30 DIY 4th of July Decoration Ideas and Projects

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Having guests over for a celebratory dinner at your place? If you’re looking for some ideas on how to make your space festive for the upcoming holiday, then check out 30 of ​the most unique ideas we found below!

An american flag blown by the wind

​Decor Ideas

​1. Colorful Bunting

Nothing says 4th of July like some classic, old fashioned bunting. Still used at events ranging from patriotic parades to Opening Day in baseball, bunting will spice up your home decor for the summer festivities.

Independence day themed bunting

Complete with free downloadable patterns and a helpful video, this is a great project to do together with your children as the summer months hit.

​Check out the full tutorial: boxwoodavenue.com

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2. Patriotic Stars

We’re particularly partial to this project because it incorporates some woodworking into your Independence Day decorations. You can buy premade wooden stars at a local craft store, or you can fashion a star pattern and cut it yourself.

Depending on how thick of wood you want to cut, you can use a scroll saw to cut thinner wooden stars. Like the jigsaw, a scroll saw is really easy to make tight turns with, so this can be a great option if you don’t want thicker stars.

Patriotic stars house number

Other options for cutting could be a jigsaw. The jigsaw would work well for thicker wood, but it isn’t quite as accurate.

Either way, you’ll end up with a great set of DIY Patriotic Stars to hang around your home.

More details on: justalittlecreativity.com

​3. Custom Colored Napkins

This is a very unique project – you’ll end up with your own custom colored napkins, perfectly themed for the classic summertime American holiday. The finished product ends up with a pastel look to it, which creates a nice, soft look for your overall tabletop decor.

Custom napkins

Grab some rit dye in various colors and a paintbrush – that’s about all you’ll need. Super simple, this project should take you a half hour or under to complete.

Start dyeing: saltycanary.com

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4. Tin Foil Star Decors

​As the creator says, this project is truly farmhouse salvage style meeting up with patriotic decor. In the end, you’ll wind up with some very rustic and vintage looking colored stars that you can feature on a mantel or a table.

Tin foil star decor

You’ll need some square canvas panels, along with craft paint and a good dark wood stain to apply on the canvas.

 One tip from us – try thinning out the wood stain before applying it if you want a lighter look to your backdrop.

The stars are actually made out of tin foil and held on with thumbtacks.

Don’t worry, though – this carries through the rustic theme and actually looks really good when finished.

Get your shine on: justalittlecreativity.com

​5. Handmade Patriotic Wind Chimes

Patriotic windchime

Now this is a creative project – make your very own handmade patriotic themed wind chimes.

All you need are a couple of empty tin cans, primer and craft paint, and a hammer and nail.

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The instructions insist on priming the cans before you paint, which is a really good idea.

The primer allows the paint to stick more effectively, and will actually help lower the amount of runs you might have in the paint.

Build it yourself: creativegreenliving.com

​6. Patriotic Painted Glasses

American Flag jar

If you’re hosting at all over the summer BBQ season, why not serve your guests their drinks in a set of patriotic painted glasses?

This easy DIY project makes use of mason jars or glasses that you’ll serve the drinks in, stencils, and frog tape.

Our favorite thing about this guide is the part about to how to finish the glasses off in the oven.

Without this step, all of your hardwork will wash down the drain (literally) the first time you set out to wash them.

You might need to learn how to drill a hole in a mason jar for this project.

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Check out the full tutorial: domesticallycreative.com

​Flags, Signages and Wreaths

​7. ​Paint Stick American Flag

Those free paint sticks from home improvement stores like Home Depot come in handy in this simple and fun patriotic project. Using red, white, and blue acrylic paint, you end up with a fun American flag that you can hang around your home.

The tutorial includes great pictures and some timely advice as you’re doing the project. If done out of order, you might yourself needing to redo some of the work (like the author did), so follow the instructions!

Flag out of paint sticks

The finished product is likely light enough to hang around your home with nothing more than a sturdy hook that is mounted into your drywall.

Read more on: whilehewasnapping.com

​8. ​Pallet Wood American Flag Sign

Pallet flag

Pallet wood enthusiasts
, this is a great project for you.

This rustic American Flag is the perfect addition to any 4th of July celebration, and is a really easy way to put some old, beat up wood to use.

You’ll be cutting 15” pieces of wood to make this flag, or you can just use the standard pallet wood sizes.

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You can either paint the stars on with a stamp, or just buy star stickers.

Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you opt to go that direction.

Take a look the project details: ourcraftymom.com

​9. ​​Rustic USA Sign

This easy DIY Rustic USA Wood Sign stands out as a favorite of ours. The scripted lettering stands out, and the wood backing has a very nice frame to it. This is a very good looking, finished product when all is said and done.

USA sign

This project bought the lettering from a local craft store, but you can easily make the scripted lettering with your scroll saw!

Build your own version: housefulofhandmade.com

​10. Independence Day Themed America Sign

Similar to our wood project above, this America sign has a very finished look to it, and would work really well displayed on your mantel.

Patriotic themed America sign

A lot of these projects use craft tape instead of wood glue, or an even more robust way of securing it. In the end, its your call, but we’re fans of taking a few extra minutes and nailing or screwing the lettering in. If you do opt for glueing, make sure you let the wood glue dry for plenty of time.

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Create your own at home: landeeseelandeedo.com

​11. Wooden Washi Tape Flag

If you’re tight on time but want to craft something for your summer festivities, this just might be the project for you. Coming in at around 20 minutes, you can finish this before your favorite episode of Friends is over.

American flag sign

Using Washi Tape, you’ll be constructing a flag. You’ll need a piece of wood that is cut to size, which you can cut at home with a jigsaw, or have it cut when you buy it. After that, the project flows really quickly, and you’ll have a DIY American Flag to use around your home.

For more details on the plans, visit: whilehewasnapping.com

​12. Patriotic Fleece Wreath

More patriotic wreaths, this one utilizing fleece. As with earlier projects, you’ll need a wire frame designed for wreaths. You’ll also need some red, white, and blue fleece, but that’s about all. Simple and easy, you’ll have a very easy DIY 4th of July wreath in no time.

Patriotic wreath on a white door

Click here for the full details: virginiasweetpea.com

​13. Independence Day Ribbon Wreath

Patriotic wreath with a star in the middle

Wreaths are a great way to decorate for any holiday, and Independence Day is no different.

 All you need to do this project is a metal wreath ring and some rolls of ribbon. In the end, you’ll have a colorful wreath to hang on your front door for the holiday.

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The finished product will last longer if you use hot glue to secure the ribbon in place.

Add a star to the middle of the wreath for extra bonus points. 

​(Easily repurpose this wreath by replacing the ribbons with a Christmas themed pattern, and by changing the star into a holiday scroll saw accent piece.

Take a look at the project here: glitteronadime.com

​14. 4th of July ​Clothespin Wreath

Clothespin wreath for decor

Another wreath to add to our list, this one is completely different than the last. Whereas ribbon and burlap were used above, this DIY 4th of July project makes use of clothespins.

Using opt to paint the wooden pins and some scissors, you systematically alternate red, white, and blue colors across your pins. 76 clothespins later, you’re ready to assemble the wreath and add any customizations.

You could also opt to paint the wooden pins in the various colors if you wanted.

Get to crafting: mommyevolution.com

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15. Patriotic Wooden Door Hanger

Similar to wreaths, door hangers are great ways to adorn your entryway and celebrate Independence Day. We love this project because it isn’t just your standard American flag, but the shape of the USA map.

Let freedom ring sign

This project requires that you buy a USA outlined piece of wood, and some scripted wood lettering. If you don’t want to buy it, you can always cut it out with the right wood and a high powered scroll saw.

Take a look at the project here: ​weekendcraft.com​​​

​16. Wood Flag Blocks

Wood blocks are easy to find and cheap to buy, so why not use them for a DIY summer project for your outdoor hosting? If you don’t want to buy the blocks premade, they are basically just some cut up 2×4’s. Use a circular saw to quickly cut them down to size for your project.

The project does recommend some sanding, which we think is a really good idea if you opt to cut the blocks yourself. The guide is full of pictures to help you along with the steps.

American flag box

For more information, visit: oldsaltfarm.com

​17. Tulle 4th of July Wreath

Tulle patriotic wreath

This 4th of July wreath is made with tulle. Beyond that, it is super simple, probably taking you less than 30 minutes.

You’ll make use of a styrofoam wreath and wrap the tulle around it.

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The organizer also recommends using some hair spray at the end, to help keep the tulle in place.

Create your own version: mommyevolution.com

​18. Wooden American Flag

This isn’t our first wood American Flag DIY project, and this one is a little more involved than the first. But, the woodworking process is really easy and just fine for beginners. At the end, you’ll be painting the flag onto the wood.

Wooden American flag sign

If this project is going to end up outdoors for any extended period of time, consider putting a coat of polycrylic on it to help it last longer.

See the plans on: ninahendrick.com

​19. Patriotic Straw Wreath

A blue patriotic wreath

We’ve featured some amazing craft wreaths for this holiday, with different options centered around clothespins, tulle, ribbon, and fleece.

This specific project makes use of patriotic themed straws.

You won’t need to buy a premade wreath for this project – just grab a craft ring instead.

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You’ll be hot glueing the straws around the ring to create a simple and cheap DIY 4th of July wreath to hang.

Check the full tutorial on: domesticallycreative.com

​20. Patriotic Burlap Wreath

This wreath is completely themed in burlap, making it the most homey and kitschy of the batch that we feature. Perhaps our favorite aspect of this project is the use of decor on top of the wreath, like the scripted USA letters.

Wreath with some flags and flowers

If you want to make your own scripted lettering, grab a scroll saw to make your cuts with and find a scroll pattern that you like. After that, its relatively easy to make your own wooden letters to add to a wreath like this.

More detailed plans on: blessedbeyondcrazy.com

​21. American Ribbon Flag

DIY crafted flags as a 4th of July decoration

Craft your own American flag with this DIY Ribbon Flag project.

This project is full of customization opportunities, and all you’ll need is a wooden dowel, some patriotic colored fabric and ribbon, and some wood glue and heat bond.

You can hang this flag from a mantel or shelf in your home.

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Note that the material don’t make this flag suitable to hang outside, at least not for any significant period of time.

For the detailed plans, visit:​ intelligentdomestications.com

​22. Chalk Paint American Flag

With chalk paint being all the rage right now, we couldn’t do a 4th of July DIY craft article without including one of these projects.

Chalk painted American flag

To be clear, this project is a bit different… you don’t end up with a home decor item, but rather, with a photo opportunity! And, perhaps that is the most important thing for you this summer. Having a fun and unique photo to share with your family and friends on 4th of July is a great thing to do.

ake a look at the details on: ​5minutesformom.com​​​

​​Food and Treats

​23. ​Patriotic Rice Crispy Treats

Patriotic rice crispy treat sticks

This isn’t just a great desert for your 4th of July menu, it also looks incredibly patriotic at the same time.

As the author noted, her kids were instantly captivated by the bright colors and setup of the treats on a stick.

Do this recipe at home: 5minutesformom.com

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​24. 4th of July Chocolate Bark

Independence day themed white chocolate bark

This project isn’t decor, but desert related!

And, who doesn’t want some Patriotic Chocolate Bark at their neighborhood block party or summer celebration?

Given that the USA flag colors are red, white, and blue, the base for this recipe is white chocolate.

Don’t forget to add the red and blue sprinkles at the end for extra flair.

Make this yummy treat: ​sandhyahariharan.co.uk​​​

​Lanterns and Lighting

25. 4th of July Table Lanterns

If your 4th of July celebrations carry on into the night well after dark, then these lighted lanterns are a perfect addition to your table. And, they’re super easy – instead of needing to mess with the complications of string lights, this project makes use of glow sticks.

Stick light mason jars

Our favorite part of this craft is the tip to add some glitter and a drop of dish soap inside the lantern. When you shake the lantern, the combo creates a wonderful floating feeling to the light inside the jar.

​Light up your space: creativegreenliving.com

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26. 4th of July Votives

Candle holders in patriotic colors

If you’re looking for votives for your holiday centerpieces, but don’t want to go with the trendy mason jar craft, this might be a good project for you.

As the writer of the project notes, these votives are little more subtle and less bright than some of the more typical themed decorations for this holiday.

This project is mostly based around tissue paper, and doesn’t involve a lot of crafty skills.

See more over at: modpodgerocksblog.com

​27. Mason Jar Candle Holders

Mason Jar Candle holder

These mason jars aren’t designed to light up and glow, like some of the other projects we’ve featured.

Instead, this mason jar 4th of July project will be fully covered in paint. These decor items are perfect for holding utensils or even as a centerpiece.

Utilizing chalk paint for the base, the project makes use of adding red, white, and blue paint in design elements, along with a set of stars.

Check out the full tutorial on: ​werefarfromnormal.com​​​

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​28. Frosted Mason Jar Light

Frosting the glass creates less of a harsh look when the candles are lit and provides a nice glow. Utilizing epsom salts, frosting the mason jars is super easy.

​See more over at: intelligdukesandduchesses.com

​29. Rustic Wood Star Candleholder

Wooden star candle holder

Grab this design to make a rustic DIY wood star candle holder for your summer holiday celebrations.

This project makes use of LOTS of scrap wood, so if you have a bunch of leftover wood from a larger project, this is a great way to utilize it.

The project calls for leaving the wood bare when you’re done, but it would be easy to paint the unfinished wood, or even quickly spray a polyurethane on it.​

Make this project your own: ​dukesandduchesses.com​​​

​​30. ​Mason Jar Flag Lantern

This simple DIY lantern project is so simple you can even bring your young kids along for the ride. Using mason jars for the lighting, you wrap the glass in American flag decor to give your lighting a very festive feel. This project utilizes taller mason jars than in other crafts, giving your lights a bit of a unique look.

DIY American flag lanterns

The American flags stay on the glass with some handy Mod Podge Glue/Sealer. It’s important to use this, because when the glass gets hot from the candles, a more basic glue might melt.

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Learn more about the plans here: modpodgerocksblog.com

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