Can You Cut Plywood With a Jigsaw?

Plywood being cut with a jigsaw

Maybe you need to make a rounded cut, or maybe it’s the only saw you have on hand. No matter the need, you’re asking yourself: can you cut plywood with a jigsaw? The answer is yes, and this guide will walk you through the steps of making clean, smooth cuts with your jigsaw. One challenge …

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How to Use a Jigsaw to Cut Laminate Flooring

Man showing how to use a jigsaw to cut laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is easy and inexpensive to DIY install, and as with any flooring there’s going to be times when you need to cut it to size. Whether you need to go around your toilet or it’s the last piece before the wall, this guide will show you how to use a jigsaw to cut …

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How to Cut an Acrylic Sheet With a Jigsaw

Jigsaw placed on the ground

Acrylic can be a difficult material to work with – it chips and cracks easily, it’s heat-sensitive, and you often have to smooth-over rough or irregular edges. While it may seem daunting, this guide will teach you how to cut an acrylic sheet with ease using your jigsaw. Cutting Acrylic With a Saw You probably …

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How to Put a Blade on a Jigsaw

Person trying to put blade on a jigsaw

Whether you’re swapping blade types for a better cut, replacing an old, dull blade, or just starting out with your brand new jigsaw, knowing how to put the blade on is a must. This guide is here to teach you everything you need to know for how to put a blade on a jigsaw, so …

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How to Cut Plexiglass with a Jigsaw

Using a jigsaw to cut through plexiglass

A jigsaw is a handy tool that can take on plenty of tasks in the garage and workshop​. However, it is important to know what a jigsaw is best used for. If you’re wondering how to cut plexiglass, a jigsaw is the perfect tool to do so. When cutting plexiglass, it’s important to take a …

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How to Cut Circles in Wood, Metal, and Plastic with a Jigsaw

cutting circle with a jigsaw

If you plan to cut a circle out of wood or other kinds of materials, this can be accomplished with a number of different tools. The most versatile tool for this task is the jigsaw. The following tips will guide you on cutting a circle with a jigsaw. Almost any kind of material can be cut, …

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How Thick of Wood Can a Jigsaw Cut?

jigsaw thick wood cuts

Jigsaws are a versatile and safe power tool. A woodworker can achieve a lot with a jigsaw. That’s why it’s often the first power saw a woodworker acquires. If a jigsaw is the only power tool you have, you may be tempted to push its capabilities. This can lead a woodworker to ask the question, …

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How to Use a Jigsaw

how to use a jigsaw

No matter what material you’re working with, a jigsaw is an essential tool for any workshop. It works for wood, metal, fiberglass, or plastic. Jigsaw are small, compact, and an affordable way to take any DIY project to the next level.  When you have to make curved cuts, usually on a wood, particle board, plywood, plexiglass, or …

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