How Many Watts Does a Circular Saw Use?

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Circular saws are widely used for cutting plywood sheets, sawing timber, slicing through asbestos sheets, and others. It is natural to be curious about how many watts does a circular saw use. In this article, we will try to cover all the aspects related to the power usage of circular saws.

How Many Watts Does a Circular Saw Use?

Circular saws are an invaluable mechanical tool for projects of all kinds. Here’s a quick look into how much power it consumes:

Saw Power Consumption in Terms of Wattage

Wattage is the direct measurement of the power requirements of a circular saw. Moreover, almost all manufacturers choose to present only the running wattage of a saw and not the starting wattage.

A typical circular saw with a standard rating needs 2400 watts as its starting wattage, whereas the power required for running is 1200 watts. In other words, every time you switch on the saw, it will require 2400 watts to start spinning. After that, it will need approximately 1200 watts to stay spinning.

Person using a circular saw with sawdust flying in the air

If you have a smaller circular saw, say, with a saw diameter of 7.5-inches, it’ll need around 900 watts to run. You must also note that not all circular saws have the same motor. Thus, their power requirements may differ too.

For instance, 6.25-inch blades generally require lesser power to operate. However, a circular saw like the one developed by Festool TS, modeled under 55 EQ Plunge, requires 1200 watts to operate even though it has a 6.25-inch-blade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Circular Saws Need an Uninterrupted Power Supply?

Yes, corded circular saws need an uninterrupted power supply to operate. However, you can buy a cordless one that comes with a chargeable battery. It is of great help in the situation of an interrupted power supply or its absence altogether.

How Can I Minimize the Power Usage of a Circular Saw?

A circular saw requires more power for starting to spin than it does to keep spinning. Thus, make sure that you are not switching it off and on more than the required number of times while working with it.

Man discussing the wattage of a circular saw

Circular saws are complex tools and require continual maintenance for optimal performance and power consumption. You can refer to this blog for some tips regarding the maintenance of your circular saw.

Is There Power Loss in a Circular Saw?

Like any electrical equipment, there is power loss in circular saws too. The equipment manufacturers already make sure that these losses are minimal. If you wish to reduce power consumption, clean the blade regularly to avoid residues that add to the blade weight.

Keeping a saw’s moving parts lubricated is another way to prevent power loss in the form of heat due to friction.


Circular saws are some of the best (and most dangerous) tools for cutting, slicing, ripping, or trimming through solid materials like wood, ceramics, and metals. The power of a circular saw is determined by various operational features like RPM, size, type of blade, and saw condition.

The best way to find the power requirement of a circular saw is by noting its wattage. You can also choose your best buying option by comparing the criteria of different circular saws. This can help you choose a circular saw that is more efficient.

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