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How to Make a Table Saw Sled

how to make a table saw sled

If you are looking to improve the versatility and function of your table saw, a table saw sled can allow you to make crisscross cuts at 45-degree angles with incredible accuracy. A table saw sled works to hold your wood piece in place as you cut, offering you a durable guide as well as enhanced …

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How to Use a Laser Level

A man uses a laser level on a home interior wall

Laser levels are one of the most important tools you need to have in your toolbox. If you are doing anything to do with building or installing anything from scratch, this tool is for you. It is literally the one tool that can help guarantee anything you build, stands, fits perfectly, or is overall functional. …

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How Does a Wood Chipper Work

A wood chipper is a very useful machine. It gets rid of old fallen trees, unwanted wooden furniture, branches, and pretty much anything that’s wooden. It is used for recycling or industrial or manufacturing purposes. But how does a wood chipper work? There are different kinds of wood chipper machines. They all function the same …

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How to Fix a Leaky Hose

It’s never a good idea to just let a leaky hose be. It may seem like it’s not that big of a deal. However, you’re losing a lot more water than you think you are. Unfortunately, it is a common problem to experience a leaking hose. With enough exposure to weather, heat, and cold temperatures, …

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How to Replace a Chainsaw Chain

Man trying to fix his chainsaw chain

Replacing a chainsaw chain may seem complicated at first. With the right tools and the use of proper techniques, it can be done at home at a minimal cost. This is a quick guide on how to replace a chainsaw chain. You can learn how to know when a chainsaw chain needs replacing and what …

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How to Measure Chainsaw Size

A chainsaw is a handy tool. It can literally be utilized in multiple ways. From cutting down trees, to sculpting bushes, it’s an all-around tool. It is so popular, there are even competitive sports all around the country dedicated to measuring the skill and speed of using a chainsaw.   You need to know how to …

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