20 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

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With Christmas just around the corner, the pressure is definitely on when thinking about how we can make our loved ones feel extra-special this holiday season. When dealing with a long Christmas shopping gift list, the hassle of going to malls to shop can be exhausting. 

But don’t fret. With every problem, there is a solution. This helpful article may be the answer to your Christmas gift-giving problem!

Below, we have gathered some of the easiest and coolest DIY Christmas gift projects for you. Make sure your holidays are well-spent without breaking the bank! 

1. DIY Candle Making Kit

What better way to spend the post-holiday festivities than on a relaxing ambiance? This easy DIY candle making kit is perfect for friends who love the spa treatment in the comfort in their own homes.   

DIY candles surrounded by Christmas-themed decor

Just gather some kitchen items like stove, saucepan, spouted cup, a thermometer, and some pencils. Follow the instructions then voila! You may now enjoy a calm and relaxed experience while having a hot bath or simply chilling alone on a rainy Friday night. 

Know more about the things you’ll need and procedures here. 

2. DIY Tote Bag

If you happen to have an always on-the-go buddy, we recommend taking a shot at this cool and trendy DIY tote bag project.  Not only that the instructions are easy to follow, you’ll also be able to tap your creativity while following each steps! 

Read more about this creative project here.

Woman using a tote bag

3. DIY Snow Globe

Diy christmas snow globe

Snow globes are pretty much a staple figure of the holidays. If you have a friend who lives far away from home, this nostalgic Christmas ornament can surely help take away the blues. With just a few easy to find items such as a clean jar, glycerin, sandpaper and your creativity — completing this lovely DIY gift project will be easy as pie!

Check out the full list of items you’ll need and the complete procedure here. 

Diy bath bomb
Photo credit: Steves Goods on Visualhunt.com / CC BY

4. DIY Bath Bombs

Friends who love to travel and spend their time in hotels will fall in love with these super simple and easy to make homemade bath bombs. All you have to do is to gather your shopping items (baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, essential oils, etc.) mix them and then mold! Voila! 

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Check out the full list of items you’ll need and procedure here

5. DIY Marble Mugs

Marble mugs lined up next to each other

We all have that friend/s who love their coffee. This easy, super artsy looking DIY mug project is perfect for these kinds of people in your life! Just grab an old mug and some other creative tools and you’ll be good to go! 

Ready to create this project? Check out the list of items you’ll need and procedure here.

A diy journal

6. DIY Journal

Let your loved ones unlock their thoughts and feelings by gifting them a priceless present such as this DIY Journal. Just follow some quick and simple bookbinding instructions, bring out some crafty wrapping papers, then this item will be a sure special hit to your long list of friends!

Keep you creative juices flowing! Head over here to know more.

7. DIY Lip Balm

Making homemade lipbalm
Photo credit: saiberiac on Visual Hunt / CC BY

We all have girlfriends who love their makeup. With tons of cosmetic items out there, we suggest trying out this lovely and all-natural DIY lip balm to cement that friendship for more years to come. You’ll be shocked to know how easy to make this girly gift project too!

Check out the full list of items you’ll need and procedure here. 

8. DIY Glitter Slime

Diy glitter slime

Got friends who have kids? We got you. 

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The slime fever is still on and we couldn’t recommend this DIY glitter slime enough to keep the kids merry this holiday season.  From easy to find supplies such as glitter glue and liquid starch, you’ll be done with this project in less than an hour!

What’s more, you can even add a printable tag to it and make it even more special.  

Check out the procedure in full here. 

9. DIY Crayon Shapes

Diy crayon shapes

Gather up those old crayons and start crafting! Another project perfect for the kids, this DIY crayon shape is so fun and easy to make. You’ll only need some wax crayons and some mould (depending on your preference), dry them up and they’re ready for packaging!

Easy right? 

To know more about this DIY project, check out this tutorial. 

10. Pixie Dust Necklace

For the lovely teens in your family, we recommend creating this DIY Pixie dust necklace to sprinkle more cheer this holiday season. The tools you’ll need are so easy to find, we promise!

You may also gift this item to girlfriends who love fairy tales too!

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Check out the full list of items you’ll need and procedure here. 

Girl blowing glitter
Diy jewelry dish
Photo credit: zimmerli.rosy on Visualhunt.com / CC BY

11. DIY Jewelry Dish

Help your friends and loved ones let go of all the clutter by gifting them this DIY jewelry dish. Not only it can help them organize their accessories, it also adds as a lovely and colorful addition to their feminine tool kits! 

It only takes 10 steps to complete this project. Gather up the items needed from the link below!

Learn more here. 

12. DIY Spa in a Jar

As we all know, self-love is very important. During the holidays, this positive message is best spread by giving away a special DIY gift item to your loved ones. Whether it’s your best friend, your sister, or your mom, this Spa in a Jar made by you will sure make them feel extra-special. 

Check out the full list of items you’ll need and procedure here. 

Woman enjoying a diy spa

13. DIY Agate Coasters

Make these faux agate coasters for a fraction of the cost (and keep that extra cash in your pocket)! Made of polymer clay and acrylic paint, this DIY craft is really inexpensive – imagine purchasing 4 real agate coasters for a whooping $155!

Cheese plate and wine on agate coasters

You are going to need to use the oven for this one. Aside from the polymer clay and acrylic paint, you are also going to need a gloss glaze, classic gold liquid lead, paintbrushes, and rolling pin. These coasters would make great handmade housewarming gifts too!

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Check out the instructions here: jenwoodhouse.com

14. DIY Picture Frame Luminaries

Need to create a more meaningful and personalized DIY gift? This DIY picture frame luminaries makes a wonderful handmade gift, keepsake or even decor for receptions or showers. This would be perfect for your mantel or dining table.

Diy picture frame luminaries

Most of the materials needed can be found in the dollar store. You will need 4 5×7 frames, superglue, 2 sheets of vellum, photos, a square mirror, and tea light candles (or led candles).

Learn how to make one here:  www.thatswhatshesaid.net

Diy tube bead necklace
Photo credit: egle is… on Visualhunt / CC BY-A

15. DIY Tube Bead Necklace

Jewelry can be pricey, and sometimes it’s difficult to guess what a good friend would like. Make it more special with this DIY tube bead necklace. P.S. This looks much more expensive than it actually is. 

To recreate this DIY necklace, you will need some polymer clay, neck chain, scalpel, a cutting mat, skewer or cocktail stick, tape, and gold metallic spray paint. You will also need an oven to make the beads.

Get the instructions here: www.thelovelydrawer.com

16. DIY Cranberry Vanilla Shea Butter Soap

This is an easy homemade soap recipe perfect for gift giving! The inclusion of dried cranberries gives a bit of a holiday feel, coupled with some vanilla soap fragrance for that soft, pretty scent.

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Diy soap

To make 4 soap bars, you will need a 1lb equivalent of shea butter and soap base, ¼ cup of dried cranberries (we recommend the dried variant as it lasts longer), 20 drops of vanilla soap fragrance, and silicone soap mold.

Get the tutorial here: www.simplystacie.net

17. DIY Splatter Planter

This DIY planter is the perfect gift for your friends who love succulents. It adds a natural touch to Christmas decors without it being overly Christmasy. 

Diy splatter planter
Photo credit: YourCastlesDecor on VisualHunt.com / CC BY

For this project you will be needing some terra cotta pots, acrylic paint, painters (or washi tape), paint brush, potting soil, and dwarf alberta spruce trees.

Check out the tutorial here: www.themerrythought.com

18. DIY Marble Tray

Beautiful, functional, and simple – this DIY craft looks like something you would buy from Crate & Barrel without the hefty price tag. Spruce up a boring-looking table top for liquor, or even a simple table top plate for salt and pepper.

Any size of marble tile will work for this DIY, and any design of drawer or cabinet pulls. An industrial strength glue should hold the two together

Sushi on a marble tray
Photo credit: designmilk on Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

Check out the instructions here: www.almostmakesperfect.com

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19. DIY Kindle or Tablet Holder

Would you believe this tablet holder is made of folding folio notepad? This is the perfect gift for the travel lovers and e-reader friends.

All you need for this DIY are folding folio notepad, scissors, and marble adhesive paper.

Get the tutorial here: www.sugarandcloth.com

Diy tablet holder
Diy hand warmers

20. DIY Hand Warmers

For those who love sewing, put your skills to the test with these DIY reheatable hand warmers. 

Get the instructions here: www.raeannkelly.com


Gift giving during the Christmas season doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re a person who enjoys giving gifts, you’ll be surprised to know how your sense of creativity can take you without spending too much. While doing DIY, you’ll also realize the value of recycling old items. 

Apart from its environment and its budget-friendly benefits, DIY gift projects may also be a fun group bonding activity for the whole family during weekends.  

Remember, in spreading the holiday spirit, it is the thought that always counts.  

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