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Best Plunge Router [2020 Review]

A Dewalt brand plunge style router sits on a piece of wood

A plunge router is a versatile tool that provides a wider range of capabilities, especially when it comes to completing projects. You can use it to achieve deeper routing as well as a fixed router. You will also get additional tasks completed. However, many people do not know how to choose the best plunge router. …

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Best Compact Router [2020 Review]

A cheap Bosch compact router for woodworking

A compact router is an excellent choice for hobbyists and woodworkers. If you want a tool that is lightweight, small, and manageable this one is for you. This is especially true for home use or for their small woodshop. However, before picking a router, it is advisable to consider its variable speed and speed range …

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How to Make a Router Jig

how to make a router jig

Router jigs are an essential part of woodworking. They allow a craftsman to create a template or guide that can be used repeatedly to create accurate and precise cuts. These jigs can be used in a variety of woodworking projects to stabilize a wood piece as it is cut with the router.  With these easy-to-follow, …

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