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What is a Track Saw

A close up image of a track saw

Common saws sporting a rotary blade are the table saw and circular saw, but have you ever used a track saw? This specialty saw bridges the gap between the two and in many cases even surpasses them. You could say a track saw is a portable table saw. The track saw is also called a …

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Best Coping Saw [2020 Review]

A coping saw placed on a wooden chair

A coping saw is a versatile finishing tool that will help you cut complex designs on wood pieces quickly. Apart from their usefulness in creating intricate patterns and shapes, coping saws are also perfect for cutting different shapes in the middle of the wood, shaping wooden molding edges, and creating joints. Although coping saws are …

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Best Folding Saw [2020 Review]

A man using a folding saw to cut wood

A folding saw is a multipurpose tool you can use to cut wood, clear the bush, or build a shelter while in the wilderness. These tools are worth carrying in your toolkit. They are lightweight and do a better job compared to hand knives or saws. So, whether you are a survivalist or intend to …

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Best Saw Horses [2020 Review]

A Dewalt saw horse sits ready for work

If you are an experienced woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, chances are you regularly require a stable platform like a table to work on. Though the tables provide ideal workspaces, you cannot carry them to various job sites as they’re too bulky.   On the other hand, saw horses offer a world of high-performance, safety, ease …

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Best Track Saw [2020 Review]

A track saw sits ready to start cutting inside a garage

Whether you are a professional woodworker or DIYer, you probably know the best value of investing in the best track saw. Also known as a plunge saws, track saws cost more than conventional circular saws. It is for a very good reason: versatility. This give you the best value and makes a track saw ideal …

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Best Reciprocating Saw [2020 Review]

Close up of a reciprocating saw in action

Reciprocating saws are incredibly versatile tools. At the end of the day, every DIY hobbyist and professional tradesman should have one. These handy power saws can reach into narrow corners and slice through virtually any material like butter. For starters, we’re going to be using the terms reciprocating saw and sawzall interchangeably, because they are …

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