60 Free Scroll Saw Patterns

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Perfecting scroll work with your scroll saw is a delicate technique that takes some practice. The good news is that you don’t have to look far to find some great free scroll saw patterns that you can use.


Downloadable Scroll Saw Patterns

So, you have one of the best scroll saws, but you need some projects to work on.

We’ve compiled our favorite absolutely free patterns for your scroll saw. Just download, print, and use on your scroll project. 

These scroll patterns for wood allow you to create a variety of useful features, as well as intricate scroll saw projects, by simply downloading and printing the scroll saw template that you select.

Absolutely free scroll patterns to use with your saw

Download your Christmas Ornament patterns here!

We link to each template, and you can grab your downloadable scroll saw patterns from their website.

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Beginner Scroll Saw Patterns for Print

When we set out to select a range of good scroll saw patterns for beginners, we looked for scroll saw projects that did not involve too many steps and was pretty easy to complete.

These are our top picks for beginner scrollwork patterns. Enjoy!

scroll pattern bird house free template

1. Country Bird Feeder House


Add this adorable little bird feeder house to the outside of your home after you have mastered the scroll work necessary for this beginner piece.

autumn leaves coaster scroll saw free template

2. Autumn Leaves Coasters


These coasters are a great beginner scroll saw project as there is plenty of details included in the plans that will help guide you through the scroll work process.

lattice frame scroll saw free template

3. Lattice Picture Frame


These are scroll patterns to print that you can also use for Christmas time or any holiday.

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gone fishing lure template scroll saw free

4. Gone Fishing Lure Sign


You’ll be able to get the scroll saw woodworking patterns for this gone fishing lure sign by simply clicking download for the image.

geometric square pattern free scroll template

5. Geometric Square


Mastering this geometric square will allow you to practice straight carving with your scroll saw to get the dynamic edges of the square.

shapes scroll saw template free

6. Color and Shapes Puzzle


This scroll work project is perfect for the kids to play with.

santa claus mobile or template free scroll saw

7. Santa Claus Christmas Garland or Mobile


Get ready for the holidays with this scroll saw pattern that is simple holiday-themed garland or mobile.

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Download this easy to complete bear puzzle scroll saw pattern and get started on a fun project that everyone in your family will enjoy making.

wooden family sign scroll saw free template

9. Family Sign


Everything you need to make your own family sign to hang in your home is available here.

This is a good scroll work plan for beginners because there is so much detailed information provided about the wood you should be using.

wooden basket group free scroll saw template

10. Baskets Group


Make these useful and unique containers for your home with these complimentary basket scroll saw patterns.

free saw pattern perpetual calendar

11. Perpetual Calendar


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A perpetual calendar is a manual calendar where you can endlessly adjust the date, month, and time of the year on a daily basis.

downloadable scroll patterns butterfly magnet

12. Butterfly Magnets


Create these cute and innovative magnet designs from basic scraps of wood with your scroll saw.

scrolling patterns book ends

13. Wooden Book Ends


Style your books in the study, library, or home office with these creative and quirky book enders.

saw patterns cutting board

14. Chopping Board


Whether you’re in need of a chopping board for your kitchen, or you’re thinking about using one for decorative food presentations, this design is pretty straight-forward.

saw scrolling patterns bamboo triptych

15. Bamboo Triptych


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This 3-piece wooden bamboo design contains detailed instructions of how to create them, as well as tips on using the right scroll saw blade.

Use your scroll saw to create a place to store all your keys, spare change, receipts or anything else you might be holding when you enter the door with this leaf pocket dish.

You never know who might need it, and your girlfriend would love this as a present.

free scroll saw patterns grandparents

18. Grandparents Sign


Put a smile on grandma and grandpa’s faces as they see this beautiful DIY piece by you.

Give your neighbors and guests a cold shiver by creating these wooden Halloween skeleton scroll saw patterns.

scrolling pattern sheet music rest

20. Sheet Music Rest for Piano


These patterns make use of a wonderful and elegant design that can easily be recreated by woodworkers of any skill level.

Grandfather clock hands

21. Floor and Grandfather Clock Hands


Have a long case clock lying around that’s too old-fashioned for your liking?

Round table design

22. Table Marquetry Decoration


This pattern gives the actual furniture a new look and doesn’t require an expert’s mastery to be able to accomplish.

Coaster patterns

23. Coaster Patterns


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Coasters are usually used to protect the table’s surface or the cloth that covers it from the condensation flowing from a mug or glass.

Shelf brackets

24. Shelf Brackets


Our shelves nowadays are usually made up of plain panels of pallet wood with a neutral coat of paint and contemporary furniture legs or feet.

Circular scroll saw pattern

25. Circular Scroll Saw Patterns


These circular scroll saw patterns works multiple ways. For one, it can stand on its own as an ornament on an awkwardly blank wall.

Vectorized pattern

26. Vectorized Scroll Saw Patterns


This vectorized pattern is the same as the last, though it makes more sense to put something inside the oval-shaped hole in the middle.

Scrolly scalloped mirror

27. Scrolly Scalloped Mirror


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It’s a fresher look from the rectangular or circular shape of the first two mirror frame patterns.

Old car pattern

28. Old Car Scroll Saw Patterns


Vintage cars have a certain, unexplainable quirkiness to them that’s timeless and ageless. Almost everyone can see their appeal at first glance.

Religious cross pattern

29. Cross Pattern


If you have a strong Christian faith, a cross is important to have around the house – either on top of the entrance door frame or on a designated altar table.

Nativity template

30. Wooden Nativity Set


Christmas always seems to be just around the corner, and if you’re tired of displaying the same set of Christmas ornaments imitating the nativity scene, here’s a new one that is a simple 3D decor project.

Download your Christmas Ornament patterns here!

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Wooden butterfly intarsia

31. Intarsia Butterfly


The intarsia is a form of marquetry that looks difficult to make but really, there are lots of easy patterns that a scroller of any level can create. This butterfly intarsia is an example of the easy ones.

Shooting star template

32. Shooting Star Ornaments


Make as many of these star ornaments as you want and hang them with an invisible nylon string, so the stars can twirl from the draft of the air conditioning or whiff of a fan.

Christmas tree leaves

33. Christmas Tree Ornaments


If you’re not a fan of the Christmas tree that withers in just a few days, a good amount of these scroll saw tree patterns can replace any live natural décor. 

Make tea not war sign template

34. Make Tea Not War Sign


This “Make Tea Not War” sign is for tea-lovers. It’s a gentle expression of their preference for tea over coffee without being aggressive about it.

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Teacher's apple sign

35. Teacher Apple Table Stand


This scroll saw pattern makes such a suitable gift for their teachers the next holiday or teachers’ day that comes around.

Teddy bear pattern

36. Teddy Bear Puzzle


This teddy bear puzzle is something that can’t be handed to your kid, but it’s something he or she has to work for to get a teddy bear, a lesson that’s good to instill in them as early as possible..

Car pattern

37. Race Car Stand Up Puzzle


This pattern is a race car puzzle which you make piece by piece and then put together to look like a race car. Paint each part a different color to resemble actual race cars.

Spaceship puzzle

38. Space Ship Stand Up Puzzle


If your boy is not much of a car person and would rather be an astronaut (don’t we all at that young age?), this space ship stand up puzzle will belong more on his shelf than the race car.

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Welcome plaque

40. Welcome Cat Plaque


Some cats aren’t the most welcoming of hosts, but this one is an exception. The welcome plaque with a cat and flower silhouettes is an adorable sign to greet guests at the door.

Halloween plaques on wall

41. Halloween Plaques


As one of the most celebrated seasons in the country, Halloween, along with the Fourth of July, is an occasion you wouldn’t want to miss decorating for.

Advanced Scroll Saw Patterns for Download

This next set of patterns that you can download and print are a little trickier. Not only are they more intricate in how you’re using a scroll saw, but many involve several different materials. 

Person using a scroll saw to make patterns
chipmunk intarsia wooden scroll saw template free

42. Chipmunk Intarsia


This chipmunk scroll saw pattern will delight your heart as you work on creating this little woodland creature.

If you’re looking for scroll saw clock patterns, this is a favorite of ours. This scroll work plan has lots of intricate work that will test your skill level as a beginner.

vintage footstool scroll saw patterns

43. Vintage Footstool


With its designs dating back to the 19th century, this footstool is a great vintage addition to any quirky living room.

welcome sign scroll pattern free

44. Welcome Friends Sign


Greet your guests with this easy to re-create welcome sign. It is simple yet features an elegant, intricate pattern that any woodworker of any skill level can do.

This detailed wall shelf design is practical for any home improvement DIY-er. It’s an intricate pattern may be a bit challenging but it will allow you to practice working with your scroll saw and blade.

complimentary scrolling pattern cabinet fret work panels

46. Cabinet Fretwork Panels


Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale

Looking for a way to improve the look of your cabinets? We like this pattern because we think it is a practical DIY scroll saw pattern.

scrollwork patterns diamond wall clock

47. Diamond Fret Wall Clock


Recreate this scroll saw project for yourself and hang it up on the wall of your living room or bedroom.

Corner shelf

48. Ornate Corner Shelf


This corner shelf has an attractive pattern that makes  eye candy and provides extra space for things like frames of newer, more recent photos. It’s only made up of the flat shelf and the two sides that are the background for it.

Scroll saw box

49. Intricate Scroll Saw Box


The size of the box in this download is enough for little paraphernalia. It can be an accessory box or sewing kit, or a box to store all your ammo.

Nativity music box

50. Biblical Nativity Scene Music Box


Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale

A major upgrade from the nativity scroll saw patterns for beginners, this advanced pattern comes out as a 3-dimensional functional music box.

Paper holder

51. Love Birds Paper Plate Holder


A little less complicated than the music box, this love birds paper plate holder pattern is easier to understand and follow.

Chess pieces

52. Small Chess Piece Set


Chess pieces look like they could only be made by an expert with at least 50 years of experience, if not a machine. In reality, they could be made by yourself if you have the right pattern and instructions.

Large chess pieces

53. Large Chess Players Set


This large chess players set is a bigger version of the last. The pawns are 2.5 inches, almost the size of the king from the previous version, while the king in this pattern is 4.2 inches.

Card holder

54. Greeting Card Holder


Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale

Playing cards are tough to keep when the box it came in doesn’t survive quite as long as the cards. This wooden card holder is a sturdy replacement that can protect your prized cards.

Quotation plaque

55. John 3:16 Bible Verse Scroll Saw Fretwork


John 3:16 is a popular verse from the Bible but it’s still often used and printed as a constant reminder, especially by those who practice their faith religiously. This scroll saw pattern features the same scripture in a classic font surrounded by classy, intricate, and beautiful fretwork.

Tape dispenser

56. Flower Tape Dispenser


Make it a point to put pretty things in your office even if it’s just a cubicle. It will make work a lot more fun, and you get to use your scroll saw.

Moon night light

57. Full Moon Indoor Outdoor Nightlight


This instructional scroll saw patterns tells everything from how the box is done to how the nightlight is installed into the construction, so no unattractive wire is showing.

Art piece template

58. Witch’s Spooky Brew Layerscape


Christmas Scroll Saw Template Packs for Sale

This witch’s brew layerscape is a stunning piece that really wows you at first sight. There’s depth and dimension, and it achieves the kind of spookiness that’s also adorable at the same time.

Candle tray

59. Pumpkin Candle Tray for Halloween


Halloween can’t come soon enough, but if you really don’t have much time for decorating, this pumpkin candle tray promises to “turn any candle into a seasonal decoration.”

Plant hanger

60. Plant Hanger


Spiller plants are pretty and endearing, but finding a way to put them in an elevated place can be quite the struggle. The hardest part is actually assembling it, which this tutorial gives very detailed instructions for.

Wrapping It Up

These scrollwork patterns are the best that the internet has to offer. By simply downloading these patterns free of charge, you’ll have your own guide to print and work with on your next scroll saw wood project.

Most of the scroll work patterns here are geared towards beginners, with a few for advanced scrollers.  

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