How to Cut Firewood Safely

Cutting logs for firewood provides a great workout that also saves you money. You don’t need any specific previous experience, but you need to know how to do it to stay safe. Anybody can do it with a little practice and the right kind of tool. We walk through the process on how to cut …

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What Materials Can A Scroll Saw Cut?

A scroll saw is used only for detailed work. Those who create designer furniture with intricate details use a scroll saw for fine woodworking and other detailing. Inlays, fretwork, and other types of detailing can be done on wooden furniture with this saw. ​You can create themed furniture themed from various eras with this saw. …

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How to Use a Pole Saw

A man uses a pole saw to cut down tree branches

​Tree pruning and tree trimming involves very delicate procedures. Since it involves cutting or removing large branches, it should be done with both safety and precaution. However, no matter how much you gear up for a safe tree pruning process, if you are not using the proper cutting tool, you are still at a ​risk.​ …

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What is a Dado Blade Used For?

Have you ever seen pieces of wood that had wide grooves or that were interlocked? Well, these grooves and inter-lockable patterns are the result of a dado blade, also known as a dado set.​ We’ll ​define what a dado blade is, outline the various types, and point out the benefits you can gain from using …

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How Fast Does a Scroll Saw Cut?

The history of a scroll saw dates back four to five centuries

Scroll saws come with a wide variety of speed settings, which allow the blade to cut both fast and slow. These speeds are very important to cutting different types of materials, along with various types of cuts. We outline how fast a scroll saw can cut, and which speeds you want to use for which …

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