How Long Does Primer Take to Dry

repairman treats wall with primer using roller

​​Skipping the primer​​ shouldn’t be an option. This important base coat is not only useful when you are going from dark to light but also helps your new paint of any color adhere to the surface better, especially for textured materials like a faux brick wall or your deck in the patio. You certainly want …

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Best Ceiling Paint [2020 Review]

Woman Painting the Edges of the Ceiling

Buying an interior paint can be complicated. Many brands keep releasing new paints that bear similar names and a similar look. This can easily confuse you. You may end up choosing low-quality paint. We have reviewed the best ceiling paint available on the market to help you choose the ideal paint for your needs. You …

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How Long to Let Paint Dry

man dirty with paint how long to let paint dry for

You have finished applying a fresh coat of paint. Now you have to wait for it to dry before moving on to the next step. However, you may not be sure how much time you should give it until it’s ready. It is not recommended to keep on touching the painted surface every few minutes …

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