How Does a Nail Gun Work

Man using a nail gun in his woodworking

A trusty hammer is an important part of the workman’s tool kit, but when you have a large job to do, a nail gun will save time and energy. With the press of a trigger, a nail is rapidly inserted into wood. No need to worry about hammering the top at an odd angle or …

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How to Use a Framing Nailer

Man using a framing nailer in construction work

In woodwork, equipment is everything. They can make or break the project. Their absence can also make your work a nuisance. One of these essential tools is a framing nailer. Framing nailers are nail guns used to fix material together. They’re incredibly handy in several construction projects, including building fences, installing cabinets, and framing a …

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How to Load a Staple Gun

A person using a staple gun

Are you a fan of DIY projects? Or do you like to finish maintenance work on your own? Learning how to load a staple gun is a necessary skill. This is a handheld machine that drives metal staples into wood, cardboard, heavy paper, or thick fabric for various purposes. Staple guns can be manual, electric, …

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How to Use a Brad Nailer and 18 Gauge Nails

using a brad nailer with a hose on a piece of wood how to use a brad nailer

Brad nailers are the perfect tool for ​afixing molding or trim pieces without leaving a visible hole. Brads have a thin, small head which allows them to adhere thin pieces of wood together with ease. At first glance, understanding how to use a brad nailer may seem a little daunting. With a little instruction and guidance, you’ll be able …

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What is a Brad Nailer and What Situations to Use It In

Brad nailer lying on its side

A brad nailer is a very common and powerful tool used for home improvement or DIY assignments. You can also use it for your carpentry projects, attaching trims, or pieces of furniture. You’ll find that a brad nailer is the perfect tool to help in a variety of projects, and we go through the details …

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