difficult to cut a flagstone entirely with only a circular saw. You will need to use additional tools like a hammer and chisel to finish the job.

After cutting the flagstone with a circular saw, strike the extra hanging portion with a hammer or rubber mallet. This act will sever it efficiently along the scoreline. You can also use a chisel with the hammer to make more precision cuts.

Once you do that, the overhanging flagstone portion may break into multiple pieces. However, the remaining parts of the flagstone should stay unbroken so that you can easily place them on the patio.

To get a more detailed and better understanding of the steps mentioned above, you can click here and watch the video.


The color, quality, texture, size, and thickness of the flagstone are important. But its beauty in a landscape design is highly dependent on the way it is shaped and the precision of its cut.

To get the perfect shape, it is vital to cut it with maximum accuracy.

Cutting flagstones with the help of a circular saw can be a pretty tricky task. But if you follow all the steps mentioned above with complete attention to detail, you can quickly learn to do it effortlessly.

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