The Best Paint Sprayer for Interior Walls [Comprehensive Review]

Man in a casual outfit uses a HVLP paint sprayer to paint the walls of his home gray and purple

​​​Painting your home’s interior can be a large project to take on. Naturally, you would want to choose the easiest and best overall way to complete the task. This guide will help you find the best paint sprayer for interior walls. You can spend less time hand painting like you would a picture frame and in return, spend​ more time on other projects.

Our Paint Sprayer for Interior Walls Reviews

There are a lot of things to consider when you're looking to pick up a top rated paint sprayer, ranging from spray efficiency to ease of use to how often if clogs. We've gone through and identified the ​best options available on the market. If you're in a hurry, here is our top pick:

​Our Top Recommendation
​Wagner FLEXiO Paint Sprayer

This HVLP paint sprayer comes with two cups and two nozzles. You can paint without having to pause.

Best of all, it packs away easily into the included box, so your paint sprayer is put away and protected when not in use.

​Wagner Control Spray Max

​Wagner FLEXiO 890

​Graco Magnum

​Wagner Control Spray Double Duty

HomeRight ​Finish Max

HomeRight Power Flo Pro

​Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer

​Lightweight and affordable, the ​Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Paint Sprayer is a great spray painter for interior walls. Weighing only 10 pounds (before paint) it won’t burden your hands or leave your wrist aching after you finish a wall.

With its lightweight design, it is easy to handle and move from side to side as you paint. It is also able to be used for hours continually. That means you can paint a full room without having to stop.

The adjustable nozzle offers different spray patterns and will reduce overspray. This helps give you a more even coating and will not waste your paint by over spraying it on the walls. You can easily click and turn to change from vertical to horizontal painting.

This HVPL paint sprayer ranges from 1.50 - 2.63 PSI and is designed to give you the best top layering. Included with this spray are a 1 quart metal cup and a 1.5 quart plastic cup. The two cups make it easier for you to switch back and forth between coats. No longer do you have to stop, clean out the cup, dry it, and then use it again.

Connecting the handheld sprayer to the main air compressor is a 20 foot air hose. This allows you to move around the room without having to carry the unit with you every few steps. This also lightens the overall load you have to hold while you are painting. There is also a viscosity cup in the box to help you measure the density of the paint while it is still in the can.

​Product Specs:

  • ​HVLP Paint Sprayer
  • ​For indoor, outdoor painting
  • ​Comes with viscosity cup
  • ​Two-stage turbine
  • ​Handheld for portability
  • ​30 day limited warranty

Inside this HVLP paint sprayer is a two-stage turbine. This allows you to use thicker latex based paints along with thinner primers and stains. The motor is also powerful enough to give you an even and continuous spray.

Inside the air compressor are two large air filters. This keeps dust and tiny particles trapped inside the filter instead of freely flowing through the unit and mixing with the paint. The finished result will keep your paint looking smooth and even, reducing lumps and bumps.

When you are finished, it is very easy to clean. Each part snaps off and allows you to give it a thorough cleaning. This is a huge convenience for painters and DIYers. You can completely and thoroughly clean your paint sprayer after each use to prevent buildup or blockages that can ruin your painter.

​There is a limited 30-day warranty on this paint sprayer that covers the parts. It does not cover any accidents that can happen to the sprayer due to improper use or negligence.

This unit, while great for many things, can be a little noisier than most paint sprayers. It also has a short power cord. You may need to stop and move the plug as you go around a large room or use an extension cord so you can go around the full area without pausing.

​Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890 HVLP Paint Sprayer

​​​Keep it all together with the ​Wagner 0529021 FLEXiO 890 Paint Sprayer. Not only does this paint sprayer come with everything you need (minus paint) to tackle those big and small projects, it will also be easy to hold and use.

The nozzle and paint cup are attached to the main box with an 11.5 foot air hose. This will keep most of the weight on the ground and not burden your wrist and arms.

Everything comes included in the double duty X-Boost power box. The box not only stores every piece and part of this paint sprayer neatly, but it is also the stabilizing power box you will connect and use.

This paint sprayer comes with two nozzles and two cups. The first nozzle is the iSpray nozzle. It allows you to turn the nozzle as you paint up and down and then turn it again to paint side to side. The cup attached to this nozzle can hold 1.5 quarts. You can paint an entire project without having to stop and refill.

​Product Specs:

  • ​HVLP Paint Sprayer
  • ​For indoor, outdoor painting
  • ​Low overspray for even coating
  • ​Detail Finish, and iFinish nozzles
  • ​Comes in X-Boost Power Box
  • ​One year limited warranty

The second included nozzle is the Detail Finish nozzle. This nozzle also offers the ability to turn the nozzle for up and down and side to side. It also can spray a rounded spray pattern that is perfect for small detailed areas. The cup attached to this nozzle can hold 20 fluid ounces.

To connect the attachments, all you do is insert the hose onto the back of the nozzle and then turn it to Lock-n-Go. This makes it incredibly easy to paint, pause, and switch nozzles. No need for an extra hand or spending too much time to swap.

Not only will you be able to grab and switch fast, but you will also be painting your projects faster than most other paint sprayers on the market. This unit can cover an 8’ by 10’ wall in approximately 5 minutes with a basic latex paint. Its output is roughly 8.4 gallons per hour.

Adjusting the settings on your paint sprayer is also incredibly easy. You don’t need to constantly reach down to the main box to change anything. All the nozzle and output adjusters are located on the top and sides of the nozzle. You can adjust the output for paint viscosity and lower the settings for wider or more narrow areas.

It also boasts a lower overspray. This is because of all the adjustable settings you can select to best fit the type of paint you are using. A low overspray means you are giving your surfaces an even coat and paint is not spraying beyond your set area. This lets your paint go as far as it can without needing to constantly stop and refill.

The biggest con for this paint sprayer is that it is a little more expensive than its competitors. ​However, while this may be a little bit too pricey for the basic DIYer, you can be assured you are getting an incredible deal with all the features and ease of use this paint sprayer offers.

​Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer

​​Paint with ease and power when you use the ​Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer. This airless paint sprayer is perfect for doing large indoor or outdoor projects without needing to spend a lot of time setting it up or cleaning it after use.

When you are ready to paint, there are four basic settings you can easily choose from. An attachable roller pressure setting, a cleaning pressure setting, a low-pressure setting, and a high-pressure setting will be all you need when you are using this paint sprayer.

It will come almost completely installed in the box. You will just need to read the directions to attach the tip and hose. Then, flush the system so it is ready for use. Included is a tip guard for the paint spray gun that will adjust for horizontal painting or vertical painting. It also has a clog reversal knob that will work to clear out any clogging while you are painting.

This paint sprayer works without an air compressor. Instead, it will use pressure to pull the paint up and force it out the tip. To keep you safe from the high-pressure paint, there is a trigger safety built into the handle. This way, when the paint sprayer is not in use, you can set it down or carry it without worry.

Since you can adjust the pressure on this paint sprayer, you are able to control the paint flow depending on your project size. This allows you to tackle both small painting projects like tables and chairs or use this to paint interior or exterior walls.

​Product Specs:

  • ​Airless Paint Sprayer
  • ​For indoor, outdoor painting
  • ​Includes ​hose ​for cleaning
  • ​Has four basic settings
  • ​Handle for portability
  • ​One year limited warranty

Cut down on how much you will have to clean up. There is a flexible suction tube that will allow you to pull paint directly from a 1 to 5-gallon bucket. The hose will sit in the paint and use pressure to force it up the tube and out of the handheld sprayer. You don’t have to deal with cleaning or refilling cups.

This paint sprayer comes with a 75 foot hose. This allows you to reach throughout the room without having to pick up and carry the entire unit around with you.

Clean up will take you about five minutes and that include flushing the entire system. An included garden hose attachment lets you connect to a water source to flush the inside of the system. It is recommended to let the flush go constantly for about 2 minutes or until the water is running mostly clear.

The spray gun has an easy to remove filter that lets you remove it for hand cleaning. Finally, you will use a small bristle brush to gently clean the attachments and outside of the gun and equipment that was dipped in paint.

The manufacturer instructions state that this type of paint sprayer is not ideal for painting sand, concrete, or any other textured surfaces. This is mainly due to the high-pressure output of the system, which can potentially damage or chip brittle surfaces.

​This paint sprayer ​is pricey but, it is a great choice for someone who is constantly doing painting projects around and outside the home.

​Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint

​​​The ​Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer is an ideal option for the home improver and simple DIYer. This small, yet powerful, machine will help you tackle small to medium projects with ease and precision.

This sprayer comes with one nozzle and two cups. There is a 1 quart cup for smaller interior work and a larger 1.5 quart cup for larger and exterior projects.

Out of the box set up takes about five minutes. Take it out, unscrew the cup, fill with paint, and then reconnect the nozzle to the HVLP system via a Click-n-Lock mechanism.

The spray gun has two trigger points. The first half pull will engage the motor, allowing it to start turning and working up the air compressor. When you pull the trigger further back, it will engage and begin to release the paint.

This paint sprayer, when in use, will give you a continuous flow of air. You will have a professional looking finish that is even and well coated. The coverage rate is 4.9 fluid ounces per minute, allowing you to paint at a decent speed.

With this type of paint sprayer, you will want to test the viscosity of your materials. It will only be able to properly spray thin paints, stains, sealers, varnishes, and lacquers.

The nozzle offers three main spray patterns that will allow you paint vertical, horizontal, and a round sprayer for finer detailed projects. These patterns are easy to twist and adjust right on the nozzle. You can also change the variable-control trigger to choose from a half an inch wide to 10 inches wide.

With all the adjustments and patterns available on this paint sprayer, you will be able to paint a variety of projects with ease. Also, you will have flexibility to cover all the smooth surfaces or grooved areas.

You will also have a low overspray output with this model. This allows you to fully coat your surfaces without wasting paint or getting it all over as you work.

​Product Specs:

  • ​HVLP Sprayer
  • ​For small - medium indoor painting
  • ​Flow control valve for even coating
  • ​Two-stage indoor rated air turbine
  • ​Handle for portability
  • ​One year limited warranty

Inside of the HVLP mechanism is a spark-arrested dual-stage motor. This type of motor will prevent the ignition of any flammable fumes, so you are safe while painting interior walls and projects.

The two-stage indoor rated air turbine motor will give you a prefect finish no matter what type of paint you are using. This motor is made to allow you to use thicker paints in the paint sprayer as well as thinner paints, giving you an even finish no matter the thickness.

There is also a flow control valve located on the handle, so you can adjust how much paint will flow through the paint sprayer. The flow control valve helps you keep an even coat, no matter the width you are spraying and how much output you need for the coat.

This sprayer will clean up in less than 10 minutes when you are finished. Simply take off the nozzle and remove the cup. Wash the parts with water or other cleaners for non-water-based paints. Let the paint sprayer completely air dry before you put it back together.

The Wagner Double Duty paint sprayer is very affordable​. It comes with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty.

​HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer

​​​Simple, yet professional-grade quality, is what you will get out of the ​HomeRight Finish Max C800766 Paint Sprayer. This super easy-to-use machine will make your next indoor DIY project a breeze.

To use this HVLP paint sprayer, you will fill the included 27-ounce cup with your paint of choice and then screw it onto the bottom of the nozzle. Next, plug it in, select your flow settings, and adjust the nozzle for your direction.

The brass-based nozzle offers adjustments for spraying horizontal or vertically. You can easily pause, twist, and click when you need to change directions. You can also adjust the spray width from 1 to 6 inches, so you can have better detailing and less overspray on narrow areas.


  • ​HVLP Sprayer
  • ​For small indoor painting
  • ​Comes with viscosity cup
  • ​Air nozzle; vertical and horizontal
  • ​Lightweight and portable
  • ​Two year limited warranty

The Finish Max paint sprayer is very lightweight at just under 3 pounds before adding paint. This will allow you to continuously paint without feeling the burden on your wrist and arms.

This paint sprayer is versatile and allows you to use most any type of paint. It will also apply an even spray on a multitude of surfaces, so your only limits are the ones you set upon yourself.

You can also purchase a Rapid Clean attachment to make clean up even quicker. Attach a specialized hose from your sink directly into the paint sprayer system. This way you aren’t having to refill the cup with water and spraying it to clean it.

Home Right also knows how messy indoor paint spraying can be. So, they offer multiple sized protection shelters. You can fit your next small painting project inside so accidental overspray does not hit your walls, floor, or other furniture.

Also included in the box are a viscosity cup so you can measure the density of your paint before you pour it into the cup. For helping with clean up there is a cleaning brush that will help you scrub away any stubborn paint and help reach tight spaces.

Due to its smaller size, this spray painter is not ideal for very large or outdoor projects. However, for small indoor painting and even small room painting this is perfect. It is also a great option for beginners who have never owned or used a powered paint sprayer.

This ideal for the DIYer spray painter is​ also very affordable and comes with a limited two-year warranty.

​HomeRight Power Flo Pro Airless Paint Sprayer

​​​Experience power and precision with the ​HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless Paint Sprayer. This indoor and outdoor sprayer will let you tackle almost any project no matter the size or difficulty.

Included with this machine is a 25 foot long hose that will not kink, a 100-mesh spray gun filter, a reversible spray tip and guard. The main unit will be fully assembled in the box. It will need to be flushed and prepped before you begin painting.

Flushing the airless paint sprayer is pretty simple and you will catch on with how to care for it after a few uses. On the main housing unit there is a pressure adjusting knob which allows you to switch between a low pressure for cleaning and a medium to high pressure for painting.

Attached to the main unit are two tubes. One is for pulling up the paint. A second priming tube allows waste and excess paint to run through it and back out, so it does not tie up the main hose.


  • ​Airless Paint Sprayer
  • ​For indoor, outdoor painting
  • ​Safety handle on gun
  • ​Reversible tip
  • ​Built-in Handle for portability
  • ​Two year warranty

The main tube for paint can be placed inside the paint gallon bucket, so you can use high volumes of paint at a time and not need to stop for refilling. This also makes cleanup a breeze since you won’t need to spend time washing out any cups or containers.

On the main spray gun there is a reversible tip. It allows you to quickly and efficiently clear any potential clogs while you are painting. You won’t have to stop and take the entire thing apart to clean. There is also a guard that you will screw onto the tip. This guard helps guide your spray steam and reduce any overspray.

There is also a super handy safety located behind the handle of the spray gun. This allows you to lock the trigger into a non-spraying position. That way, you don’t accidentally spray any paint or liquid out while you are attaching or adjusting the spray gun’s tip.

If you do need to move as you are working, this can be easily done thanks to a built-in handle on top of the main housing unit. One hand can hold the paint bucket while the other lifts and carries the paint sprayer.

You also do not need to worry about thinning your paints when you use this airless paint sprayer. It is able to handle almost any type of un-thinned latex, oil-based paints, stains, and sealers without constant clogging.

This airless spray painter is the perfect choice for your around-the-house projects. You get that professional look on your inside and outside painting needs without having the additional price of hiring a professional.

The HomeRight Power Flo Pro is backed by a two-year warranty and offers replacement parts you can order.

Best Paint Sprayer for Interior Walls

After seeing different models and seeing what the best features are for each, the best overall paint sprayer for interior walls is the Wagner FLEXiO 890.

​Different Types of Paint Sprayers

​​​There are two different types of paint sprayers you can choose from. An airless paint sprayer and a HVLP paint sprayer. When you are deciding what is the best paint sprayer for interior walls, it is important to know what these types of spray painters are made for and how they would fit your next room painting project.

​Before beginning to paint the room, make sure your walls are all smooth and free from nicks and damage.

​Airless Paint Sprayer

​The best way to understand what an airless paint sprayer is, is to know it is designed to do the job of a paint roller. It is great for covering flat surfaces that are relatively large.

Instead of using an air compressor to run, the paint sprayer will use the force of pressure. It draws paint up into its housing unit and then forces it out of the spray gun attachment.

With this type of paint sprayer, traditionally there will be a standard housing unit that will attach to a handheld spray gun by a long hose. This way you can cover large areas without having to constantly stop and move the main unit.

Since it is made for covering large areas, there is an included hose. This allows you to place it directly into the paint can or bucket, so you are not stopping constantly to refill.

Man in blue overalls uses a paint sprayer to cover the walls

An airless paint sprayer is a much more powerful paint sprayer than the HVLP. It is overall better for outdoor use, but it can be used inside for large projects like walls and ceilings.

It will also be more lightweight in your hands since you will be holding a simple and smaller spray gun while rest of the body is on the ground along with the paint. You will just need to do a few practice sprays on cardboard first. You want to make sure you can hold steady while there is a little bit of pressure kickback.

Cleaning an airless paint sprayer has multiple steps. You will need to hook up water and flush the entire system until the water runs mostly clear. You are not done after that step. Due to the pressurized system, you will always have liquid inside this paint sprayer. After cleaning, you will adjust the pressure and let it suck up a solution that will sit in it until the next use.

​HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) Paint Sprayer

​The HVLP paint sprayer runs via a built-in air compressor. This will either be inside the handheld sprayer or in an attached portable housing unit. If an airless paint sprayer is like a roller, then an HVLP paint sprayer is more comparable to using a paint brush.

While it can handle large projects, this type of paint sprayer is more ideal for smaller to medium sized indoor projects like furniture, cabinets, and walls.

It is a great choice for painting indoor walls due to the amount of control you have while you are working. You will also have an easier time painting small details areas such as the trim and window seals.

Man in a casual outfit uses a HVLP paint sprayer to paint the walls of his home gray and purple


To add paint, pour it into a cup that will screw into the handheld nozzle. Most of the HVLP paint sprayers on the market will offer two cups so you can continuously use the sprayer without having to stop and fully clean out the cup between colors and coats.

For cleaning, it is a little less extensive than the airless spray painter. You will just need to run water through the unit until it runs clear. Then, let it air dry completely before you reassemble it and put it away.

These two types of paint sprayers can cover about the same medium-sized project. However, they don’t really share the same abilities for the large and small projects. If you are doing more small DIY projects, then you will want to invest in an HVLP paint sprayer versus the larger and outdoor-geared airless paint sprayer.

​Paint Sprayer Features to Look For

​Take some time to read a little about the paint sprayer before you blindly purchase it. Finding the best spray painter for interior walls will be a decent sized investment. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while you are looking for the right paint sprayer for your future projects.

​Ease of Use

​When you are in the middle of painting, you don’t want to have to stop and bend down to the main housing unit to adjust the pressure or change the flow rate. Instead, these features should be located on the handheld unit. You should be able to quickly adjust or turn it off, so your painting isn’t interrupted.

Also, if you will be spraying in different directions, you will want to find a model that allows you to adjust the spray pattern from horizontal to vertical with just an easy turn.


​While it is a viable option, speed is not the most important feature unless you are a commercial painter who needs to get the job done as quickly as possible. The speed will also differ greatly between an HVLP paint sprayer and an airless one.

Simply, if you want to go very fast on projects, you will want to look for an airless paint sprayer. This will allow you to cover the largest area in the quickest amount of time. It will also cut out stopping and starting to refill the paint.

Close up of a yellow paint sprayer working on a wooden gate or fence


If you do not need to paint at the speed of light, the HVLP model will be more than sufficient for your needs. This type of paint sprayer will work much faster than the traditional method of using a brush or a roller.


​Since you are using a plugged-in machine, there will be some noise involved. Generally, the HVLP paint sprayers will be quieter than the larger and more powerful airless models.

HVLP models that keep the air compressor on the floor and have the nozzle attached via a long hose will give you a little more of a noise break since you won’t be holding the air compressor in your hand.


​When it comes to precision, the HVLP paint sprayer takes the win. This is because it is designed for smaller areas and most models will offer an additional nozzle adjustment that lets you paint in a round area. This pattern is prefect for covering those hard-to-reach corners and more concave details.

With an HVLP paint sprayer you also have more control over the spray width. This can vary from half an inch up to ten inches depending on how wide you want the spray to be. This will greatly help with cutting down on overspray, which wastes paint and could put paint on unwanted surfaces.

Airless paint sprayers offer some flow adjusting settings. But, this type of paint sprayer is ideal for large surfaces that don’t need to have the width adjusted or need to fit in narrow areas.


​The finish will depend on how even of a spray your paint sprayer is giving. Both the HVLP and Airless paint sprayers offer an even flow rate. You would mainly run into a finish problem if you are new to using this type of tool and skip practicing on cardboard before you begin painting.

White painted wall

The best way to figure out how far back to hold your paint sprayer is to put your fingertips on the wall, like you are reaching in to give it a handshake. Position the paint sprayer nozzle about where your palm is. This will give you an ideal distance to hold the paint sprayer away from the wall. It will avoid clumping and adding too much paint in one area.


​A typical HVLP paint sprayer will run you about $80 dollars. Simpler models will cost a little less, while other that provide more attachments and features can cost up to $150. Depending on how many features and bonuses you need, you can figure out how much you will want to invest in this type of paint sprayer.

Airless paint sprayers are a little more expensive. You can easily spend close to $200 on a smaller model. While this can seem like an inflated price, for the power and ease of use you will be getting, this is an acceptable price range.

If you are looking into commercial grade airless paint sprayers, you are looking at paying double that price. Unless you run your own business, you will not need anything past the simple model for an airless paint sprayer.


​There is not too much difference in the overall sizing of these paint sprayers. There is one main feature you will want to decide on. Do you want a paint sprayer that is an all in one handheld? Or, do you want something that has a separate housing unit that sits on the ground?

Paint sprayers that are all in the handheld will have more weight there. This can wear down your wrist and arm if you are painting a large area or room. While the separate housing units will relieve some of the pressure, they can also become a hassle if you do not have a long enough hose.


​Viscosity deals with measuring the density and thickness of a paint. This is important because different paint sprayers will only allow so much of a thickness before a problem could arise during use.

Woman puts yellow paint in a paint sprayer

When you are using an HVLP paint sprayer, you will need to use thinner paints, so they do not get clogged while you are painting. While this isn’t a huge problem, it can just add an extra thinning step to your prep. Most of these paint sprayers will come with a viscosity cup. You can measure it to make sure before you pour the paint into the cup.

Due to the high-pressure properties of an airless paint sprayer, you do not need to worry about the thickness of your paint. It will be able to force the paint through the tubes without worrying about clogging or complications.


Now that you know more about how to find the best paint sprayer for interior walls you can figure out which model would be the right fit for what you need. The best part is that you don’t have to choose just one if your budget allows. An active painting and DIY improvement home would thrive with both an airless and HVLP paint sprayer. This is because they differ when it comes to large and small-scale projects.