How Long Does Primer Take to Dry

repairman treats wall with primer using roller

​​Skipping the primer​​ shouldn’t be an option. This important base coat is not only useful when you are going from dark to light but also helps your new paint of any color adhere to the surface better, especially for textured materials like a faux brick wall or your deck in the patio. You certainly want …

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How to Paint Over Varnished Wood

Painting over varnished wood

You don’t need a professional carpenter’s help every time you want your varnished wooden furniture or floor repainted. You can learn a few DIY tricks and save on your labor expenses. Below we have an easy step-by-step guide to help you learn how to paint over varnished wood. How to Paint Over Varnished Wood Everyone …

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How to Paint Metal File Cabinets and Lockers

newly painted metal cabinet for decor how to paint metal cabinets

Re-purposing or sprucing up metal cabinets is a trendy way to add unique pieces to your home. Want to try out this cool trend? Keep reading to find out how to paint metal cabinets, file cabinets, and even lockers. The ​Best Paint for Metal Cabinets You have your project, but now you need paint. What …

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How to Paint Old Ceramic Tile

A woman paints ceramic tile with a paintbrush

Perhaps you’re dying to do a remodel on your kitchen backsplash or bathroom tile, but you don’t want all of the hassle involved with removing and replacing it. For these situations, it can make a lot of sense to paint your ceramic tile. It will allow you to change the color without needing to incur …

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How to Paint Picture Frames and Pick the Right Paint Type

how to paint picture frames images on a table at home DIY

Picture frames are a must have for décor. But, what if standard black and white colors don’t suit your trendy taste? You can quickly learn how to paint picture frames and pick your frame colors. This gives your home a pop of color or a more stylish look. Best Paint to Use on Picture Frames …

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How Long to Let Paint Dry

man dirty with paint how long to let paint dry for

You have finished applying a fresh coat of paint. Now you have to wait for it to dry before moving on to the next step. However, you may not be sure how much time you should give it until it’s ready. It is not recommended to keep on touching the painted surface every few minutes …

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How to Paint Unfinished Rough Wood and Furniture

unfinished wooden chair left outisde for painting

Finding the key pieces of furniture when decorating your house can seem like finding a needle in the haystack. You may already have a great table or hutch, but the color isn’t right. Learning how to paint unfinished wood furniture can give you the personal touch of decorating that will make your home stand out …

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How to Paint Porcelain

white porcelain bath tub how to paint porcelain

Bring new life to old porcelain items by giving them a new pop of color or by simply refinishing the old paint. Whether you want to do a small project or are looking into refinishing your large bathroom fixtures and walls, learning how to paint porcelain can be a daunting task, but it can save you …

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How to Paint a Faux Brick Look on a Wall

paint chipping on a faux brick wall

Brick inside of the home is very common along walls and around the fireplace. Faux brick, while not the real thing, is also used to mimic the brick look in areas that it isn’t feasible. If you’re looking to freshen up your faux brick, one cheap and easy way to do it is by painting. …

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How to Paint a Mirror Frame

stacks of mold mirror frames how to paint a mirror frame

You found the perfect mirror for a great price, but the frame is a weird color or the paint is stripping. You may be wondering how to paint a mirror frame and the solution is much easier than you anticipated. How to Paint a Mirror Frame​ When it comes to learning how to paint a …

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How to Paint a Lampshade with Chalk Paint

paint brushes on a lamp for chalk painting

When you want to spruce up an old lamp but don’t want to ruin it’s original integrity then opting to paint the lamp shade is a great way to give it new life. Due to it’s ease of use and interesting finish, more individuals are turning towards using chalk paint on fabrics. When you want …

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How to Paint and Stain Wooden Pallets for DIY Furniture

Learn the step by step process for how to paint and finish pallet wood

Pallet wood has become a go-to source for creating an interesting décor piece in your home that is both affordable and contemporary. The rustic, shabby chic look is very popular today, and pallets have because a very trendy way to infuse this style into your house. We’ll walk you through how to paint pallets and …

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