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How to Use an Impact Wrench

Impact wrench being used to remove nuts off a tire

Old, rusty bolts and over-tightened automotive parts can be extremely difficult, and in some cases, impossible to remove with a hand wrench. On the other side of the coin, some fasteners where only a small pilot hole is used can be very hard to screw into hard wood. In these cases where you need a …

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How Does an Impact Wrench Work

An impact wrench with screws and bolts laid on the table

When presented with a situation where you need more force and torque than you can get from a standard wrench, an impact wrench is a good alternative. This power tool is especially useful in removing bolts that are too hard to remove with a hand wrench. Learning how an impact wrench works can be important …

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Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench

Man using an impact driver on a wall

Impact drivers and wrenches are both powerful wrenching tools that offer tremendous torque output compared to traditional drills. Although both are used for similar purposes, there are certain differences between them. Understanding their specific use will help you understand which tool will be better suited for your purpose. We’ve outlined the specific uses for each …

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