Best Electric Staple Gun [2021 Review]

A man uses a cordless staple gun on upholstery

When it comes to staple guns, many people prefer electric over pneumatic and manual models. There are many good reasons for this. With the best electric stapler, you enjoy versatility, save time, and get great results with minimal effort. It can handle small-scale DIY tasks or huge professional projects like general home repairs. An electric …

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Best Staple Gun for Upholstery [2021 Review]

A stapler gun laid on its side

Upholstery repair or modification work doesn’t need to be difficult or frustrating. Instead of hammering in tedious nails or trying to manually staple everything with a hand stapler, why not rely on an efficient staple gun? Staple guns come in several different types, and all of them will improve your productivity and efficiency. You’ll be …

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Best Framing Hammer [2021 Review]

Man in blue using a hammer to drive a nail

A heavier duty tool than the standard household hammer, the best framing hammer is aptly named after its primary use, which is to assemble house frames. It has a straight rip claw and weighs quite a bit more than its counterparts, and more so if its head is made from steel. Since a good framing …

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Best Brad Nailer for Your Woodworking Projects [2021 Review]

Man in a red shirt holds on to a brad nailer to attach two pieces of wood together

Choosing the best brad nailer for your woodworking project doesn’t have to be a complicated process. With a little effort and some foresight, you can select a top-rated brad nailer that offers you plenty of functionality with all the features you are looking for so you can complete that cabinet construction or molding installation in no …

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Best Pin Nailer [2021 Review]

nails best pin nailer on the market

High-quality, accurate pin nailers bring a world of convenience to your woodworking projects. You’ll be able to quickly fasten pieces together, holding them in place until your glue dries. This makes it so that you can move quicker, but also have more precision in the finished product. The top pin nailers combine power and accuracy, …

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Best Cordless Framing Nailer [2021 Review]

Nailer being used to put together wood

A cordless framing nailer is an essential woodworking tool that will help you fix trims and crowns. It’s also perfect for people that tend to move a lot on projects sites as it is lighter than air-powered nailers. However, finding the best cordless framing nailer for your needs can be difficult due to the many …

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