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Does Potting Soil Go Bad?

A mix of small plant containers, and potting soil placed on the floor

Potting soil is every home gardener’s best friend. This incredible mix of nutritious soil makes gardening in pots incredibly easy to do. You may find yourself with excess potting soil or used potting soil. And you might just be wondering if potting soil goes bad.  Does Potting Soil Go Bad?  No, potting soil does not …

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Why Does my Compost Have Mold?

Creating your own compost can be both economically and environmentally rewarding. You are upcycling your kitchen waste for gardening purposes. The downfall is, you may find yourself asking why your compost has mold. Should this be something to be concerned about? Why does My Compost Have Mold? We may have always been taught that mold …

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How to Cut Firewood Safely

Cutting logs for firewood provides a great workout that also saves you money. You don’t need any specific previous experience, but you need to know how to do it to stay safe. Anybody can do it with a little practice and the right kind of tool. We walk through the process on how to cut …

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What Materials Can A Scroll Saw Cut?

Close up of a scroll saw

A scroll saw is used only for detailed work. Those who create designer furniture with intricate details use a scroll saw for fine woodworking and other detailing. Inlays, fretwork, and other types of detailing can be done on wooden furniture with this saw. ​You can create themed furniture themed from various eras with this saw. …

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