30 DIY Christmas & Holiday Craft Projects for Your Home

A DIY Merry Christmas sign made from scrabble letters

We don't know about you but as soon as Halloween is over, we immediately switch from spooky vibes onto the Christmas mood right away. November isn't too early to start putting up Christmas décor, is it? No matter, November isn't too early to at least start your DIY Christmas projects.

A month in advance should be enough time to create the decorations that will encompass your whole house. Whether it's for the exterior, interior, or if you just want Christmas-themed crafts to do with your kids, we've got you covered.

DIY Christmas Projects for Inside Your House

Unless you use a fake Christmas tree, the real ones don't come until the last few days before Christmas day itself. It just doesn't feel right to wait that long to make your house feel Christmassy. There's more to indoor décor than that, and you'll be surprised to find many of them are doable by yourself and with easy materials.

Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree on Pallet Wood


We love this project because it is super simple, and you could put the finished product in a variety of places. This DIY holiday project uses cheap pallet wood, along with paint and whatever Christmas tree ornaments you want to use.

When you’re done, you can put this Christmas tree decoration on your mantle, hang it on your front door, or even set it up outside in your front yard.

Holiday Light Up Sign Saying Joy

Lighted Holiday Sign


With a few boards and some Christmas lights, you have can have a bright, fully lit holiday sign for your home. Customize the sign to say whatever you want, like “Joy”, “Peace”, etc.

You’ll need a few power tools to assemble, such as a drill, jigsaw, circular saw, and sander. We prefer to paint the backdrop of the sign a nice simple color like white, but you can make it a brighter, seasonal color if you’d prefer. Or, if you’re using a nicer wood for the project, you just want to add a stain.

christmas garland wreath diy

Golden Wreath and Garland


During Christmas, empty walls, windows, or mantelpiece becomes highlighted with various hanging Christmas décor. This golden wreath and garland are a matching pair that would go so well right above the fireplace.

You can find many of its kind in stores but that actually costs you bucks you could've spent on gifts or your Christmas feast instead. This DIY tutorial produces the same output for lower the price with materials you can easily find and use in the future.

diy cinammon stick ornament

Fabric Cinnamon Ornament


For the busiest families, here’s a do-it-yourself ornament that takes less than 5 minutes to make. It also doesn’t require some complicated math or art skills to understand the process of creating one.

With this one, you’re basically creating a mini Christmas tree out of cinnamon sticks, green plaid fabric, a star (either store-bought or handmade would do), and some string. After a day or so, it can be used as a treat for your dog for other ornaments to take their place on your tree.

sprinkle ball ornament

Sprinkle Ornaments


Who doesn’t love sprinkles? Probably the least fun among us. If you love it as an adult as much as you did when you were a kid, this ornament brings back the nostalgia of that obsession with this sprinkle ornament.

It’s as appealing on a round glass ornament as it is on ice cream, and will give life and color to your monochrome green Christmas tree.

mini christmas tree ornament

Mini Snowglobes


There’s something about snowglobes that can fascinate kids and adults alike. They have this magical feel to them that gets magnified at a magical time like the Christmas season.

Sure, you can buy them already made, but it gets more meaningful when they’re made by you. Whether as a gift or ornament for your own tree, this DIY mini snowglobe will give you the white Christmas vibes you see in movies.

reindeer head paper diy

Paper Deer Head


For most of us, the closest we’ve come to seeing an animal head wall mount is through movies. They’re usually good winter decor that goes over the fireplace. However, unless you’re into taxidermy, you’re only going to get a fake one, or what they would call fauxidermy.

In that case, you can make your own with this DIY and the best part is you can let your kids join in for how easy it is to make.

bottle christmas lights diy

Accent Lights in Wine Bottle


Only made of two things, this accent lighting looks like it could've been bought in IKEA when it's made with just an empty wine bottle and some wire LED lights. You get to enjoy the wine before, reuse the bottle, and make a moody coffee table centerpiece with it.

Despite composing of only two things, you would need a drill to make the final thing work. Aside from that, there's no way you should pass up this DIY if you have the means to do it.

christmas tree star diy

Woven Paper Star Tree Topper


Despite what it looks like, this star tree topper doesn’t require much geometric knowledge. The woven design isn’t as complicated as it looks to create but makes a much impressive display compared to the traditional star shape.

Alternatively, it also looks like a snowflake if you want to see it that way. Whether you have a real green Christmas tree or a fake white snowy one, this will go well on top of it.

ornament mobile diy

Gingerbread Bedroom Mobile


Even if you’re not from any of the Scandinavian countries, anyone can appreciate and feel the Christmas spirit from their holiday tradition of decorating everything with gingerbread.

A little bit different from gingerbread houses, this mobile is something you don’t just place on a table. This decor can go over your kid’s beds or cribs.

stockings diy

Keepsake Stocking


A keepsake stocking is an adorable Christmas decor for the mantelpiece that can be an annual tradition among families. It’s easy to just buy from the store and reuse it every year, but this keepsake stocking project makes it more personalized.

With new additions to it every year, each member can customize their own so no two stockings are the same. It keeps things interesting and nostalgic to go back to when everyone grows older.

garland diy

Christmas Garlands


Staircases provide the perfect space for plenty of Christmas decor ideas. The most obvious one, of course, is the garlands on the banister. While you can get the faux Christmas leaves like the one on fake Christmas trees and wrap it up with fairy lights, this DIY Christmas garland gets more nature into your home at a time when plants are in hibernation.

Input as much or as little as you like. Either way, we can assure it’s going to liven up your house for days when you’re snowed in.

DIY Christmas Projects for Outdoors and Yard

It's quite tricky to decorate your exteriors during the Christmas season. The weather makes it almost impossible to predict what kind of décor will survive through the transitional period from fall to winter.

These DIY Christmas projects specifically for the outside of your house are tougher than you'd think. You can be rest assured these will reflect your Christmas spirit from the inside out.

wreath with let it snow sign diy

Woodland Christmas Wreath


A wreath is never to be missed when Christmas comes along. If there's one thing you can display outside your house, it should be a wreath on your front door. It’s a no-brainer decor that takes less than five seconds to set up.

Even if this DIY project would take longer to make and put up, it’s minimalism at its finest. Despite its simplicity, it exudes enough of a festive feel to catch attention and give off holiday cheer.

snowman plastic cups diy

Plastic Cup Snowman


The first snow of the season or year signifies the start of Christmas and holidays for most of us. Most importantly, it’s the beginning of many snowman-making activities and snowball fights with family.

The latter is more of an in-the-moment kind of play while the former can last as long as the snow is forgiving. You can’t predict how long it will last though until the next batch of snow falls. This plastic cup snowman is as magical as the actual snow-made one, lasts until the end of the season, and is as fun to create.

diy mistletoe

Crepe Paper Mistletoe


Mistletoes symbolize the romantic part of Christmas and who doesn’t like a little romance at a magical time like that?

Even if it’s just purely for decoration purposes, adding a mistletoe on your porch or front door frame creates a simple yet clever touch to your place. Surely strangers who notice it will be fascinated by your attention to the little things. 

Shooting Stars Outdoor Lighting


Fairy lights have become a year-round thing. They instantly brighten up any place with perfect mood lighting that gets people in the element for intimate gatherings or cozy solitary time indoors.

This time, this shooting stars lighting would warm up the outside of your house on a cold winter day. It’s perfect to have for winter dinners with friends in your backyard.

giant christmas ornaments

Giant Ornaments


Ornaments are good on indoor Christmas trees but these giant ones are best for the outdoors. The former won’t be seen from afar anyway. These will look much better on your front lawn.

It covers a large space so you won’t need to worry about decorating your exteriors as much as you do with your interior space.

christmas light balls

Christmas Light Balls


These balls of Christmas lights are something you’d see in malls or other public spaces, but for how easy they are to create, there’s no reason you should miss out on making this for your own house.

It only requires fairy lights which you might already have. Alternatively, you can make this into a ball and lay it over the plants and bushes in your garden.

hanging red straw ornaments

Starburst Ornaments


DIY projects are generally better than buying because it has a sentimental meaning to you. When they’re also made of recycled materials, it’s even better.

That’s why this starburst ornament is better than most other DIY projects you can make. Made of straws, they’re weather-proof to survive until the end of the winter, if you like your Christmas decorations to extend past the holidays.

diy cement gift box

Concrete Gift Box


Outdoor decorations are supposed to be tougher and more durable to withstand snow, low temperatures, and winter weather in general. These gift boxes made of concrete are sure to do that. It’s also not such a hard tutorial to follow.

Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas is the best holiday to spend as much time with family. It's one of the busiest months of the year, and despite the cheer and solemnity of the occasion, it can be stressful. Doing Christmas arts and crafts for kids is one of the ways you can bond with them and wind down from the holiday hassle.

christmas tree yarn

Yarn Christmas Tree


Actual Christmas trees enforce the holiday spirit but they usually just go in the living room or any other communal space in your house. For the individual rooms especially of your kids, you can make this yarn Christmas tree. This is a common project that kids can do at school, but if not, you can create multiple pieces of this to go in every room in the house.

mini yarn tree diy

Yarn Mini Christmas Trees


This DIY project is a different version of the yarn Christmas tree mentioned right above. It actually copies the appearance of the real thing. It might just be a little more tedious than the previous, but it’s more enticing to the eyes and more realistic. 

Side by side with the ​Yarn Christmas Tree that we mentioned above, both trees can give contrast to the same area they decorate.

letter DIY

Monogram Wreath


Anything becomes extra special when it has our name on it. In the case of this monogram wreath, it’s your initial. No one gets excited about this kind of decor than kids. They love seeing their names or initials in all of their things and this DIY project can ellicit the same excitement.

You can hang it on the door of their rooms, on top of their bed if they share rooms. If you’re being extra this Christmas, you can even make a bunch of letters that spell out “Merry Christmas” for your outdoor decor.

christsmas tree village diy

Colorful Christmas Village


If you’re out of new ideas for your mantelpiece, you can make it a home for this mini Christmas village. Like your kids love their dolls, this little village will grow on you as they bring in color to your living space.

light bulb string diy

Paint Chip Christmas Garland


Your house might be fresh from a paint job. If you have an excess of paint strips you don’t have any purpose for, cut them up into the shape of bulbs to make a colorful Christmas garland.

This way you can incorporate different colors to your Christmas decor aside from the usual red, green, gold, and silver.

diy christmas candles

Christmas Candles


Not all have the time to decorate, much more allot time for DIY projects. These Christmas candles don’t take much at all.

Turn the candles that you have lying around, new or used, and turn them into Elf, Rudolph or put a The Night Before Christmas-themed decor to at least have something Christmas-related in your home.

snowflake paper cutting diy

Paper Snowflakes


If you haven’t made any paper snowflakes in your life before, you have a few steps back to take to reclaim your childhood. It’s one thing kids shouldn’t miss out on.

This tutorial, if you even need one still, guides you towards some of the most fascinating window decor made of paper.

mushroom and snail diy

Candy Snails and Mushrooms


Kids of different ages will be entertained by different things. We love this DIY for toddlers specifically because it’s also a good learning opportunity for them to be introduced to basic animals and things.

Make this in moderation and with your supervision, or else you’ll be facing cavity problems soon after.

lantern diy

Christmas Lanterns from Plastic Bottles


Good lighting is almost essential to easily achieve the warm and cozy vibes of the Christmas spirit. These Christmas lanterns made from plastic bottles don’t only beautify your home, it gives you an excuse to spend much time with your kids from figuring out the project to finishing it up.

In the end, you have an eco-friendly lantern that can go in your kid’s bedroom.

christmas tree star diy

Paper Star Christmas Tree Topper


Here’s another star Christmas tree topper that you can make with your kids. This time, it’s a three-dimensional star that has depth and dimension on both sides. It only looks professional but it’s actually doable on your own, which is a win for you.

You don’t have to spend on something from the store, which is overpriced compared to the cheap cost of making it yourself and for the extra time you spend with your kids.


​The holidays are a fantastic time to spend an afternoon on a DIY Christmas decoration project. Whether you're building something to display in your home or outside, or you're working on an easy DIY Christmas project with your kids, you'll end up with a great piece to feature, and a lot of fun along the way.

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