How to Attach a Window Box to Brick Without Drilling

Window box attached to brick wall

Window boxes add charm to your house and give you the space to include flowers or herbs to your decor. They are especially convenient if you don’t have space to set up an outdoor garden or when you live in an apartment complex.  A common way to attach a planter to a brick wall is …

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Dog Fence Ideas – How to Build for Cheap

A dog sits with his paws on a pallet wood fence

If you are a dog owner, chances are you are looking for a pawsome idea to contain your dogs. This is probably because you want your dogs to have their off-leash time, stay close, and be active, healthy, and safe. If these are some of your goals related to your dog, you may want to …

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How to Build Roof Trusses for a Shed – Step-by-Step Instructions

how to build roof trusses for a shed

As you complete the construction of your shed project, you will want to finish with the roof truss structure. Trusses are used to support the actual walls of your shed. They keep the walls from bending and shifting. This added support is essential to the design of your shed as it keeps the integrity of …

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How to Build a Workbench for Along a Garage Wall

You are just starting up your workshop. Congrats! Finally, you can explore the world of woodworking and create many pieces that will get an appreciation for your skills. This amazing journey should start with a plan and enough braveness. At its core, the most basic element you now need in your workshop is a workbench. …

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How to Build a Crib [Steb-by-Step Guide]

Infant wrapped in a blue towel lying at the center of a white crib

Building a crib for your little one on the way, not only can save you money but it can also create a family heirloom to pass down for generations. By learning how to build a crib, you can have one ready before your little one arrives, giving you another thing to be proud of as …

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How to Make a Simple DIY Pallet Headboard

how to make a pallet headboard

The possibilities of homemade pallet headboards are nearly endless. With the creative opportunities of a DIY pallet project, you are also bringing in a comfy addition to your bedroom. Overall, it’s an easy project you can customize to your skill level. Let’s get started with the best DIY pallet headboard ideas! Before You Start Before …

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How to Build a Doghouse out of Pallets

How to Build a Doghouse with Pallet Wood for Cheap

Let’s face it – we all love our pets. Having a dog is one of the most enjoyable experiences shared by people worldwide. Part of having a dog is making sure that dog has all he or she needs to live a happy life. For many of us, dogs that spend a lot of time …

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How to Remove, Fix, Adjust, and Replace a Pocket Door in Your House

pocket door how to fix white

Pocket doors are a charming feature used in many homes. These doors allow you to hide them in the wall to create a wide opening without any obstruction. The problem with ​these sliding doors is they may need repairs from time to time. This may leave many homeowners wondering how they go about fixing something …

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How to Build a Ramp for a Shed

how to build a ramp for a shed

Considering all the heavy equipment that gets put into sheds like those really nice lawn mowers, bikes, and even motorcycles, you may find yourself thinking about the advantages of building a ramp attachment to your shed. After all, it’s much easier to wheel something up a ramp then hoist it through the doors every time you …

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How to Make a Homemade Chess Board

how to make a chess board

Over 1500 years ago the world started playing chess. Whether it actually originated in China, India or Persia, it all started on the same checked board that is known and loved today. From a strategic war game to the calming living room battle, the chess board is a staple in many homes. If you’re wondering …

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