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Best Chainsaw Chain [2020 Review]

A chainsaw is an essential tool that will help you to handle heavy-duty projects like pruning limbs or trimming branches. They are perfect for professional woodcutters looking for a tool to cut down trees or homeowners handling home improvement projects. However, if you’re using the wrong chain, you run the risk of experiencing a kickback …

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How to Replace a Chainsaw Chain

Man trying to fix his chainsaw chain

Replacing a chainsaw chain may seem complicated at first. With the right tools and the use of proper techniques, it can be done at home at a minimal cost. This is a quick guide on how to replace a chainsaw chain. You can learn how to know when a chainsaw chain needs replacing and what …

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How to Measure Chainsaw Size

A chainsaw is a handy tool. It can literally be utilized in multiple ways. From cutting down trees, to sculpting bushes, it’s an all-around tool. It is so popular, there are even competitive sports all around the country dedicated to measuring the skill and speed of using a chainsaw.   You need to know how to …

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